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RUSH: So I just happened to see a little blurb here during the break at the top of the hour what William Taylor is gonna say. He’s the unimpeachable, impeccable, you don’t even dare breathe the same air he’s breathing. I mean, he’s second only to Robert J. Mueller the 23rd in terms of honor and integrity. You don’t dare even look at him. You get it, bro?

He’s gonna say that as he heard about the phone call that he was concerned irregular channels were being used to further foreign policy outside the normal foreign policy channels. Yes, exactly! Meaning his cabal of people were being given an end run around. Trump was not using them. He was taking an irregular channel. That could mean Rudy, it could mean Trump himself got on the phone instead of having a diplomat do it.

Do you realize it can be that insignificant? Do you realize these people could be — and I’m not exaggerating — this cabal of deep state foreign policy specialists, they could have their noses out of joint because Trump got on the phone instead of them. (sniveling) “It’s just not done, Mr. Limbaugh. There are certain things the foreign policy establishment handles itself for presidents. There are certain things presidents just don’t do. It’s putting the country at too great a risk. You never know, the president could say something that binds the country in a way that we never would.”

I’m gonna tell you, it isn’t gonna be anything more than that. Now, they’re gonna couch it and say all of this means Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s not constitutionally prepared, he’s not constitutionally qualified, he’s not constitutionally capable whatsoever. Why, he’s going outside our channels.

I guaran-damn-tee you that’s what a lot of this is. That these people consider foreign policy their turf, the foreign service and diplomacy their turf, and some rogue, orange headed ogre contractor is not gonna come in here and start doing our sophisticated work. You mark my words.


RUSH: Now, also going back to Bill Taylor for a minute, the first witness Pencil Neck is going to call, pretty reliably told that his testimony is going to be that he believes, his opinion – that’s all any of these witnesses can offer, by the way, folks. We’re gonna have people testifying to their opinion based on their years of experience in the foreign policy interagency groups and the normal foreign policy channels.

Taylor’s gonna testify that in his opinion, Rudy was trying to get Zelensky, the Ukraine president, to commit to publicly announcing that Ukraine was going to investigate Burisma, and that was the quid pro quo, the announcement for the aid. This is what Taylor is gonna say. I am reliably told that Taylor says the quid pro quo is going to Rudy was trying to get the Ukraine president to admit to announcing Ukraine was gonna investigate Burisma — that’s Hunter Biden’s group — in exchange for the aid.

I won’t be surprised if that happens because these people are throwing Rudy’s name in here left and right and trying to claim that Trump using Rudy is going outside channels, it’s not right, it’s going outside existing channels. And of course the truth is the president can use anybody he wants. He names ambassadors, he appoints them. He can send an emissary anywhere that he wants.

Nixon sent Dr. Kissinger to China to deal with the Mao ChiComs to set up the first meeting between Nixon and the Chinese leaders at the time.


RUSH:  Okay.  Back, for just a moment, to William Taylor and what he likely will say, what I’m told his testimony is likely gonna be — that he believes his opinion that Rudy was trying to get Zelensky to commit to publicly announcing Ukraine was gonna investigate Burisma.  You know what it sounds like to me?  It sounds like Taylor is actually part of the cabal trying to head off the Barr investigation!  I think when you strip all this down, that’s what this is going to be, that all these interagency foreign policy people are doing is trying to sabotage the Barr and Durham investigations.  You wait.

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