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RUSH: The other big news of the day, there’s a Washington Post story, and it has another famous, anonymous source. We don’t know who the source is. And the story says the attorney general, William Barr, has told, quote, unquote, associates that he disagrees with Horowitz’s conclusion – it’s the inspector general — report coming week from yesterday, December 9th. That he, Barr, disagrees with Horowitz’s conclusion that the FBI had enough information in July, 2016 to justify launching the investigation into the Trump campaign.

So the story is that Barr disagrees. He doesn’t think they had enough information to start the investigation. He thinks it was a spy operation. Now, we don’t know if this is true or not, it’s the Washington Post. They and the New York Times literally made up things. They literally created sources, made ’em anonymous out of thin air in order to have their own opinions reported as news. And make no mistake, that is what has happened. That’s what’s become of mainstream media.

It is no longer — and you know this without me having to say it — it’s no longer about the news. It hasn’t been about the news in I don’t know how long. It’s nothing but left-wing activism or left-wing opinion that is camouflaged and disguised as news and reporting, so we don’t even know if this story is accurate. We don’t know who the source is. And intelligence guided by experience, the source may not exist. It could be totally made up. It’s just one story out there.

Now, it rings true to a lot of people because — look, my friends, I don’t know how long ago it was. It’s been at least weeks that I shared my own personal opinion on this inspector general report, that it was not gonna be anything anybody would be happy about. The inspector general is so limited in what he can do. He can’t really even compel testimony. The people he talks to are given two weeks to look at the report and lobby for changes and edits.

And the inspector general is a deep stater. He’s one of them. He’s a swampist. And I have never thought — especially — we were gonna get this report in May. And it’s been delayed, and it’s been delayed, and we’ve had one excuse after another to tell us why it’s being delayed. There’s no reason for it being delayed. We know what happened. And we know that the investigation into Trump did not start in July of 2016. But that’s their story, and they’re sticking with it.

I saw McCabe, who has been fired from the FBI — he’s now hired by CNN as a commentator — and I’m thinking this is three weeks ago, maybe even longer, I saw McCabe explaining the justification for and the timeline for the beginning of the FBI investigation into the possible Russian collusion with Trump. And then he retold the George Papadopoulos story.

(imitating McCabe) “George Papadopoulos was in London, and he told a number of people that he was a Trump campaign official. He told a bunch of people that he knew the Trump campaign knew the Russians had dirt on Hillary.” Papadopoulos never said emails, by the way. He said dirt. And McCabe insisted that that’s when this began.

Well, we know it began before that. The FBI was running operations on this before the summer of July 2016. The Papadopoulos angle is toward the end of the month. And you know the story is that Papadopoulos was invited to London by one of the FBI informants named Stefan Halper. He’s either a Cambridge or Oxford professor. He’s best friends with the MI5, former MI5, CIA in London, a guy named Breedlove or Goodlove or Epsteinlove or whatever his name is. He and Halper are dead close, dead tight.

Halper’s also worked for some American presidents. He’s got a farm in Virginia. So he’s wired deeply into this whole FBI, CIA intelligence community, both the U.K., the United States. And he calls Papadopoulos. He’s a recent hire in the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser. Remember, when Trump gets started in this campaign, he’s never done it before.

And he’s not fully staffed. And one of the things that, quote, unquote, you just have to do, you have to have advisers in your campaign, you have to have foreign policy advisers, you have to have domestic policy advisers, you have to have this adviser and that adviser. Just the way it’s always done. And Trump was slow to staff up.

So Papadopoulos was a guy that had been recently hired to join the Trump foreign policy apparatus. He gets a call from Stefan Halper inviting him to London. Travel is paid for. Hotel accommodations are paid for. I think he was paid $3,000 to give a lecture at some organization. They wanted to get him there. When they got him there is when they told him the Russians had dirt on Hillary. There’s another agent involved here named Joseph Mifsud.

