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RUSH: Now to the audio sound bites of the Drive-Bys desperately trying to find evidence that their work is working! This is what they’re doing. For the past year — for the past year, ever since the Mueller report came out — they have been hell-bent on convincing the American people Trump is corrupt and has gotta go.

Even though there’s not one crime, even though there’s no evidence for any crime that Trump has committed. Not one allegation they have made in three years has any substance to it at all and there’s no evidence for any of it. Yet they’ve been pumping the country full with this stuff. They send their reporters out trying to find evidence that their work is succeeding. Make no mistake about this. They’d love to be able to go out there and be able to find people who are echoing and repeating what they see on CNN, what they read in the New York Times and Washington Post, what they see on ABC, CBS, NBC.

Make no mistake about this. But because these news people… Unlike President Trump, they don’t have a connection with their audiences. They don’t speak to their audience. They speak above and thus down to people. Their real audience, by the way, all of these mainstream media people? The real audience isn’t you. I mean, you’re a target. They’re hoping that what they do and what they repeat day in and day out will permeate and become part of your belief system. So they send their reporters out to find evidence of that.

Their real audience is each other. When CNN’s doing their broadcast day, they’re hoping that the New York Times is impressed. They’re hoping that CBS, NBC, ABC are impressed, and all the others are doing the same thing. It’s almost a circular inquiring squad in a sense. Their real targets are the people they work for and admire within this sacred cabal of elites. They’re making their bones every day proving their worth by doing what they’re doing — trying to get Trump — and their audience is fellow Washingtonians and deep staters. And the secondary hope is that viewers are actually buying into it. They’re not. You’ll hear in a moment.


RUSH: We’re gonna start with the Today show and a correspondent, Morgan Radford. They sent her down to Florida. It’s becoming comical now, folks. Literal horror on the Today show today. The correspondent came to Florida, interviewed Trump voters, cannot find any who have abandoned Trump, and they even love Donald Trump the person! Everything the media has attempted to create in terms of public opinion against Trump isn’t happening. Here’s the first bite.

RADFORD: Show of hands, how many of you voted for the president back in 2016? (nine voters all put their hand up) And how many of you plan to vote for him again in 2020? (nine voters all put their hand up again) All of you. You’re raising both hands. Would you say your support for the president now is more or less than it was when you first voted for him?

VOTERS: It’s more. More. A lot more.

RADFORD: More. And has the impeachment inquiry changed anything?

MALE VOTER 1: What inquiry?

FEMALE VOTER 1: It’s strengthened my love for him.

MALE VOTER 2: It’s galvanized our support.

RADFORD: So you support him more now.

MALE VOTER 2: We’re stronger than ever.

RUSH: They put together their own focus group. It’s nine people. Nine people all put their hands up. How many of you voted for Trump? How many of you plan to vote for him again? Same nine people put their hands up. She says, “All of you? You’re raising both hands. Would you say your support for the president now is more or less than when you first voted for him?” Nine people said, “It’s more, a lot more.”

(interruption) Was it? It was right there on Flagler Drive? That’s where this was? I haven’t seen the video. Okay. So this is very close to where we are, where this happened. Nine people in a focus group. Next question: “Has the impeachment inquiry changed anything?” One guy said, “What inquiry?” A woman said, “It’s strengthened my love for him. It’s galvanized our support.”

“So you support him more now?”

“We’re stronger than ever.” This is not what they were — it’s two things. It’s not what they were expecting, and it certainly isn’t what they were hoping for. So now here is the next sound bite where they find Jewish and black voters who never voted for any Republican before who loved Trump.

RADFORD: Have you all ever felt this level of passion for another president?

MALE VOTER 1: Oh, no.



RADFORD: What is it that you liked about the president?

FEMALE VOTER 1: As a Jewish woman in America who previously voted liberal, he has just astounded me in every way.

RADFORD: President Trump is the first time you have voted for a Republican?


RADFORD: And what about you?

MALE VOTER 1: He made a statement at a conference one time to black America…

TRUMP: (8/19/16) What the hell do you have to lose?

MALE VOTER 1: And that stood out to me. I have nothing to lose, a lot to gain. The unemployment for black America is way down. And insurance is – cost is – is reasonable, and he’s done all his promises to me.

RADFORD: So you feel like your life has gotten better since…

MALE VOTER 1: Oh, definitely.

RADFORD: …the election.

MALE VOTER 1: Definitely.

RUSH: Uh-oh. So there you have it: Black voters, Jewish voters love Trump, love Trump the person. They’re able to cite the fact that their lives are better because of Trump policies, that he has kept his promises, that black unemployment’s way down. One black guy there said that he remembered when Trump said, “Vote for me. What do you got to lose?” Meaning: “You have — for 50 years — voted for Democrats and have invested in the Democrats to make all things better for you, and it hasn’t happened. So what do you got to lose?”

And this guy said, “I voted for Trump and I’m never looking back.”

By the way, I talked about this yesterday. The 50-year, 90% support by the black community for every Democrat presidential candidate is an amazing thing, because there’s a lot of people that believe that living through specific events is one of the best ways to persuade people. So if you create a great economy, if you have a great economy — and the great economy is obviously rooted in capitalism — then the fact that people are living through it, benefiting from it, enjoying it, doing better, have the job of their choice and are getting raises, they will thus see that capitalism is preferable and sign on to it.

