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RUSH: Pencil Neck is right now giving a little press conference, complaining about all the White House people that didn’t show up to testify/give depositions, and so now he’s talking about obstruction.  Obstruction! I thought they had the goods with the whistleblower.  What is this obstruction?  Let me just… Folks, any time Pencil Neck and the Democrats start talking about obstruction, what it means is the original charge is baseless.  Remember Trump-Russia collusion?  Zilch, zero, nada.  What did they go to?  Obstruction.

Here comes Pencil Neck today complaining about people that didn’t come talk to him, the quid pro quo.  Any time the Democrats say this, it is proof that their original charge is baseless.  It means that Vindman and the whistleblower cannot withstand public cross-examination.  This is what this means.  I want to play you a sound bite quickly from Andy McCarthy, who was on Fox & Friends today to talk about what Schiff’s next move is.  Question:  “You say it’s time to get ready for the next sneaky chapter of this inquiry.  What do you mean?  What’s next?  What’s Schiff gonna do next?”

MCCARTHY:  They’re going to issue this report.  The resolution doesn’t just open up the process to the public or publicize the stuff that’s gone on behind closed doors up to this point.  What it does is it calls for Adam Schiff, who runs the Intelligence Committee, to write a report transmitting the findings and recommendations.  Their plan is to take whatever of the underlying testimony that they’ve had up ’til now — whatever they’re gonna give us of that — and they’re gonna append it to Schiff’s report.  And they’re gonna hope that what happens, you know, between that and coordinating with the media, that the public will basically read Schiff’s report and not the hundreds of pages of underlying testimony.

RUSH:  Just like they don’t want you to read the transcript.  They want you to believe what the whistleblower’s secondhand version of it is.


RUSH: At any rate, back to Andy McCarthy’s answer here. I had to jam that in. You’ll note the timing of that worked out perfectly. Andy’s bite here was 44 seconds, and I started it right on the dot, giving me five seconds to conclude going into the break. But let me break this down. See, Andy knows the game. He knows there’s something coming. When this doesn’t work or when one aspect of this doesn’t work, there’s gonna be something else.

I’m telling you what it is right now. Schiff, he’s still doing his little presser, and he’s now off on obstruction. Where the hell did that come from? I thought they had Trump dead to rights with the whistleblower. I thought they had Trump dead to rights in asking Ukraine to dig up dirt, make up dirt on Biden. They don’t have that. That didn’t happen. You can read the transcript. Anybody can.

If everybody took the time to read the transcript they would be scratching their head, saying, “What the hell is this all about, then? There’s nothing in this phone call that’s the slightest bit odd.” See, we’ve got a whistleblower who said he was deeply outraged, deeply offended, very worried about American foreign policy. Now we got a uniformed military guy, Vindman, backing it, “Oh, it’s horrible, it’s horrible.”

Even Kasich is out there saying once people see Vindman testify in his uniform, things will change. What do you mean, things will change? What Kasich’s admitting is they don’t have public opinion on their side for impeachment. Don’t pay attention to these polls. They don’t have it. Kasich knows nobody in Ohio’s talking about it. Nobody’s talking about it anywhere that is in any way a reflection of these fevered polls. NBC found out. The audio sound bites of that are coming up.

So Schiff is talking about obstruction. Intelligence guided by experience. They start talking about obstruction, that means the first phase failed. Trump-Russia collusion failed. They started talking obstruction. In all of the two years of Mueller and Trump-Russia collusion, you ever hear about obstruction? Yeah, peripherally, tangentially but you didn’t hear it as the primary thing. It was Trump colluded, he was a traitor, he cheated, he stole the election, stole it right out of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit, or muumuu, whatever.

Then that blows up. They are off and running on obstruction, and they don’t have a case on that. So here comes the whistleblower bought and paid for by Schiff, arranged for by Schiff. The whistleblower’s a secondhand witness to the phone call. He wasn’t even on it, he wasn’t even there. Vindman passes off whatever he thinks is outrageous.

