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RUSH: Our buddies over at Power Line discovered something. Last week (I don’t know if you saw it, there was a story, and it was big out there) “that 11,000 scientists had issued a report contending that the Earth faces a ‘climate emergency.’ NBC News … described a ‘study’ produced by an ‘international consortium of more than 11,000 scientists.'” There’s a “screen shot of a Google search illustrates the coverage,” a page of a Google search:

“‘NBC: More than 11,000 Scientists Issue Fresh Warning: Earth Faces a Disaster.’ ‘CNN: Climate Emergency: 11,000 Scientists Warn of Untold Suffering.'” The Guardian, Al Jazeera, U.K. Independent newspaper. It turns out “there was no study, there was just a press release. And it wasn’t 11,000 scientists, it was 11,000 random people who put their names on a web page.” This was a total managed lie. There was no study. There were no scientists.

People went on a Web page and asked others reading it to put their signature on it. That was then presented as a scientific paper. It’s kind of like these two skeletons that put together Center for Science in the Public Interest that banned coconut oil, MSG. They weren’t scientists. They were just a couple people that didn’t want you to eat what you wanted so they created an icon, got a fax machine, got the media going. It was all made-up stuff.

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