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RUSH: Naugatuck, Connecticut. This is Patty. It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much for taking my call. You know, this is so outrageous and destructive what is going on in our country. That a party could take on a sitting president that was elected by the people of this country in good faith to control a message, to create a narrative, to take away truth and only allow you to see one tree in the forest for information so that they can make this president destroy his character and make him unelectable in the next election. I find this very concerning.

There is so much background that hasn’t been brought out because the Democrats will not allow it to be brought out. They have to do it in secret. They have to distort the process. They have to distort the Constitution because this president has actually taken a terrible, terrible beating, and he has stood tall through it all. They tried to deliver information, President Zelensky earlier this year, to the United States. They were thwarted through the State Department and the Department of Justice —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Who is “they,” “They” tried to deliver information to Zelensky?

CALLER: This was the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko earlier and then president Vladimir Zelensky tried to deliver information to the president of the United States through the State Department and the Justice Department, and it was thwarted. President Zelensky asked for a visa. It wasn’t denied, but it was never delivered to him. They were trying to deliver message to this country that there was corruption.

And they were trying to bring it to this country. It was reported on earlier in this year. I believe it was around April of this year. That information has not come forward. I’ve heard Republicans talk about it. But I have not heard it be part of this process. It sets a background. It sets an understanding so that there’s truth here of what it is and what the president is. It is the president’s job, and we should thank him for trying to have the moneys of this country used properly and not for corruption.

So if there’s evidence of the corruption — and our president maybe has knowledge of this now — then he is actually trying to be very careful and protect this moneys of the American taxpayers to be used properly. And, you know, there was also a dialogue that he also talked about European not contributing to this, and he also had…

When they contributed to the Ukrainians, then he also contributed. The money got there. The weapons got there. He’s done more for the Ukraine than any previous administration. He has stood tall and took all this ridicule that he’s taken. He is not allowed any representation. They block his voice. They block the Republicans’ questioning. They block their witnesses. This is not a truth campaign. This is a smear campaign, Rush.

RUSH: Totally. A hundred percent. You’re absolutely right.

CALLER: It’s mind-boggling, sir.

RUSH: Absolutely right about the Zelensky angle. They’ve made it very difficult for him to even get his thoughts about all this. He’s, in fact, the last person they want anybody to hear from right now.

CALLER: Because they don’t want the truth. They want to create a narrative so that they can feed the American people this limited narrative that they don’t see all the truth. They see one tree in the whole forest, to create a perception to destroy this president’s character.

RUSH: Why? Why are they doing this?

CALLER: Because they want power and they want the position back and they want him to be unelectable in the next election. ‘Cause he stands for the people.

RUSH: Yeah, but —

CALLER: He’s done more of the people’s business. He is our firewall, Rush. He’s the firewall for the American people on things that we care about. We care about the sovereignty of our country. We care about the Constitution. We care about our systems being honorable, our Justice Department, our CIA, our Constitution. We hold those things in great value, and he is our firewall.

RUSH: Great way to put it. That’s exactly right.

CALLER: It’s very, very concerning. We owe this president our gratitude and respect.

RUSH: I agree. The reason I keep asking, “Why, why, why?” is because we still haven’t gotten there. It’s not just political disagreements that they have with him. It’s far, far deeper than that. Those are constant when you’re talking Republican/Democrat.

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