Now, Mifsud is also one of the people suspected of, quote, unquote, telling Papadopoulos the Russians had dirt on Hillary. Mifsud is denying it. The Mueller report portrays Mifsud as a Russian agent in order to tie Papadopoulos and Trump to the Russians. The short version of this, after they tell Papadopoulos this, they then arrange for him to meet the Australian ambassador at a London bar, where Papadopoulos tells Alexander Downer — ’cause right before he goes to the meeting with Downer, Stefan Halper says, “Remember, George, the Russians got some dirt on Hillary. Remember that?”

“Oh, yeah.” Papadopoulos goes, tells this to Downer. Downer’s initial reaction is that Papadopoulos is a kook. “What do you mean, the Russians –” but that was just for show. Because after Papadopoulos mentions this, which he didn’t know until FBI agents or informants told him this, Papadopoulos didn’t know what the Russians had without somebody telling him. It was FBI reps that did. Downer then calls the FBI, former Australian ambassador, big ties to the Clintons, big ties to the Clinton Foundation. And Downer tells the FBI, “Hey, I’ve got this guy from the Trump campaign that just told me that he knows that the Russians have dirt on Hillary.”

That’s what they’re saying is the beginning of this investigation. That’s an absolute crock. They set that up before it happened, and there were other things going on during the Trump campaign that they were trying to undermine. And all during this time I mentioned yesterday Obama, in April of 2016 and maybe even in 2015, is telling everybody, there’s no way the Russians could hack or affect the outcome of a presidential election. It’s silly to think so. It’s too complex, it’s too spread out. The Electoral College would be impossible for anybody to know where to go and what to do. Voting machines are not connected to the internet. It’s not possible.

And all that was being done to make sure that after Hillary won, which everybody knew was gonna happen, that her election would not be seen as tainted. It would be totally pure and totally genuine. Well, then she loses. Trump wins. So now they gotta taint his election. So guess what? He colluded with Russia. The idea that this started in July of 2016 with George Papadopoulos — but that, I think, based on my reading of the Washington Post story, this is what Barr disagrees with, if this story is true. And it’s what the inspector general’s gonna say makes perfect sense.

The FBI had every reason — you better be prepared, this IG report is gonna say they had every reason to investigate. You’re gonna get ticked off like you haven’t been ticked off. Remember, I told you, the IG, this whole segment, they’re not gonna be turn on each other here. They’re gonna have each other’s backs. Even the Struck Strzok Smirk-Pages of the world and McCabes and all these people that fired Comey, people in disgrace, they’re gonna be defended and backed up.

The story could well be true. And Barr would be well within his rights to disagree with it. Barr thinks the Trump campaign was spied on. That’s why he’s got his own investigator and a grand jury doing his own investigation into this. But whether the Post story’s true or not, I don’t know.

Look, I want to repeat a story for you, because I need to give you as much, quote, unquote, evidence, as much reason as I can to believe the degree to which the Obama DOJ and intelligence community conspired against Trump and the idea that this investigation began ’cause the FBI was minding its own business, one day was shocked to learn that a new hire in the Trump foreign policy apparatus was running around talking about the Russians having dirt on Hillary.

Give me a break. But that’s their story, and that’s what they’re sticking to. And that’s what the IG report is apparently gonna say, that that’s perfectly warranted as a reason for the investigation setup.


RUSH:  Des Moines, Iowa. We are starting here with Bill.  Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH:  By the way, Bill, you’re in Iowa.  Did you hear what Biden said about black people finding the blond hair on his legs when he’s in the swimming pool fascinating?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Did you hear that?

CALLER:  The creepiest thing I’ve ever heard — and then last night, I watched all these Democratic strategists (laughing) stick up and saying we “took it out of context.” We just listened to it! (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) It just boggles the mind — and then the picture of him sucking on his wife’s finger at the podium.

CALLER:  Oh, we were told, “That’s the Bidens just being playful.” He is creepy.  It is just creepy.  I have a quick question for you —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — and this is not attacking my fellow conservatives at all.  But as the Russia hoax collapsed in CNBC and CNN’s hands like dust, their ratings took a plummet ’cause they kept saying they had the goods for years.  Well, then all of a sudden, the Mueller report comes out, Mueller gets in front, and he’s a complete dud. He doesn’t know what’s in his own report.  Their ratings dropped.  Watching Hannity last night, it felt like he was kind of walking back a little bit.  Are you concerned at all that a similar thing…? I’ve noticed that a similar thing could happen to this report coming out Monday.  I just wanted to get your thoughts on: Are we setting ourselves up for the same thing that happened to liberals with Mueller?

