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RUSH: Now, I’m giving Schiff some short shrift here because I think this is all much ado about something other than impeachment. Because, look, nothing’s changed. They know they’re not gonna get a conviction in the Senate, and yet they’re doing it. So what’s the objective? ‘Cause this makes no sense. If you really think this guy has misbehaved and needs to be thrown out of office, then you’re gonna go out, you’re gonna make the case for it, and you’re damn well gonna follow it through, you’re gonna get a conviction in the Senate, if this guy really has committed these kinds of crimes and engaged in this kind of misconduct.

But they know that Trump is not gonna get convicted in the Senate. They know that the polling data in favor of impeachment is plummeting. And yet they’re doing it anyway. So why? Because this is not really about impeachment. It is about impeachment as a black mark, as a discrediting item on a resume that hopefully will dissuade people from voting for Trump in 2020. It is essentially a central asset of the Democrats’ 2020 campaign. They hate Donald Trump’s guts.

Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and even that lamebrain, Al Green, Democrat member of Congress from somewhere, they have all said one way or the other, “We have to impeach Trump, otherwise he’s gonna get reelected.” Ergo, they know that as things stand today, at this moment, Trump is going to be reelected.

And, by the way, folks, as an aside, I don’t think they know how right they are yet. I don’t think they have the slightest idea of how deeply into state after state after state Trump’s get-out-the-vote effort has already dug. I think the Trump reelection effort is mining new voters at a rate the Democrats haven’t even begun to consider yet. But that’s for another discussion.

The point is they know he’s going to win. Impeachment is a weapon to create a very deep wound. Impeachment is designed to stop his reelection, not to get him convicted and thrown out of office. I said yesterday, and I’ll repeat this, if they have to dig up the corpse of Robert Mueller’s report and put it in a casket and bring it to a committee hearing to go back to collusion and the Russians, they will do it.

Because here’s what they face if they lose. And this is what scares them to death. If Trump wins reelection, they are looking at a 7-2 conservative Supreme Court after the eight years of his term by 2024. That right there would be reason enough to pull out all the stops to stop this guy. The Supreme Court. Remember the Supreme Court, the judiciary, is where liberals go for election insurance. They lose elections, they’ve got their people on the bench to legislate from the bench, to deny conservatives justice from the bench. That’s how they buy time when they’ve lost elections.

Well, Trump is going to have several openings on the court to nominate replacements. Can you imagine these people as they’re sitting here looking at the next four years thinking of a 7-2 Supreme Court? And with a 7-2 Supreme Court, what then is possible? Roe v. Wade being relitigated. Roe v. Wade being reargued as a matter of bad law, which it is. If Trump wins the reelection, the entire climate change industry will be in ruins. If Trump wins election, the likelihood is that the borders will finally be closed.

Trump will not have to win any more elections after he wins 2020. Could be full speed ahead. Trump will not be your typical lame-duck president. Lame-duck president, second-term president, they ignore him, guys can’t do anything, nobody’s gonna want to do anything for him. He’s not gonna run again. Trump’s gonna turn that whole theory upside down. His second term is gonna be more focused, more energetic, and more productive than this one, and they know it.

And take a look at these polls we’re talking about. Thirty-four, 35% approval of Trump by African-Americans, right now in three different polls. What if that actually manifests itself into Trump getting 15 to 20% of the black vote in 2020? Oh, can you talk about the Democrat as a trapdoor and the party falling in on their own trapdoor.

If they don’t impeach, if impeachment is not part of the Democrats’ 2020 campaign, then what are they left with? Crazy Bernie, Fauxcahontas, Joe Biden saying whatever he’s gonna say. Oh, and Mini Mike out there trying to buy it. But all of those people gonna be screeching about an agenda nobody wants, taking away your private employer-provided health care, Medicare for All, raising everybody’s taxes.

That’s why they gotta follow this through. That’s why they’re following this through. That’s why they’ve gotta do it. They gotta put the stain on Trump. They gotta put the black mark, whether they get the conviction or not, because it’s a campaign issue they cannot let go.


RUSH: Here’s Larry in Hardin, Louisiana.  Great to have you on the program, Larry.  How you doing?

CALLER:  Thank you.  Bless more than I deserve.  Been listening to you about 35 years.

RUSH:  Wow.

CALLER:  Been very educated over the years.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  You’ve done very well.