And it may work in some cases. But in the example of the black vote, the Democrat Party hasn’t done anything for African-Americans. I mean, African-Americans have been complaining about the same things for 50 years — racism, bigotry, unfair percentages in prison, no economic opportunity, blah, blah. You know the drill! And yet they still vote for Democrats. Why? Well, the reason is the media and education. Those two institutions have served the Democrat Party well. They control both of them. It’s just a matter of if the Republican Party is portrayed as the Klan or as Deliverance and you’re African-American, are you gonna take the chance?

It’s like… You know, this one has finally worn out, doesn’t work anymore. But when I was growing up in my early twenties and into the thirties out in Sacramento when I first started this particular program, the Democrats had a constant slogan or idea in their campaigns for senior citizens. That is, “Republicans are gonna take away your Social Security.” Every four years, every two years, “Republicans want to take away your Social Security!” There was never any effort to do it. No Republican ever wanted to take anybody’s Social Security away.

Nobody ever wanted to cut it. And yet, the Democrats ran on it every two years for whatever election — House or Senate or presidency, you name it. It never happened. When Republicans won elections, Social Security was never cut. It was never taken away. Homes were never taken away. Finally, senior citizens realized it and it stopped being effective for Democrats. It’s not part of their repertoire now. But it took a heck of a long time because back in the days it did work, you know, I would ask seasoned citizens, “Why do you fall for this?

“Because nobody’s ever cut your Social Security. It may not be growing like you want, but nobody’s cutting it, nobody’s taking it away, nobody even ever proposes to do so. Why do you fall for it?” What they told me was, “I can’t take the chance. It’s all I’ve got, and if the Democrats are right — if the Republicans do try to take it away — then I’m gonna have nothing.” So it became a question of percentages, and it was pure self-interest and nothing more. It didn’t matter… We had a caller on this program, a 90-year-old woman from Worcester, Massachusetts, living north of the Mass Turnpike. She called here.

We were talking about tax cuts one day and she was livid. She didn’t want taxes cut. I said, “What about for your kids?” “No! I want them paying more.” I said, “Why?” “For my Social Security!” Even tax cuts were portrayed as cuts to Social Security. This woman called here in a rage, scared to death the Republicans were gonna cut taxes and that was gonna result in her having less Social Security money. The reality was that that was never going to happen. Nobody’s ever gonna cut Social Security.

Look what happened to Bush when he tried to privatize a small percentage of it, which would have been a great move. He had to drop it. Look what happened to Dan “Rosty” Rostenkowski from Illinois. When he put together some new change on Medicare, the senior citizens stormed his car in his home district in Illinois. He pulled the proposal. Now, I mention all this simply because it’s a fascinating bit of knowledge to have when you are running and preparing a campaign.

But the reason this is fascinating is ’cause the black people in this sound bite have actually been persuaded by real-world events. This guy said: Black unemployment, record low. He knows. Trump’s kept his promises. The economy is growing. That is a huge achievement, because normally these kinds of things don’t happen. Republicans always thought they would. Jack Kemp was a big believer. “Create a great capitalist society and we’ll own everybody.” But it never did work for a whole host of reasons.


RUSH: Now, one of the reasons these African-Americans are saying what they’re saying — “I love Trump. African-American unemployment is way down. Jobs are up. He’s keeping his promises.” One of the reasons is Trump keeps telling them. He doesn’t just rely on people to discover it by virtue of living it. He keeps telling them. Every rally, tweets, he keeps telling them — and that’s a crucial ingredient. Now, the next bite… Again, this is the horror on the Today Show today as they sent their correspondent down there to West Palm Beach. This next sound bite, these people see impeachment as an attack on them because they voted for Trump, and they see the effort to remove him as an effort to cancel their votes.

MORGAN: When it comes to the impeachment inquiry, does that affect your perception of the president?

FEMALE VOTER 1: No, it doesn’t, and I think that the Democrats were going to find anything possible to impeach the president.

FEMALE VOTER 2: They always accuse us of racism, being homophobic, and it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

MALE VOTER 1: He has been fighting for us this whole time. We’re going to fight for him.

RUSH: Now, this reporter is on the set. She’s staring at Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb and Al Joker. Their mouths are agape. They’re watching this… You know, I’m stunned that they aired this, to be quite honest with you, but they did. They can’t believe it. Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Joker cannot believe people actually like Donald Trump as a person.

MORGAN: Every single person we spoke to said they like the man. They appreciated that he was not a traditional politician, and that he spoke to them directly.

KOTB: Mmph. Okay.

GUTHRIE: Thank you, Morgan.

KOTB: Thanks, Morgan. Let’s switch gears, go over to Mr. Roker, get a check of the weather.

RUSH: (impression) “Yeah, let’s switch gears. Get the hell out of this. Holy… No way! We gotta cancel this. Oh, why did we air this? Can we eliminate these from the West Coast feed?” I guarantee you they were talking about that. Another thing: A Jewish member of the group that NBC talked to really appreciated moving the embassy to Jerusalem out of Tel Aviv. All these little things, the Drive-Bys gloss over and don’t think matter to people.

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