RUSH:  Now, now, now, now. Let me restate the premise of the question.  What old Bill here — who was admittedly creeped out by Biden talking about how black people love and are fascinated by the blond hair on his legs coming up when they see it in the pool. I don’t know how they… (Eh, I don’t even want to go there.) Bill remembers that after two years of nightly assurances and promises by everybody on MSNBC that Donald Trump was going to jail, that he had cheated, that he was a traitor.

He colluded with the Russians. The election was illegitimate. Hillary really had won; the Mueller report was gonna establish it.  Two years of every night, multiple times a day in the newspapers.  Then the Mueller report hits, and guess what?  No collusion.  And MSNBC promptly lost 1.5 million viewers in prime time.  They just vanished. It made perfect sense.  That audience had been lied to.  Now, that audience is back, which is interesting.  I’ll explain that in a minute.  They’ve almost recovered that audience.

So what Bill wants to know here is, “Oh, my.  Could that happen to Fox?  Because Fox has been telling us that all these deep state people are headed for jail for two years.  We’ve been hearing this and that from all these guests on Fox.”  The only way that — and you said you’re hearing people talk things back.  Look, I don’t watch enough every night to know.  If there have been guests and so forth on Fox promising viewers that the inspector general report is gonna identify criminal behavior and have it referred for prosecution?

(Sigh) Then they’re gonna have a problem.  If they have just predicted that that’s gonna happen at some point but not specifically tied to the IG report, then they’re not as vulnerable.  But if the predictions have been based on specifically what the IG report is gonna have, I guess that possibility exists.  But there’s a difference in the two audiences, and I don’t think any Fox drop-off would even come close to what happened at MSNBC — and I’ll tell you why, except I’ve run out of time to do it right now.


RUSH: Let me follow up on the previous call from Iowa. It really is true that MSNBC lost — they went from Rachel Maddow’s show is 9 o’clock prime time, after two years of promising that audience that Trump was going to jail, kicked out of the White House, not be impeached, he was gonna be criminally charged, he was an agent of Russia, he was a treasonous agent, he stole the election, worked with Putin. They told their audience that every day, all day and all night.

And they literally created a mad pack of insane lunatics that called themselves the Resistance with a capital R. That’s not an accidental name. It is purposeful. The resistance is the French resisting the Nazis. It traces back in the modern era to World War II, resisting the evil empire, which at the time was Nazi Germany. So that’s the reason it was chosen.

MSNBC and CNN, too, was feeding their audiences. And, by the way, they were all being fed by the New York Times. The New York Times is the, oh, I don’t know leader in all this. You know, they had that piece written by Jim Ruten — Ruten — I’m having a mental block — was it Rutenberg who said when a guy like Trump is elected, you have to throw out every principle of journalism there is and stop him. And so the New York Times gave up everything that it had, I think, falsely achieved.

I don’t think the New York Times ever has been fair and even and only opinionated on opinion pages. I think the New York Times has been a left-wing rag for a long time. But they went all-in. They ripped the camouflage away and said, “This is what we are purposed to now, is getting Donald Trump and taking him out of office.”

So as the Bible, all the other disciples in the news business, from the Washington Post to CNN to MSNBC, to NBC News, ABC, CBS, they followed suit. And so, yeah, their audiences believed them, trusted them, accepted it all as undeniable. And so they believed that the culmination of all of it, the Mueller investigation, was gonna upturn the evidence. They’d already seen it in the New York Times. The New York Times already reported the evidence.

I don’t know if you remember, the New York Times had anonymous quote after anonymous quote day after day after day of what Trump had done, what Trump had said, who Trump had met, what Trump associates were doing. It was outrageous. You know, we’ve forgotten it because it’s been replaced by current day outrages.

You know, the Kavanaugh thing became it’s own life form, and then this Schiff impeachment debacle, it’s become its own life form. And that’s all these last three years have been. Well, when the Mueller report came out and there was no collusion and there was no evidence of collusion and there was no obstruction, the MSNBC audience abandoned them. And in prime time they went from three million down to almost just 800,000.

