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RUSH: By the way, I have just been informed… Snerdley’s been asking me, “Do Vindman and Sondland not know what’s gonna happen to ’em?” I need to run this down because anybody can say anything and maybe I should run it down before I say it. Apparently, the reason Sondland is trying to thread the needle today, is it turns out that he’s been getting threats. It turns out that his wife’s real estate businesses and hotel are being boycotted with the help of an Oregon Democrat congressman.

The Democrat leading the boycott is U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, Democrat, Oregon. Now, how is that not witness intimidation? Is the Army going to put Sondland and his family on an Army base, give him 24/7 protection like we were told was gonna be extended to Lieutenant Colonel Vindman? Congressman Blumenauer tweeted this morning after Sondland’s bombshells, “Gordon Sondland, welcome to the resistance.”

He said he was gonna call off the boycotts of Sondland’s wife hotels and real estate business. Well, this could be why Sondland wrote his opening statement to please the Democrats and the media. This could be why he did not include in his opening statement the fact that Trump never once said to him quid pro quo and said, in fact, the opposite. Trump said he didn’t want quid pro quo.

Sondland did not put that in his opening statement. U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer has been running a boycott of Sondland’s wife’s businesses. Well, now, hell’s bells, is that not witness intimidation?

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