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RUSH: Yesterday toward the end of the program we had news for you, and it was news about the National Security Council official Tim Morrison who had testified yesterday morning, the very day of this vote to… (chuckles) It did nothing. It put a vote to the inquiry to impeach Trump. Tim Morrison testified he was on the call. He heard the call. He heard the call the president made to the president of Ukraine, and there was nothing that he heard that was illegal. Nothing he heard was corrupt.

Nothing he heard was a problem. Some of it concerned him, and that was it. I remember this testimony contradicts everything that the whistleblower said, contradicts everything that Vindman said. Folks, stick with me here, because this whole circumstance is exactly as I’ve been telling you: Thoroughly manufactured. This phase that we are in was implemented the day the Mueller report was submitted and bombed out. It actually…

This phase — the whistleblower phase and this phone call business — actually was implemented the day after Mueller’s testimony! His congressional appearance where he bombed out and appeared to be a doddering old man that didn’t know what was in his report and didn’t know where he was or what he was doing. This impeachment thing was hatched that very next day when Mueller bombed. And it’s like I told you yesterday: This is Plan B or maybe we’re at Plan C or Plan D.

But everything prior to this has failed to get rid of Trump. This is just the latest effort and it’s manufactured, and everybody in it is lying. Everybody in it is participating in a programmed, orchestrated event that is an illusion being made to look like it’s spontaneous, that it’s the result of actual things that happened — and it isn’t. So I can’t do everything in the first 25 minutes, but I’m gonna explain this in due course. I’m setting the table here.

Now, the point is, we have this great news that Tim Morrison contradicts the whistleblower and the esteemed Army man, Vindman. So last night I’m tooling around and doing show prep, and I run across a headline in Axios, and the headline says, “National Security Council Official Morrison Confirms Whistleblower.” I said, “What! It was the exact opposite. Morrison didn’t confirm anything! Morrison didn’t confirm Vindman, he didn’t confirm the whistleblower.” It was an out-and-out lie. What the hell was this?

So I dug into it. It is! It’s an out-and-out lie. Axios, the Washington Post, it is a total lie. It is journalistic malpractice to the max. I will explain. I spent the rest of the night asking, “What did I miss the rest of the day? What did this guy say that I didn’t know about?” He didn’t say anything that contradicted the original report. He did not say, and he did not agree with, the whistleblower and Vindman! The press literally is making this up, cherry-picking a line here or there with the guidance from Schiff.


RUSH: Welcome back, folks. It’s Open Line Friday. And I am your guiding light, Rush Limbaugh, accepting the responsibility of play-by-play of the news each and every day and meeting and surpassing all audience expectations.

Now, let me review what happened yesterday with Tim Morrison, who is the National Security Council official. And let me make another observation here before we get going. Based on what I actually honestly, thoroughly believe with all of my heart and every deep, dark crevice of my brain, I don’t see how a single Republican could in any way get even close to supporting this so-called impeachment. It’s being called impeachment, but this is nothing different. It is but a continuation of what was begun on election night 2016.

It is a bogus, filled with distortions and lies series of allegations about Donald Trump. It is orchestrated just as the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and coup was orchestrated. This that’s happening with impeachment is just a continuation of that. There is no new event that took place that has shocked Washington regarding Donald Trump’s competence or incompetence.

There is nothing Trump has done yet that constitutes anything approaching an impeachable offense. It is, to me, continually stunning and outrageous that the truth of this willingly remains hidden. The name of the whistleblower, for example, everybody in Washington knows the name Eric Ciaramella or Ciaramella, whatever it is, however you pronounce, Ciaramella. Everybody knows who he is.

Everybody knows he’s from the Obama administration. Everybody knows he’s a partisan Democrat hack. Everybody knows he was fired from the White House for leaking lies. He leaked to the media that Donald Trump fired Comey because Putin told him to. The New York Times and Washington Post ran that story. He was fired. It wasn’t true!

He was sent back to the CIA where he continued to work under John Brennan. He was then dispatched to the White House. While he was dispatched there, he was used as the whistleblower, but he never heard the phone call. It was Vindman who told him about the phone call. He’s a 33-year-old Harvard grad, looks like a Pajama Boy. He’s just a pure partisan hack.

None of the people in this story are genuinely concerned that Donald Trump poses a threat to the security and the traditions of the United States. They don’t like Donald Trump because he won and because he’s not from the deep state. It’s no more complicated than that. Donald Trump threatens them and their existence. They’re in a race to beat whatever Barr and Durham produce in their investigation of all this.

But the point is, folks, that there is literally no truth to the assertions that fill the news media each and every day. There isn’t even a shred of substantive truth. Now, there are statements and sentences reported out of context that appear to be outrageous. “How could any president do this?” But it’s all manufactured and made up.

I told you yesterday that I was really working hard to restrain myself from erupting in sheer outraged anger. I’m doing a better job of it today. But knowing what I know — and I’m gonna pass it on to you, will be done in the coming moments, so just be patient. There’s literally no way that anybody honestly aware of what’s happening could do anything but get mad and want to make the Democrats and Schiff and Pelosi and Brennan and every one of these people pay a major, serious price for what they’ve done and are continuing to do.

