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RUSH: Did you hear? How old is Prince Andrew, the Duke of York?  He’s in his sixties, right?  Did you hear his mom canceled his birthday party in February?  He’s 59.  So his next birthday’s 60.  His mommy canceled his birthday party!  You know what?  This monarchy… This monarchy is not long, I don’t think. When the British Millennials learn what really happens here, how much it really costs to prop up a bunch of people who are at best celebrities…

When the figure it out, this monarchy is done.  I think Prince Charles knows it.  I think he wants to be king before they eliminate the monarchy.  And that’s one of the reasons he’s coming down hard on his brother.  And his mom canceling his birthday  party! Can you imagine the humiliation, folks?  Imagine it’s your 60th birthday and your mom cancels your party?  How can your mom cancel a party?  You’re 60 years old.  Can you not throw your own party?  But his mom has canceled it. Huh! Humiliation.

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