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RUSH: You know, it’s amazing, and I think it’s just kind of taken for granted now. Donald Trump has spent the whole day talking to the media while he was talking to world leaders. He talks to them with the media there. It went on for an hour with macaroon, Macron, whatever, from France, and then Justin Trudeau from Canada, and these guys are like little puppy dogs sidling up to Trump, wanting his approval.

You know, Macron tried to act like he was growing a pair by ripping Trump on something, and Trump wasn’t having it. And it’s just fun to watch. I’m gonna tell you the Drive-Bys may hate this guy, but when he’s gone, they’re not gonna know what to do, because while Trump is here, they have abandoned the whole concept of covering news. And at some point, they’re gonna have to go back to that. At some point they’re gonna have to get interested in something that isn’t Donald Trump.

And, you know, the longer you get into bad habits, the more common the bad habits are and the harder they are to break. And it’s worse than a bad habit, what the Drive-By Media is doing, but, I mean, they have become so — can you imagine, they hate this guy and they can’t ignore him. The way to do the most damage to Donald Trump — I probably shouldn’t tell ’em how to do it. They couldn’t do it anyway, even if they believed and trusted me.

But it’s fascinating to watch. They hate the guy. They despise the guy. And they can’t stop looking at him. They can’t stop listening to him. They can’t stop making their entire world, their entire existence about Donald Trump. Everybody in the Drive-By Media, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, I know they think of themselves as the resistance, but, believe me, they are gonna miss this guy when he is gone. He is compelling.

You know, when you see Trump on TV, when they do, they stop, they stop everything and listen. They’re looking for their hatred being fed. They’re looking for energy, whatever it is. They watch in great resentment. They watch and catalog all the lies, and they look at each other, “Can you believe this guy? Can you believe this guy?”

“No, I can’t believe this guy.” Then they turn right back to the TV and get more of it. “Can you believe this guy?” Then they call their Never Trumper buddies. “Did you hear what this guy just — I can’t believe this guy.” And then they turn right back to the TV for another dose. He is without question — this is not a competence assessment here — he simply is the most interesting politician in the country right now. And it’s been many, many, many moons, ladies and gentlemen — a little Elizabeth Warren lingo there — many moons since there has been anybody else this interesting in politics.

You know, politics is showbiz for the ugly. It’s a way to look at it. And Trump is kind of a crossover. He’s done showbiz for the ugly, and he’s done showbiz for the beautiful. And that’s another reason why they resent him. He’s a bigger star than they are. I mean, they look at Trump and they see the burgeoning crowds at rallies, and they realize there’s nothing this guy does that they could do. None of them could run for president and get elected. None of ’em could win a state. None of ’em could win a precinct. None of ’em could win a primary. They hate this guy. But they can’t stop oogling the guy.

I’m gonna tell you, they’re gonna be bored to death when he’s off the stage in, what, another five years. They’re not gonna be able to stop covering him after he leaves the White House. That’s when they’re gonna try to put him in jail. Adam Schiff’s gonna be walking around with a cane carrying a bunch of files from whistleblowers saying, “I got the evidence right here,” calling whoever’s at the Southern District of New York, “Please listen to me, we finally got the goods on Trump.”

It’s so bad. Melania introduces the gorgeous — have you seen ’em? You know, folks, I wish everybody could visit the White House during the holiday season. I’ve been there during George H. W. Bush, back in the early nineties. I was there when George W. Bush was president. And I went to a White House Christmas party last year.

The way the White House is decked out with the Army and Navy orchestras and string ensembles playing Christmas music throughout the mansion, it’s just stunning. It is classic Americana. And it is exactly the way you would think Christmas should be presented at the epitome of the ability to do it. It’s just stunningly gorgeous.

So the Washington Post, somebody, did a story on it, the decorations that Melania introduced, and what did they do? They had to go after her clothes. They had to rip her coat. They praised the decorations, then we get a big piece in the Washington Post about how she’s a loner and the choice of coat that she wore to introduce the decorations was pathetic. This is the same bunch of people who thought that Michelle Obama was a style-setting trend maker.

And then of course we’ve got the story today that the Trumps don’t sleep in the same bed. Do you think the Clintons did, folks? Ahem. Just asking. Do you know how unrare it is for presidents to sleep alone for all kinds of reasons, I don’t want to delve into deeply personal things, but, I mean, they don’t have any boundaries in where they will — they hate Melania. They despise her. She is everything they secretly wish they were, is the bottom line. Which is true of most people who hate. They wish were they what they hate. Hatred in many ways is just resentment.

So Macron sidling up to Trump, spending all this time talking about how much he and Trump agree about things, and Trump’s not letting him get away with it. “Oh, no, we don’t.” You know, Trump doesn’t like Facebook or Google or Amazon, but the French have decided they’re gonna raise taxes on ‘em. Trump said (paraphrasing), “No, you’re not. You are France, you are not America, you are not gonna tax American companies. If anybody’s gonna do that, I am. But you’re not.”

He even stood up for NATO today. You know, he constantly crosses these people up.


RUSH: Oh, did you see — I saw this while I was home yesterday. John King, CNN, speechless reporting a poll result. Mouth fell open. I don’t know what the poll was. I don’t know anything about it. I just saw the headline and I saw the photo.

John King reporting that 53% of Republicans consider Donald Trump to be a better president than Abraham Lincoln. It shut them down at CNN. Because they live in this world where they really think they are shifting public opinion against Trump. Of course, they’re suffering delusions like Pencil Neck is and all these other Democrats, and they see a poll like that, and it reverberates as failure and they act like, “Oh, my God. These Republicans are so crazy.” But what have they done the last four years? Do they not understand the way people react to them? I really don’t think they do.

I don’t think people understand, on the left, a large part of reason that people support Trump. And it is because people are so ticked off at the media, so unsupportive of the media, and consider the media the enemy that Trump benefits in part because he’s the agent, he’s the general, he’s running operation against these people. That’s why there’s tolerance for whatever it is thought to be Trump’s deficiencies, his personality quirks. And I don’t think they get that because they’re so immersed, they can’t stop jawing about, talking about, thinking about themselves.


RUSH: Here’s Dan, Golden Valley, Arizona. Dan, glad you called. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Can you hear me?

RUSH: Okay. We got a bad connection. Are you there? Testing one, two, three.

CALLER: I’m here.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I close out your program ’cause I’m listening on my phone. Can you hear me?

RUSH: I hear you.

CALLER: Okay. Just a small detail that I didn’t hear you mention about Melania’s White House Christmas. I heard this on Good Morning America yesterday, I believe. I don’t watch the program. I mute it just so I can watch their skewed AP wire. But, anyway, they were showing the White House, I turned up the sound, and they said something about it, and then somebody on the panel said, “Yeah, but did you notice it’s all white, all white.” I was like, okay.

RUSH: Wait a minute. What was all white?

CALLER: All the decorations in the White House.

RUSH: The decorations were all white?

CALLER: Yeah. They were all white. It was very obvious they were making a racist comment.

RUSH: Okay, we’re about out of time. I appreciate that, Dan. He said there was something I missed, right? I missed that. All right, I’m gonna spank myself. Tell me I miss something. I don’t miss anything.

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