We’re living through one of the biggest, most outrageous, well-known and participated in political scandals in the history of the country that is being presented to the American people as a series of breaking news stories each day that has been presented to the American people as a series of shocking, unbelievable breaking news stories about Trump being a traitor, Trump colluding with Russia.

Brennan and John McLaughlin, CIA guys, are now appearing in public and acknowledging the deep state, they’re feeling so close to victory. They’re thanking the deep state for their hard work. And Brennan is out actually saying that the Russians tampered with votes, that the Russians changed votes in the 2016 election. No evidence for this in no legal filing that occurred during the Mueller report period or prior, even in the indictments of that mythical bunch of Russian trolls.

It was stated categorically by Rod Rosenstein that none of our work has uncovered evidence that Russians affected a single vote or affected the outcome of a single election. Yet Brennan is out lying through his teeth to this day. I think the walls are closing in on those people. If they’re not, they should be.


RUSH: I’ve been trying to tell my Tim Morrison story here for 20 minutes; I keep interrupting myself. That’s the problem. There’s so much of this stuff happening and my memory is so good that I don’t ever forget anything. It doesn’t take much to trigger it, and when my memory gets triggered, then I want to tell you about it. But, anyway, here’s the thing. So we had the story yesterday morning on the day of the vote that Morrison from the National Security Council said, “I wasn’t concerned that anything illegal was discussed” in the Trump-Ukraine phone call.

That was his testimony. That came from Sean Davis at The Federalist. “Morrison testified that many of the claims that William Taylor made are wrong. For instance, Morrison said that Taylor’s claim that ambassador Gordon Sondland demanded a public statement from the Ukraine government promising to investigate Burisma was false.” That’s the centerpiece of Bill Taylor’s charge, that there was a quid pro quo, and Morrison says that Taylor’s claims are wrong!

Taylor is the star witness!

So we had a National Security Council associate on the phone call testifying yesterday that their star witness was wrong. We told you that when it happened. It’s Sean Davis at The Federalist reporting it. National security official Tim Morrison to Adam Schiff: “I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed” in the Trump-Ukraine phone call. Now let’s go to the Washington Post. The Washington Post cherry-picked some testimony that was leaked from Schiff to claim the exact opposite, and this is what I saw last night doing show prep.

I saw a little blurb from Axios. Then I saw a Washington Post headline. You want to know what the Washington Post headline is? “White House Official Corroborates Diplomat’s Account that Trump Appeared to Seek Quid Pro.” Folks, it’s an out-and-out lie. Tim Morrison effectively said under oath that Taylor’s claims — most of them — were wrong, and that there was not a quid pro quo! That’s what Morrison testified to yesterday. So here comes the Washington Post and Axios: “White House official” that’s Morrison “corroborates diplomat’s account” that’s Taylor.

So their headline (translated): “Morrison corroborates Taylor’s account that Trump appeared to seek…” How does this happen? It happens because Schiff knows that nobody reads The Federalist. Schiff knows that ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the rest of the Drive-By Media are not gonna report what Sean Davis reported. More specifically, Schiff knows that none in the media are gonna print the name and identity of the whistleblower and identify his partisanship and tell the truth about the fact that he’s an Obama and Brennan hack.

Schiff knows because Schiff has set all of this up! Schiff is the guy who put all of these steps in a row after Mueller’s testimony, which you will hear in detail about in a moment. So they know that Sean Davis at The Federalist reports what he reports and then we here at this program report it. Maybe Hannity and Fox News, they talk about it. But Schiff knows that nobody that pays attention to the Drive-By Media is ever gonna hear anything about it. So he leaks to the Washington Post that Morrison “corroborated” Taylor, and the Washington Post, Axios, New York Times, everybody runs with it.

So Morrison’s testimony was entirely misrepresented, it was taken out of context, and the American people have no idea. Other than those of you who listen to this program, who read The Federalist or watch a little Fox News and some of the other, you know, conservative media out there. But the mainstream media is literally just taking the truth, turning it 180 degrees out of phase and publishing it and broadcasting it. Tim Morrison literally testified that Bill Taylor was wrong. He was on the call.

There was no quid pro quo.

The president did not offer one.

The president did not seek one.

Washington Post: “White House Official Corroborates Diplomat’s Account that Trump Appeared to Seek a Quid Pro Quo.” I mean, this is beyond media malpractice. It’s beyond outright lying. It’s beyond description in polite company is what this is. What’s the Washington Post’s motto? “Democrats dies in darkness,” is that their motto? It turns out it’s not a motto. It’s a plan. “Democracy Dies in Darkness” is a plan, and they are executing the plan. They’re keeping everybody in the dark for the express purposes of killing democracy!

Democracy — a representative republic — requires an informed public, and the Drive-By Media is doing the exact opposite of that.


RUSH: See there? Fox is doing the story right now, folks. “Ex-White House official testifies he was not concerned anything illegal happened on the phone call.” That’s Tim Morrison. That’s the National Security Council adviser who testified yesterday, and the Washington Post is reporting that he “corroborated” what the ambassador, Bill Taylor, said! They are directly contradicting his own testimony, and nobody — nobody — who reads or sees or exposes themselves to the Drive-By Media has the slightest idea about it.

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