RUSH:  Thank you very much — and I’ve gotten smarter as the years have gone on, and I’ve learned more as the years have gone on. It’s very valuable for you in the audience that way.

CALLER:  Like we like to say, “Wiser at least.”

RUSH:  There you go.

CALLER:  Sadly, the Republicans won’t think about this — and then, if they do, they won’t have the cojones to do it.  But the Democrats have actually opened up the door without realizing it for future Congresses — for Republicans, actually — that when we have a Democrat president in office that we just don’t like him, then the Republicans can go ahead and start impeachment proceedings against him just because we don’t like him. Because that’s what they’ve done to Donald Trump.  They’re trying to impeach him because he’s an outsider, he wants to drain the swamp, and he’s not one of them.  So they’ve now opened the door for us to do it in the future.

RUSH:  You think the Republicans will ever do that?

CALLER:  Of course not.  That’s a dream.

RUSH:  Right.  It isn’t gonna happen because it just isn’t gonna happen, and if it did, if it did, the media would jump all over the Republicans and they would cave inside of 10 minutes of trying.  The Republicans aren’t gonna… Now, the Democrats think that the Republicans already did it, see? They think the Clinton impeachment was illegitimate. So they’ve been wanting to pay back for that for a long time, and they’ve been wanting to pay back for Bush who was an illegitimate president because the Supreme Court chose him.

Gore won the recount — was on the way to winning — and the Supreme Court stopped it in the nick of time for Bush.  So they’ve been burning up.  But look.  The one thing that’s true about this regardless what the Republicans do, is the Democrats have indeed, along with… It’s actually the media that’s facilitated this.  Because if the media had not been willing to go along with this, the Democrats would have never gotten this deeply into it, folks.  The media is the power center and the energy generator for the Democrat Party today.

And the media wants this.  The media wants government used, the wheels of power that the Democrats control. Because the deep state controls government, the media wants every weapon they have used to get rid of Donald Trump — and in the process, precedents are being created.  If impeachment can now simply be used as political opposition research, then the gate’s wide open, door’s wide open.  The precedent has been set.  This is what I mean by liberals ruining and corrupting everything they touch.

They have taken something that’s only been done four times in the nation’s history and not once successfully used to remove a president from office.  No president has ever been removed from office by way of impeachment, and you may not know that.  Nixon was not impeached, and there certainly wasn’t a trial.  Clinton was impeached, they had a trial in the Senate, and he was acquitted. But he lost his law license for a year because he suborned perjury and he lied under oath himself.

So, yeah, all kinds of things.  The Democrats have done a lot of things that have come back to bite ’em, like the filibuster on judicial nominations.  They have turned precedent upside down when they have been unable to accomplish things through the natural democratic parliamentary process — and this is another one.  So, yeah, the door’s open.  The Republicans would be perfectly justified if the next Democrat president is somebody they hate and think is bad for America and think the American people didn’t know what they were doing when they made the choice.

They could go down the same road, but they would not have the media on their side when they did.  Never forget. Well, you don’t have to be reminded of that.  They would not have the media on their side.  As such, they wouldn’t get very far. (impression) “Well, how do they get far with Clinton?”  Because they had the evidence! There was a blue, stained dress.  We had Clinton lying under oath about things.  There was evidence.

That’s why the Clinton impeachment went through — and Ken Starr didn’t cave even though we’re a trying to make him out to be a Martian sex pervert.  They were making Ken Starr out to be worse than Jeffrey Epstein.  It’s a damn good thing that Prince Andrew was never linked to Ken Starr back then or his mom would have disowned him then instead of waiting ’til now.


RUSH: What’s the question?  (interruption) Mmm-hmm. Do I think the Republicans will revert back to being spineless after Trump.  Yes, with. No. No.  Some will.  I mean, we’ve got a base of four or five Republicans right now who are willing to join Trump.  No.  I think… Remind me about this for tomorrow.  It’s a good topic.  I know what you’re bouncing off of.  You think the Republicans are now gonna do exactly what the Democrats did with this impeachment business, and that’s why you put the call up there.

But they’ve never gonna do this! Republicans would never do this, impeach a Democrat president with no evidence.  They would never do it.  It would never happen — and it doesn’t mean they’re spineless.  But it’s a bigger question: Will Republicans learns how to deal with media and critiques from Trump?  I’ll have to get more detail tomorrow, but my quick answer is that most Republicans are gonna be happy when he’s gone, so they won’t have to be pressured to behave this way.

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