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Nov 27, 2019


FOXNews: Trump Uses Turkey Pardon to Mock Schiff, Says Birds Already Received Subpoenas
Breitbart: Trump Holds Florida Homecoming Rally
AFP: Buttigieg Claims 2nd, Warren Sinks in New US 2020 Poll
National Review: Quinnipiac Poll: Half of Warren’s Supporters Have Abandoned Her in One Month
The Hill: Obama Privately Said He Would Speak Up to Stop Sanders: Report
Politico: 5 Things the 2020 Democrats Aren’t Telling You About Medicare for All
FOXBusiness: Retirement Savings Could Be Taxed Under Warren Wealth Tax Plans: Economist
Politico: Waiting for Obama
Washington Examiner: ‘He Knows Absolutely Nothing’: Obama Hoped He Would Be A Presidential Resource for Trump
Politico: Dems See One Last Chance To Boost Public Support For Impeachment
New York Post: Hunter Biden Suspected Of Smoking Crack In DC Strip Club’s VIP Room
New York Times: They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump
AP: Impeachment Fight Leaves Voters Cold In Contested Wisconsin
Washington Post: The Unexciting Reality Of Impeachment: Very Few Minds Have Been Changed
Washington Examiner: Police Arrest Naked Man at Senate Office Building
National Interest: Obama Claimed Trump ‘Knows Absolutely Nothing’ After 2016 White House Meeting: Report
Washington Examiner: Why The Rush Toward Impeachment? – Byron York
Breitbart: Poll: 69% of Voters Prefer Free Market Capitalism to Socialism, 50% Won’t Vote for Socialist Candidate
UKDM: Donald Trump Tweets Image of Himself As Rocky After Boasting That Doctor Performing His Physical Had Said: ‘Show Me That Gorgeous Chest!’
College Fix: Students Say It’s Not Okay to Celebrate Thanksgiving


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