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Nov 6, 2019


AP: House Dems Announce Public Impeachment Hearings Next Week
Mediaite: PA Swing Voters Tell CNN They Would Still Vote For Trump If He Shot Someone: ‘You’d Have to Know Why He Shot Him’
Washington Examiner: The Media Protected Jeffrey Epstein and Crucified Brett Kavanaugh
Roll Call: Most Republicans on Impeachment Committees Aren’t Showing Up, Transcripts Reveal
Roll Call: Impeachment Transcript Shows Democrats Probing Trump Hotel, Emoluments
YahooNews: How Chief Justice John Roberts would lead the Senate impeachment trial
Breitbart: Donald Trump: ‘Fake News’ Will Blame Me for Matt Bevin Loss in Kentucky
Washington Free Beacon: Dems Ride Big Money to Full Control of Virginia Legislature
American Greatness: How Did Democrats Get Here? Democrats’ Embrace of Thuggery Over Democracy is Not Normal – Karin McQuillan
FOXNews: Trump-Ukraine House Impeachment Inquiry to Start ‘Open Hearings’ Nov. 13, Schiff Says
Breitbart: Fact Check: No, Gordon Sondland Did Not Prove Ukraine ‘Quid pro Quo’
AFP: Impeachment: Trump’s Son Tweets Name of Alleged Whistleblower
Federalist: Desperate Dems Drop ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Rhetoric, Now It’s ‘Extortion’ And ‘Bribery’ – David Marcus
New York Times: After Lopsided Win, 61-13, High School Coach Is Suspended
New York Post: Trump’s Re-Election Support Hits a High Despite Impeachment inquiry, poll shows
New York Post: New Poll Shows Trump Supporters Won’t Be Swayed — By Anything
New York Post: Trump to Kick Off 100th Veterans Day Parade in NYC on Monday
Breitbart: Bill Taylor: Ukraine Unaware of U.S. Hold on Aid During July 25 Call, Quid Pro Quo Impossible
Washington Examiner: Will the Democrats Miss Middle America Again? – Salena Zito


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“Did you know that there is a movement out there…? I encountered this movement when I lost my hearing. There’s a movement out there among Deaf people — capital D, “Deaf” — that opposes the deaf getting cochlear implants or any other artificial way of leaning to hear. Boy, I heard from ’em. Cookie gave me a couple sound bites today that ran on NPR about this movement, and I may not have a chance to get to ’em today, but maybe tomorrow.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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