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RUSH: There’s big news coming today. The transcripts are being released. Transcripts are being released from some of the hot testimony that’s occurred before little Pencil Neck’s committee. I want to tell you upfront: There’s nothing in these transcripts, and, if you read them carefully — which most people are not gonna do — they’re gonna read Schiff’s summary more than anything. But what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna find out that the only thing wrong here… You’re gonna see a word that is used commonly by all the people that testified who are anti-Trump. You’re gonna see the word “interagency,” and it will be used in such fashion as this: “The interagency group was highly alarmed at the way this was done and at the way it took place outside the interagency group.”

What that means is that Trump decided to conduct his own foreign policy without involving these elites at the State Department or at the National Security Council. He decided to do it on his own, ’cause he doesn’t know who he can trust in there, as this is demonstrating. But they’re trying to present it as a crime, that Trump did not go through the interagency group. The interagency group would be the National Security Council, the intelligence communities, maybe some military people. Everybody involved in the, quote-unquote, “national security complex.” That’s the interagency group.

That would be the NSC, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, all these abbreviations. And he’s president. Like they’re trying to say Rudy Giuliani was dispatched as a rogue ambassador for Trump. He’s not rogue. Donald Trump can have anybody he wants go out and do foreign policy. In fact, Donald Trump’s doing exactly what you elected him to do. He’s avoiding the swamp. The swamp is filled with saboteurs, as this is demonstrating.

Donald Trump is literally being impeached because he is not using the swamp. There hasn’t been a crime committed here, folks. There isn’t a single crime, there is no evidence for any crime. It is a grand illusion. There isn’t a crime. There was no Trump-Russia collusion. Kavanaugh didn’t commit a crime. There was no obstruction. There hasn’t been anything of the sort. There is not an impeachable offense.

They are trying to create the illusion that Trump has committed impeachable offenses by running a rogue foreign policy or national security operation simply ’cause he’s not using the saboteurs, simply ’cause he’s not using the foreign policy establishment.

And that really is all that it comes down to. And because he’s not, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Because he’s not using the experts, he is putting at risk the United States and national security. ‘Cause Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, Donald Trump is idiot, Donald Trump’s a fool, Donald Trump’s an ogre and is dangerous. He’s not using experts like us and we’re very, very concerned.

And that’s all it is. It’s a bunch of arrogant snobs. It’s a bunch of effete snobs ticked off that they have not been kept in the loop. And they’re trying to say the United States is in grave danger, at great risk because these snobs have been eliminated from the foreign policy process. What Trump asked the Ukraine president to do is zilch, zero, nada in terms of impeachable offenses. The only transcript that matters is the transcript of the phone call. None of these transcripts that they’re releasing from Pencil Neck’s committee matter.

Now, they matter in the sense that they’re gonna impeach a guy. I’m talking about with true legal jeopardy, there isn’t any. The House of Representatives can impeach a president for whatever they want if they can get the votes. And that’s what they’re doing. But there is not a legitimate crime that’s been committed. Interestingly, the deep state does consider it a crime if you go around them.

If you do an end run, say, around the interagency group, why, you’ve committed gross, gross violations of procedure, and this is intolerable. This must not be permitted. The interagency group must at all times be involved. How else are we gonna make sure the Iranians get their money and their permission to go nuclear if the interagency group doesn’t do it’s — That’s what Trump’s trying to prevent, is his own foreign policy being sabotaged.

And that’s the best I can tell you. I have no advantage, no purpose to making any of this up. There’s nothing to gain by misleading you on any of this. What I have just told you is exactly what this is. The deep state and their media are acting like this is one of the greatest outrages in government history because a know-nothing president who doesn’t know what he’s doing is putting the country at grave risk by ignoring all of us experts. It’s nothing but a bunch of opinion from these people. You got a bunch of people on the phone call to the Ukrainian president and what they heard, “This is not what a president, this is not how they talk, this is very concerning to me.”