So the question was, will the same thing happen to Fox? And I don’t know. I doubt it. I don’t know how many people on Fox have been promising their audience the IG report is going to contain lots of criminal referrals and people are going to jail. If anybody’s been saying it, I haven’t heard it, ’cause I’ll tell you, the IG report’s not gonna say that. The IG report is not gonna be satisfactory to many of us at all. The difference is that I didn’t expect that it would be.

And again, it was supposed to be out in May, then it was delayed and delayed and delayed and we kept getting reasons for the delay. Just call me a doubting Thomas, I never thought there was gonna be anything to it. I think that’s why Barr has begun his own investigation. I think the Fox audience is not going to have anything happen to it like the MSNBC audience did, because the Mueller report was final. That was it. There was nothing else going on that that audience could latch on to with continued hope. They just had their reality snatched out from underneath them.

But here there is the Durham, slash, Barr investigation that is ongoing. There’s also another thing. Whatever the people watching Fox have been told is the truth. The people watching MSNBC have been lied to. The people watching MSNBC were lied to. The people watching CNN have been lied to. The people reading the New York Times have been lied to over and over and over again.

If you watch Fox News, we’re talking prime time, if you watch Fox News you have been told the truth about what happened. The problem is, the people that engaged in all of this, what I think is clear illegality, I think it’s always been a long shot that the swamp is going to exact any kind of serious punishment on itself, and that’s all the IG is. He’s a swampist.

So the frustration’s gonna be there, but I don’t think the Fox audience is gonna think at the end of the day they’ve been lied to about it. They might have other reactions, but not over the substance of what they’ve been told. The frustration’s gonna be how unfair it is, how stacked the deck is, the ongoing frustrations. The deep state’s big. The deep state’s the Democrat Party. And they’ve got their defenses up and they’re out to protect themselves.

Now, let me give you a real CliffsNotes version. I started to talk about it a little yesterday. I want you to remember things, and sometimes repetition’s the best way to get there. The degree to which the so-called deep state, the Obama DOJ and intelligence community conspired against Donald Trump. That story that came out before Thanksgiving about Obama and Trump meeting after the 2016 election and Obama saying, “Trump knows nothing,” it was a Politico story, I believe. Doesn’t matter.

It was reported that what Obama meant was that Trump is an absolute idiot. He doesn’t know a thing about how government works. He doesn’t know a thing about this town. He’s so unqualified. That’s how it was interpreted. I don’t think that’s what Obama meant.

I think what Obama was saying when he said Trump knows nothing, what he was saying was Trump yet did not know of the operation to undermine his campaign, did not know of the ongoing operation to undermine his transition and presidency. I think that’s what Obama meant. Because that operation had been underway since the summer of July ’16. By their own admission.

Let’s go back and let’s use the Papadopoulos story for just this purpose. Let’s say that was when it began — it didn’t, but that’s before the election. And that was an FBI setup. And Obama had to be in on all of this because it’s his underlings engaging in it. We know he was because of a meeting that happened on January 5th in the Oval Office. In that meeting, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and Obama, and there may have been some other staffers in there to memorialize it, but those are the principals. And a strategy was hatched.

The strategy was that they had a meeting coming up, a scheduled meeting with Trump at Trump Tower on January 6th the next day. Clapper, Brennan, Obama, and Comey decided – the dossier was out there at this time, but nobody had publicized it, nobody had put it in the news. The Hillary bought and paid for Steele dossier was all over town. McCain had gotten a copy of it, sent an associate of his over to the U.K. to get it. I mean, it was all over the place. The media had it. Just nobody could verify any of it. It was all bogus. But they wanted to use it.

They had no reason to use it. The purpose of the January 6th meeting was to tell Trump about it, which would make it news. Prior to the January 6th meeting, Trump, during the transition period, had said he didn’t need to meet with the intelligence people every day because he’s smart, he’s got a good memory. I don’t need to see ’em every day. Big no-no. Intelligence community wants access to the president every day.