If you boil it all down, it means these national security guys — folks, do not doubt me on this. And this is not just specific to Trump. It means that these people in the national security, slash, military, slash, intelligence complex of our government, they think they make foreign policy, not the president. That’s what this is really all about. Every president intrudes on their territory. But most presidents respect them, and most presidents listen to them, and most presidents bring them in.

Trump’s told them to go pound sand from his campaign on. But I’m telling you — and I don’t want you to doubt me on this — the National Security Council and whoever, even some of the people Trump’s appointed have been bad actors. McMaster is a bad actor. He’s part of this cabal. These are the people, by the way, that just still resent the hell out of Trump pulling out of Syria. He didn’t listen to them.

And I’m telling you, the national security structure, the administrative state that is the national security structure in Washington, which has as part of its membership generals and admirals, three stars, four-stars, and then the intelligence community, this little troika actually think they run foreign policy, not presidents. They are permanent. Presidents come and go.

Just like the State Department. They’re part of the State Department apparatus, they think they run foreign policy. They thought they ran it during George W. Bush. Don’t misunderstand. This is not specific to Trump. It’s just worse because Trump does not play the game and include them and promote them and credit them and thank them. He’s out trying to drain the place of them.

So as James Carville said, “This is an all-out war!” This is a microcosm of the deep state, and it contains all these people, Clapper and Brennan, FBI buddies, they were all in on this. They think they run foreign policy. Like Vindman. I don’t know Vindman, but I’m gonna make a guess that Vindman is part of the structure that thinks they run foreign policy.

The president doesn’t. The president takes their advice and implements foreign policy based on their advice, they’re permanent, he’s transient, whoever he is, and Trump has come in and wrested control, doing everything upside down, and they’ve got to get rid of him. This is not the way it’s always worked. So you’ve got a guy like Vindman and whoever else listening to Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine, and they just can’t believe — you don’t talk to a president that way.

There’s a certain way you speak, a certain way you behave.  You just don’t do it.  And then you don’t do this and you don’t do that.  So things that they wouldn’t do because of their official decorum manual, they then pop up and say, “This guy’s not fit.  This guy has no business being president.  We run foreign policy.”  This is all a turf battle, in addition to it being a deep state attempt to get rid of Trump and reverse the election results.  Folks, the transcript is nothing!

There’s nothing in it that would even approach irregular, much less impeachable, and yet look at what these people are doing!  Well, there is a reason.  So now to Andy McCarthy, to parse his bite a little bit here, ’cause there’s always the next thing. Obstruction means that something hasn’t worked out.  Gotta move on.  So these rules that the House passed last week on the impeachment inquiry require that Schiff issue a report at the end of his testimony.

And this report will go a long way when they get to a final vote on whether to actually prepare articles of impeachment and do it for real.  Andy said that the resolution that made the rules doesn’t just even require the process to the public or publicize the stuff that’s gone on. Remember, they’re making a big deal, “Yeah, we’re taking it public.  We’re bringing it out from behind closed doors.”  Andy says that’s not all this is doing.

In addition to the — and by the way, it’s a phony show of going public.  There’s a clamor.  The Republicans are on strong ground, demanding, “You’re impeaching the president.  This has gotta be done in public.  It’s gotta be done bipartisan.  You can’t do it behind closed doors.”  Democrats say, “Yeah, it’s probably a point.  So, okay, we’ll make it public.”  Well, yeah, they’re gonna make it “public,” pages and pages and pages and pages of stuff nobody’s gonna read of the testimony.

Schiff’s out there characterizing it. “Republicans were allowed to ask questions. I didn’t guide anybody. The guy can say whatever he wants.”  The media eats it up and spits it back out the way he wants them to.  In addition to the reams of pages of testimony that are made public, Schiff has to write a report.  Schiff can say whatever he wants in this report.  But it calls for Schiff to write a report transmitting the findings of his committee and the recommendations.

