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RUSH: Folks, did you see the story out there? It was yesterday. “Marine Veteran Turned Congressional Candidate Calls Kaepernick ‘a National Disgrace’ — A Marine veteran who served in Iraq and is running for Congress in California called out Colin Kaepernick on Monday for ‘pulling the racism and victim card.’ Jeremy Staat, who also played in 31 NFL games across four seasons,” called Kaepernick “a national disgrace.” This after Kaepernick said Thanksgiving is actually Un-Thanksgiving.

It reminded me of why we got this entire Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign going, and it then reminded me that I need to pass some stuff on ’cause we’ve got a buy-in date here of December 18th. If you want stuff from our store under your Christmas tree as gifts, then you’ve gotta get in there by December 18th. Supplies are limited. So go to RushLimbaugh.com and click on the “Store” tab and take a look. If you’ve got that screenshot, Brian, put it up there ’cause this is what I wore into work today.

It’s cold in Florida today. There. Flash it on there. This is the zip-down patriotic fleece. It is soft. It is warm. It’s great for playing golf. It’s not too heavy. It has some wind renaissance like windbreakers, and the Betsy Ross flag looks great on it. We’ve got EIB challenge coins now, Rush Limbaugh Show challenge coins. These are modeled after the military challenge coins that various units, platoons and so forth print up for themselves. Lots of meaningful stuff for patriots and for Christmas at RushLimbaugh.com. Click on the “Store” tab.


RUSH: I just wanted to tell you, folks, that the challenge coin — and it is classy. I can hold up this little thing here and show you, but you really have to see it. You can see it at RushLimbaugh.com, click on the “Store” tab. The challenge coin is free — free shipping and you get a challenge coin with every purchase of 50 bucks or more.

Don’t forget the ornament — brand-new, state-of-the-art ornament. People are craving it every year and ask for a new one. We got one. But the challenge coin… See, we’re out… Folks, I must tell you, we ran out of tumblers. I told you “while supplies last,” and we didn’t go chintzy on ’em. We had thousands of them, and they’re gone. So the challenge coin and free shipping for everything over 50 bucks at RushLimbaugh.com.

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