What was concerning about it? “Well, it’s just not the way you talk to, quid pro quo.” There wasn’t a quid pro quo. You realize Ukraine got its money? They got everything that was promised to them, nothing was withheld, they were not blackmailed, quid pro quo, quid pro shmo, you guys got nothing, other than you don’t like the way Trump doesn’t use you. And it really is no more complex than that.


RUSH: The thing that we call Spygate, that went on for many, many months — two years, Trump-Russia collusion — and we know that we had all kinds of now irregular and probably illegal behavior on the part of the intelligence communities, the FBI, any number of organizations. You know what I don’t remember? I don’t remember any whistleblowers, do you? There wasn’t a single whistleblower. There wasn’t a single whistleblower for the four years that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

There wasn’t a single whistleblower talking about her illegal email server and how she was “conducting foreign policy outside the normal channels.” She kind of defined that, did she not? She’s got this basement server, and they all knew it. Obama knew. He’s sending emails to her address, and he knows that it’s not a State Department email domain — and yet there wasn’t a single whistleblower with an email server, and trafficking in classified documents.

No patriotic whistleblowers, no military heroes appeared to be bothered that laws were being broken daily by Hillary Rodham Clinton. These were not just simple disagreements over foreign policy, which is what’s going on with Trump. You know, these arrogant egghead elites are (sniveling) “upset that Trump is not using them and that Trump is not going through the, ah, interagency group. Ah, that’s very unusual. It’s just not done.” Hillary Clinton was violating laws. James Comey listed ’em! James Comey chronicled the laws that she had violated.

There wasn’t one whistleblower. There wasn’t a whistleblower over anything that had anything to do with Benghazi. There wasn’t a whistleblower had anything to do with the IRS scandal, was there? And now look. Now we’ve got a whistleblower here, we’ve got the people that informed the whistleblower over there, we’ve got all kinds of people coming forward throughout the Trump administration worried about what he is doing. I’m just mentioning this because what it actually is is evidence that the deep state is pushing back on Trump continually every day.

No matter what he does, no matter what department he is taking on, they are pushing back.

Now they’re trying — well, they have been trying — to criminalize everything, make it impeachable. I’m telling you right now, the absolute wrong way to react to any of this is to claim that Trump may have done something but it’s unimpeachable. That is the wrong way to deal with this. That is to make the mistake that Republicans have been making for as long as I’ve been alive: Letting the Democrats establish the premise and then reacting to it. Frankly, I’m tired of it. Like Obamacare. So they propose this massive government-run health care system.

What do we do? Rather than saying, “No way! We’re gonna stop you. We’re not gonna play,” we come up with our own. “We can do it better,” we say. “We can do it smarter.” Whatever idea the Democrats have! Climate change. Rather than push back and say, “You people are full of it! There isn’t any man-made climate change,” we acknowledge the premise and say, “Well, we must protect oil and natural gas while looking for ways…” We acknowledge the premise. It doesn’t advance… That’s not even pushback.

Donald Trump is pushback, and this is what it looks like. Donald Trump is pushing back on everything — and they can’t stand it. So in their arrogance, Donald Trump pushing back is the equivalent of criminal behavior. You simply don’t stand up to these people. You don’t let anything happen that they don’t have a hand in or say in. If you do, why, you’re committing a criminal act, an impeachable act. They say, “Trump put Rudy Giuliani on the Ukraine case, and that is not good. You can’t do that! Rudy is a rogue ambassador.” No, he’s not.

The president appointed him, and the president can have anybody he wants doing foreign policy. These people don’t get to undo an election just because they disagree with it. But that’s what they’re trying to do. Now, if Trump appoints people to do things that are idiots, then he’s not gonna be reelected. That’s how it’s done. But to impeach? The Democrats have seen to it that impeachment has become just another weapon in the Democrat or partisan political opposition. The genie’s out of the bottle, so to speak.

So look, I’m telling you this, and you already know it. I’m happy about that. You don’t need to be told that this is what pushback looks like. You get it. There are still some people who don’t, but it genuinely is outrageous.

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