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RUSH: Maui, Steve, great to have you on the program. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Good, how are you doing, Rush? Real quick. Roger Stone has just been found guilty on seven counts. Those include lying to Congress and witness tampering. Now, also, we have audio and visual evidence that Strzok, Lisa Page (bad phone connection) Clapper, Brennan, Comey and Mueller, have also been lying to Congress. Now, will the Durham investigation, do you believe, will indict — (unintelligible)

RUSH: I have to believe that there will be since it’s now a criminal investigation and there is a grand jury. The only reason to do a grand jury is you need indictments. I have to think they are coming. I don’t know where they are. I don’t know why it’s taking so long because you are exactly right. Everybody knows these guys lied to Congress. They lied to the FISA court. They lied to the president. They’ve lied everywhere. However, Roger Stone, he was convicted of all seven counts.

It’s really one count that was broken out to seven different counts to make it look like it was bad. Roger Stone was never the close confidant of Donald Trump that he might have thought he was or wanted to be. But everything Stone was convicted of today is a process crime, meaning, he’s convicted of things that happened during the investigation.

Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to investigators. This is what Stone was convicted of doing. Stone has always, I’ve got to be very careful here, folks, I must be real, real careful. I’m just telling you this has nothing to do with Trump. CNN had orgasms today trying to say it is the same thing as Trump being convicted. It’s not. It’s as peripheral as anybody can be. Don’t think a thing about it. Ignore the media hype about it.


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