Jimmy Carter, for example, the first meeting every day in the Oval Office was 7:30 with Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the national security adviser who collated all the intel. President’s daily brief. And Trump here he was saying he was smart, had a good memory, didn’t need to meet with these people.

They thrive on access. They thrive on influencing foreign policy. And with Trump they were even more demanding of this access because they didn’t like him, they hated him, and they wanted to do whatever they could to sabotage whatever he might do they disagreed with. So they wanted that access. And Trump had just said, I don’t need to see these guys.

So Obama and Brennan and Clapper and Comey strategized that they will tell Trump about the dossier, one story in the dossier, in the January 6 meeting at Trump Tower. And they do it under the premise, “Mr. President, look, we know that you don’t think you need to meet with the intelligence people, but you do.” And after a certain period of time went by, Comey asked Clapper and Brennan to leave, and they did. So it’s just Comey and the president.

And after those guys leave, Comey tells Trump about the golden showers story in the dossier under the guise — this has all been testified to, by the way. I’m not making this up. This has all been testified to. It’s been written about, it’s out, it’s everywhere. Comey says to Trump (paraphrasing), “Mr. President, this is why we think you need to have regular meetings with the intelligence community. You need to know what’s out there. You need to know the kind of things our enemies are saying. You need to be prepared for it.” And Comey told him about the golden showers story. In essence, “Mr. President, there’s a credible story that you’ve hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed that President Obama slept in in Moscow.”

Now, Trump’s first reaction to this is to think that he’s being blackmailed. He knows that it didn’t happen. Now, Trump has also made a mistake at this point. Trump has assumed that all of these guys — Comey particularly — are gonna want to ingratiate themselves with him to keep their jobs.

He is unaware of how much they hate him. He is unaware how much they want to undermine him. Trump is also a natural charmer, and even if he were aware of that, he believes he could charm them out of their hatred and opposition. So when Comey tells him the story, Trump’s first reaction is that he’s being set up. This is blackmail. He knows it didn’t happen.

Why is this guy telling me this? He doesn’t know about the dossier. This is the first he’s heard of it, and only one particular story from it. So Trump says something (paraphrasing), “You know this is not true. This is crazy. That never happened.”

“I know, Mr. President, I know, but this is the kind of thing that you need to be aware of.” The president is not happy at this point and begins thinking of firing Comey at this point in time, which he should have done, in retrospect. Anyway, Comey leaves the Trump Tower office and calls Clapper, says, “Mission accomplished.”

“Mission accomplished” was telling Trump about the golden showers story. That makes it legitimate news in the way news is made, the way Washington works. So Clapper then called CNN, which would soon hire him as a commentator, analyst, and Clapper reported the president had just been told about the Steele dossier. Oh, my goodness, this is wonderful news, the dossier’s news, and CNN runs the story. They ended up getting a Pulitzer for reporting this when it was nothing more than an, “Okay. Go ahead” phone call from James Clapper. They got a Pulitzer for this.

Now, that all happened exactly as strategized by Obama, Clapper, Brennan, and Comey the day before. And then it was around that time that Trump says that he believes his wires are tapped at Trump Tower. And he was told by somebody in the intelligence community, and it was true, and they moved their campaign offices out of Trump at that point.

Now, the point I’m telling you this, this is the degree to which people conspired to set Donald Trump up to legitimize the dossier, to put it in the news. All the while Comey is lying to Trump, telling him he’s not a target of the investigation, and Trump gets mad that Comey will not say that in public. Now, after Comey did this, there are people throughout the White House, Trump staff who wanted Comey fired the minute this happened. They understood exactly what had gone on.

And the president was advised, “If you’re gonna fire Comey, do it now, do it before you’re inaugurated, do it now when everybody’s being fired with the change of administration. Don’t wait.” If he had fired Comey before he was inaugurated — well, I don’t know how much would have changed, but there would not have been a special counsel appointed because of it, I’ll damn well guarantee you that.

Trump should have fired Comey the minute he had suspicions, when he realized he couldn’t charm this guy, when he thought, “Oh, my God. They are trying to blackmail me.” But he didn’t. I don’t know why. I don’t know who was advising him not to. The point of the story here, folks, Obama’s is out there saying, “Trump knows nothing.” Yeah, Trump knows nothing of the efforts we’re engaged here to undermine him. I’m convinced that’s what he meant.

