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RUSH: You know, it seems like it was only yesterday that liberals were celebrating Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg’s exercise program. It was such an exercise program you and I couldn’t do it. The Supreme Court Justice was able to perform a grueling workout routine in her 80s that even those in their 20s could not do.

What a difference though a year of hospital visits makes. Now liberals are behaving as if she pretty much left the building.

Abject panic set in last week when Justice Ginsburg had a fever and was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital for a few days. In the past year she has had surgery for lung cancer, and she was treated for pancreatic cancer. Before that, she cracked several ribs in a fall.

So now liberal activists are obsessing over a potential Supreme Court vacancy and they’re demanding that Trump not fill any opening until after the 2020 election.

But they are focusing on the wrong person. It’s Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – the Turtle – who decides whether a Supreme Court nominee gets a hearing and a vote.

So far, the Turtle says forget what happened with Merrick Garland, that was Obama’s pick who did not get a vote because it was an election year. If Trump has a chance to make a nomination, the Senate will take it up. The Turtle said so, which is music to my ears. It’s exactly what the Democrats would do if they had the chance. Those are the breaks, elections have consequences.

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