So the plan is to take whatever the testimony is they’ve had up until now and add Schiff’s report to it.  The report’s gonna be much briefer; it’s gonna be much more succinct; it’s gonna be many fewer pages; it’s gonna be much easier to read.  Why read thousands of pages of transcript when you can read Pencil Neck’s 25 pages and find out what went on? It’s in that report, Andy McCarthy says, that Schiff is gonna dress this up and exaggerate and take liberties like he has been all along.

Because Schiff’s gonna be confident that nobody’s gonna go do a side-by-side comparison — nobody that anybody’s gonna listen to.  The Drive-Bys will not go measure what Schiff says in his report against the testimony that’s in the packet of pages released.  So essentially this whole resolution to make everything public is nothing but a trick that enables Schiff to write a report characterizing what went on in there, which will then replace the actual evidence of the multiple pages of testimony!

I’ll give you an example.  Schiff, while conducting a public hearing, said that the president called the president of Ukraine and (summarized) “told him nine times to ‘dig up and make up dirt on Joe Biden, and don’t get back to me until you do.  Don’t get back to me ’til you have it — and until you have it, you’re not getting a dime’s worth of money from the United States.'”  Now, all of that was made up.  Trump never said it, but Schiff did.  It took 30 minutes for a Republican on the committee to call Schiff out.

That only happened because that member got a letter, an email from a constituent who was livid that not a single Republican objected and spoke up when Schiff was lying through his teeth about what Trump had said.  Well, I’m telling you that this report that Schiff is going to write is going to contain similar kinds of exaggerations that will require somebody reading a few days later and then popping up and saying, “This didn’t happen in our committee.  This testimony was…” By then, it will be too late.  You know exactly what I mean.  That’s what Andy’s telling everybody to get ready for: More lying, more mischaracterization.

It’s the next phase of nothing.

They literally have nothing.


RUSH:  This is Andrew in my adopted hometown: Sacramento, California.  Hi, Andrew.

CALLER:  Hey.  Betsy Ross dittos, Rush.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Thanks for all you do.

RUSH:  Brand-new items are available at RushLimbaugh.com in the “Store” tab, folks. Brand-new Betsy Ross and other items.  Thank you for mentioning that.

CALLER:  Hey, right to the point.  The Democrats have always been headed to obstruction of justice.  What they want is the grand jury material behind the Mueller report. Then the Judiciary Committee subpoenas Don McGahn, and they’re off and running with impeachment with obstruction of justice being the article of impeachment.

RUSH:  Well, I think you’ve got a point because that was, I think, the original purpose of the whistleblower.  Let me review this.  Folks, there’s so much… I understand this like the back of my hand, and I want you to be able to as well, which requires repetition.  So I beg your indulgence.  The whistleblower met with Schiff.  This whole thing is orchestrated.  These people know each other.  When Trump-Russia collusion bombs out, when obstruction bombs out, when Blasey Ford bombed out, when all these things bomb out, there’s always the next phase.

And they’re already planned.  So Schiff had met with the whistleblower, the whistleblower’s tied to the CIA, to McMaster.  Do you know that this whistleblower was the aid, the number one aid to McMaster at the National Security Council?  These people have been in there spying on Trump since day one, folks — or day 10.  So, anyway, the whistleblower is supposedly (sniveling) “so outraged by what I heard on the phone call.”  He didn’t hear anything.  Vindman told him.  The whistleblower actually never heard the call.  Secondhand, he goes to Schiff.

Well, that didn’t happen.  They orchestrate all of this.  This is all part of a plan.  The objective was for Schiff to announce this whistleblower, saying, “The whistleblower’s got this shocking, shocking thing that happened in a phone call. Oh, my God! It’s worse than we ever knew!  Oh, my God.”  And then they expected Trump not to release the transcript because of separation of powers, executive privilege, thinking of future presidents.

Congress can demand all they want, but they do not run the executive branch.  Trump blew the plan up by releasing the transcript.  The transcript… See, if Trump had held on to it, then Schiff was gonna shout, “Obstruction! Obstruction! Cover-up! Cover-up!”  That’s how they got Nixon.  Trump blew that to smithereens by releasing the transcript.  But they’re still now focusing on obstruction ’cause they think it is a magic word for guilt.

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