And at the same time, these guys are running around, the IG report saying, “No, there’s insufficient reason here to suggest the investigation should not have happened.” Hell’s bells, the IG report is as wrong as it can be, if that’s what it’s gonna end up saying. There was every reason to investigate this, and this last story I just gave you, which is widely known, if you’ve read the books and the columns about it. There’s every reason in the world that does not justify the FBI opening this investigation like the IG report’s supposedly gonna say, yeah, it makes perfect sense they would. They set it all up to happen the way it did.


RUSH: We’re gonna go to Ted. Ted’s in Omaha. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you. And I really appreciate your waiting.

CALLER: Yeah, this is Terry, actually, in Omaha.

RUSH: Terry. All right. Sorry, it says Ted up there, but if you’re Terry, you’re Terry.

CALLER: Hey, longtime listener, first-time caller, very frustrated Republican. My call is very similar to my neighbor, Bill, there in Des Moines just waiting for Barr’s findings and, oh, the Steele dossier, the going over to Australia getting information, going to Ukraine getting information, but nothing ever comes out. You say you don’t think there’s gonna be much coming out. I almost feel like we’re doing — and I hate to say this — almost like Schiff, “Boy, look what I got, look what I got,” and nothing ever comes out. And you’ve done a good job explaining all that. You think we’re gonna be disappointed —

RUSH: Well, the IG report, yeah. I think the inspector general report is gonna be a gigantic nothing burger when compared to people’s expectations. I never have thought the inspector general report was gonna lead to anything. Look, the inspector general doesn’t just work for the Department of Justice. The inspector general also reports to Congress.

My friend Andy McCarthy refers to inspectors general as hybrids, almost a constitutional anomaly. The IG, wherever, be it in the CIA, be it in the Pentagon, every government agency has an inspector general, which is the sheriff. The sheriff investigating the department. They don’t turn themselves in. When is the last IG report you ever heard from anybody that resulted in a criminal referral? It may have happened, but I bet you can’t remember it.

So why does everybody think this one’s gonna lead to that? I never have. And look, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this report was supposed to debut in May. And then it was delayed a couple weeks for this reason or that. Then June. Then it can’t come out in the summer ’cause Congress isn’t there. So it’s gotta wait for the fall. Then it’s not gonna come out in the fall. Then Charles Grassley, Senator Grassley started tweeting: What the hell is going on here? This thing should have been out months ago.

And he started raising suspicions about it, which then made me amplify my own. Now, the inspector general reports to both the attorney general and Congress. The attorney general does not have total control over the IG. And this is the Department of Justice IG. The IG, the inspector general’s constituency, meaning the people he works for, include both parties in Congress. If you think Horowitz is some kind of a conservative Republican, you’ve been misled.

And this guy wants to keep his job. He’s gonna do his best not to tick off any of these constituencies, which means you’re gonna get a vanilla report. This guy does not have subpoena power. He can only make criminal referrals. He cannot accuse anybody of anything. He can’t charge anybody with anything. He never has. I don’t know what you’ve been told or what you’ve been led to expect from this. I suspect some people have got many of you wired up for the IG report.

Now, I am out on a limb with Durham. I have said that I think there will be indictments, particularly when I saw that he’s impaneled a grand jury. You don’t do that unless you’re pursuing criminal charges. That’s the only reason. And I have no doubt there’s gonna be criminal charges with Durham. But, folks, that isn’t gonna be for six more months.

I mean, what Ted’s talking about here, Durham’s investigators are going to Ukraine because Ukraine is central to this. Ukraine was helping to undermine the Trump campaign, despite everybody in the media trying to laugh that off. Everybody’s wedded to and invested in the Russians being the sole perpetrators whatever went on here. Ukraine was up to their eyeballs in it, and a lot of things that happened here happened in Italy.

