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RUSH: California is boycotting some of the biggest car makers in the world.

Starting in January, California’s Democrat governor Gavin Newsom will no longer allow the state to buy any of its new cars from GM, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, and others. The reason: These companies agree with President Trump on fuel efficiency standards.

California thinks it has the authority to impose its own emissions regulations. The Trump administration said, no, that’s a federal decision, and they’re rolling back Obama regulations. These car companies sided with Trump in the legal battle on it.

Governor Newsom is mad. He says these companies are on the wrong side of history: They made a choice, and now they’re going to pay for it, by losing California’s buying power.

GM says banning vehicles like the Chevy Volt is gonna backfire because the state’s decision not to buy American-made electric cars will ultimately hurt California’s goal to reduce their carbon footprint.

But this isn’t about carbon footprints, global warming, fuel efficiency, what’s best for Californians, or what’s best for the state. This is about one thing only: Trump hate.

That’s what governs these Democrats’ lives. They hate Trump. They despise anybody who doesn’t share the hate. If you do anything to support Trump, you become the Democrats’ enemy, and you’d better get prepared to be punished by the Democrats. That’s the new America. Why do you vote for ’em? I’ll never understand.

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