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RUSH: Do you own an SUV? If so, you are to blame for the rise in CO2 emissions.

According to The U.K. Guardian, between 2010 and 2018, SUVs were the second-biggest contributors to increased carbon emissions around the world. During those years, SUVs doubled in number around the world. SUVs now make up almost 40 percent of the automobile market worldwide. SUVs are a big success, people love them.

And that just infuriates liberals. If SUV drivers were a nation of their own, says The Guardian, they would be the seventh worst country in the world when it comes to polluting the planet and causing climate change.

So protests are gearing up. In Germany, Greenpeace blocked a shipment of SUVs. At a Frankfurt motor show, protesters climbed on top of SUVs and they had signs saying “Climate-Killers!”

But so far, here in the States there are no large-scale protests. People are not unhappy about SUVs. They’re not worried about gloom and doom predictions. They’re buying them. More than half of all passenger cars purchased in America are SUVs.

So without question, that means we are leading the way. We Americans are showing the rest of the world how to enjoy freedom on the roads. How to enjoy your life, in style, in comfort, in SUVs. We should be proud of it. And we should tell any malcontent liberal protester, if you don’t like SUVs, take a hike, start walking, just don’t fart.

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