Papadopoulos. Part of his story occurs in Italy. Durham’s investigators have spent time in Italy. Barr has too. We just don’t know much about it because, like any other investigation, they’re not telling — how many of the Mueller investigation did we know day to day? Zip, zero, nada. Here’s the problem we all have, folks, just like this story I just told you of Obama conspiring with Clapper, Comey, and Brennan to get the dossier in the public domain in the news, by dispatching Comey to tell Trump about the golden showers story. That’s just tip of the iceberg.

We know what happened here. On the left side — and this is a crucial distinction — the MSNBC audience, the New York Times audience, the CNN audience, has been lied to from the first days about Trump colluding with Russia, about Russia stealing the election for Trump, about everybody undermining Hillary. Every bit of that has been a lie. There isn’t a shred of evidence yet for that.

On the other hand, everything we know about what was done to Trump, we know that it happened. That’s what’s frustrating. We know that it happened from multiple sources. And because we know that it happened, we’re saying, “What the hell is the delay? What the hell is all this investigation for?” I don’t know about you, that seems to be all Washington does anymore, investigate this, investigate that. I’m sick of the word “investigation.” It’s open-ended, and it justifies or qualifies all kinds of crazy, unbelievable, indecipherable behavior.

“Well, there’s an investigation going on, and we can’t talk about it.” It’s become a sore spot with me. But we know, just like the story I just told you, we know the Papadopoulos story. We know that they don’t have a shred of evidence. We know that the Steele dossier is all they ever had. We know they lied to the FISA court to get warrants to spy. We know the Hillary Clinton campaign through Fusion GPS and a law firm paid for — We know all this. So we’re asking, where the hell is action on it?

The people on the left have yet to be told the truth. If you watch to this day CNN, MSNBC, read the New York Times, you are being lied to to this day. You were lied to about Kavanaugh. They were lied to about Trump-Russia collusion, and they’re being lied to now about Ukraine. They believe the lies. Their audiences have bought in hook, line, and sinker on the lies.

The only way they could be satisfied was if these conspirators were actually able to make a case with no evidence, and they haven’t been able to do that. If they had a media monopoly, they would have been able to do it with any other Republican president probably, he would have caved long ago just to the pressure. So our burden is even greater because we are very, very certain of a lot that happened. We know what happened.

Added frustration is that everything we know happened, mot a word of it has appeared in the New York Times or on CNN or in the Washington Post. Not a word of what really happened has ever been published or broadcast CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, et al. And this is another reason why there is such a partisan divide.

Half this country is being lied to every day, numerous times a day for now four years and counting. And the people investigating them in government are not gonna find they did much wrong, at least in this IG report.


RUSH: By the way, I got an email at the top of the break. “Rush, your conversation with these liberals and you say they don’t know what we know and that when you tell ’em things that we know they’re acting like they’ve never heard it before. Don’t they know the Mueller report was a bomb?”

No. That’s a great question. You know what these people thought of the Mueller report? God strike me dead as a Russian agent, this is what they said. Barr has mischaracterized that. He got out in public to a microphone before Mueller could and said there’s nothing here. And, of course, the first thing said about anything is all people hear and remember. That Mueller objected and is not happy that Barr has mischaracterized what’s in the Mueller report and that Barr has gone rogue as a Trump agent.

This is what they told me they believe. The Mueller report does have evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but because Barr got to the microphone first and lied about it — well, now, who told ’em that? That story has been on CNN. That story has been in the New York Times, that Barr mischaracterized it, he got out there quickly and that Mueller was not happy about it and sent him a letter saying he didn’t think his characterizations were proper.

And we find out that what Mueller was writing about was not Barr’s conclusions of the overall report but rather the conclusion on obstruction. Mueller never objected to Barr’s interpretation that there was no collusion. But these people that I was talking to think the Mueller report has damning evidence against Trump in it, and they believe that Democrat committees have proven this in subsequent hearings. And they thought Mueller was great when he testified. That’s a huge disconnect out there, folks.

And I’m telling you the people on the left, some of them you would consider to be smart and highly educated, literally do not know. This couple that I’m talking about had no idea, they did not believe me when I told them this Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for the Steele dossier. They had no idea that the Steele dossier was opposition research that was essentially commissioned by the Clinton campaign. And they no idea who Fusion GPS was. I’m not kidding. They had no idea Hillary Clinton had anything to do with the Steele dossier.

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