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RUSH: He just did it again. The guy just doesn’t stop. He just did it again. President Trump is in Chicago. He’s speaking to a gigantic conference of law enforcement officials, police chiefs, sheriffs and so forth from all over the country. They’ve been doing this for 126 years. The meeting is in Chicago.

Before Trump got there the police superintendent of Chicago, Eddie Johnson, said he was gonna boycott, he’s not gonna go. He wasn’t gonna show up because Trump doesn’t share the right values. Trump doesn’t share Eddie Johnson’s values. You might remember Eddie Johnson. He’s the police chief that came out with all the evidence on Jussie Smollett, who the city attorney undercut, let Smollett go. The police chief didn’t understand it, got mad and so forth.

That’s when we first heard nationally of Eddie Johnson. And then he pipes up again saying Trump doesn’t represent his values. Trump is Mr. Unmentionables. He goes into places and he says what you’re not supposed to say. It is great. I have to tell you, it is absolutely great.

What are you not supposed to mention? You’re not supposed to go to Chicago, and you’re not supposed to talk about all the murders, 530 murders last year. You’re not supposed to do it. You’re not supposed to mention it. You’re not supposed to talk about the inept Chicago Police Department. You’re not supposed to talk about Chicago as a sanctuary city where they treat criminals in Chicago better than they treat law-abiding citizens.

Trump just called them out on it and he’s getting practically standing ovations for it, in Chicago. He’s standing up for the cops. He’s standing up for the beat cops, the patrol cops, the detectives. He’s standing up for everybody on the street doing their jobs who are handcuffed by bureaucrats who, of course, are obsessed by political correctness.

You’re not supposed to go to a Democrat stronghold like Chicago and you’re not supposed to call ’em out for their incompetence and you’re not supposed to call ’em out for their ineptitude, and you sure as heck are not supposed to talk about all the murders. And you’re not supposed to say that Chicago has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country, which are not working, you’re not supposed to do that.

Here’s Donald Trump embattled, supposedly being impeached by a bunch of inept inferiors who couldn’t hold a candle to Donald Trump led by Pencil Neck Adam Schiff. Donald Trump is supposed to be quivering in the corner. He’s supposed to be scared. He’s supposed to be intimidated. He’s supposed to be worried they’re on the verge of throwing him out of Washington. What’s he doing? He’s going everywhere you’re supposed to not go, and he’s saying things you’re not supposed to say.

He is jamming political correctness down their throats. This has been fabulous. We will have sound bites for it as soon as we can. The president’s speech just concluded, now getting an award or getting some mentions there. I was struck by the amount of applause. I mean, Chicago is Eddie Johnson’s town. He’s the police superintendent. You know, I have to tell you, I liked Eddie Johnson during that Smollett thing.

I thought Eddie Johnson might have been one of us. And by that, I mean a conservative. I thought he might have been an African-American conservative. Obviously not or else he somehow for his own safety and protection, political career, felt it necessary to denounce Trump and then to announce that he wasn’t gonna dare show up and be anywhere Trump was. Maybe he has to do that for his career. Maybe he has to do that for having any chance of advancement in Chicago.

But, I mean, this is Rahm Emanuel’s town. I don’t care who the mayor is now, it’s Rahm Emanuel’s town. That means it’s Barack Obama’s town, it’s Bill Clinton’s town, and Donald Trump just went in there and called ’em out for all the things everybody knows is going on there that need to be fixed. He said, “You know what? We can fix this problem in a day. We can fix this problem in a day, and it wouldn’t be that hard. You know how we do it? We let the cops do their jobs.” And the place erupted. It erupted.

Now the media wants Donald Trump to be on the ropes, as I said. The media wants everybody to believe that Trump is barely hanging on. The media wants everybody to believe that Trump is quivering and cowering in the corners and is about to recognize that his days as president are over, and it is the exact opposite.

Trump said another president — he’s talking about Baghdadi — and, by the way, you know, this Baghdadi thing, this whole operation, the media coverage of it, again it’s a teachable moment. And there’s no better place to be taught about this than right here, the EIB Network. So hang on.

But Trump is unafraid. You know, the fraternity of presidents is such, there are very few of them, I mean, he’s number 45, but he’s not the 45th president because some of them served two terms. You’re not supposed to call each other out. You’re just not supposed to do it. But he calls out Obama every chance he gets. And you know why? Because it’s Barack Obama who led that coup.

It’s Barack Obama and Comey and Brennan who put all of that in motion with the FBI, the DOJ, in order to railroad Trump, get him out of town before he served his first term. And Trump knows it. And he’s not going to sit there and have reverence and respect for this fraternity. That’s not who he is. So he plainly tells these police officers and all at this convention in Chicago, “Another president should have gotten Baghdadi years ago.”

You know, it’s been fascinating to study the media reaction to this. You know one of the things I saw first? I tried to remember, I didn’t print it, I haven’t been able to find it, because frankly it hasn’t been be a priority to find out who because it could be any of them. But somebody in the media actually said, “Obama was so elegant in his press conference announcing the death of bin Laden, and Trump was so coarse, calling him a dog. Called him cowering, scared like a scared dog, it was so inelegant. It was so ew, ew, it was so bad,” the way Trump announced the death of Baghdadi compared to the way Obama announced the death of bin Laden.

And Obama made it a point, “We did not desecrate the body of bin Laden in respect for Islamic tradition.” Well, we didn’t have the chance to save al-Baghdadi’s body because he blew himself up and his three kids rather than be captured by the Trump regime. He didn’t want any part of that.” So Trump points out that another president should have gotten him years ago. He then told this convention that his administration has destroyed the caliphate by almost a hundred percent.

He then introduced William Barr, and Barr got another huge ovation. He said that Barr is doing a great job. Boy, when he got to Eddie Johnson… You know, Eddie Johnson could have not been mentioned. If Eddie Johnson would have just shut up, Trump would not have even mentioned him. Eddie Johnson, though, had to go make a big deal out of the fact that he wasn’t gonna show up. The Chicago police superintendent had to make a big deal about it.

You know, most of these guys still don’t know Donald Trump. They think that he’s gonna ignore it. They think, “Well, I can call out Trump and Trump is the president. The president cannot punch down. The president cannot come down to my level. So I’ll be able to say whatever I want about the president and he will not be able to react to me,” and Trump doesn’t care who you are. You could be the mayor of Juarez, Mexico, and say something, and he’ll come after you.

So he called out Eddie Johnson, the police superintendent, for not being there and for not doing his job — and then Trump recited the horrible shooting numbers in Chicago. The murders. The incidents. He pointed out Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the United States. He said (summarized), “That doesn’t seem to be working out too well.” He said, “You can count on me. I am always… When it comes down to deciding on illegal criminals and American citizens, you can count on me to come down on the side of the American citizen.”

The place erupts. Now, you might say, “Well, Rush, that’s just common sense.” If it’s common sense, why’s Trump the only guy who says it? And when Trump says it, why is it so controversial? Why is it something he’s not supposed to mention? Why are you not to mention it? Why are you not supposed to mention what a bunch of bad actors ISIS and Islamist extremists are? Why are you not supposed to talk about the murders in Chicago? Why are you not supposed to talk about neighborhoods those murders happen in?

Why are you not supposed to mention this?

Because you’re not supposed to call out the left. You’re not supposed to call out liberals. You are just not supposed to mention it. He trashed the Jussie Smollett case as a scam. He said it’s just like the impeachment of your president is scam — and, again, big applause.


RUSH: I think I’m right about Eddie Johnson. When we first heard of Eddie Johnson here… People in Chicago have known him for a long time. He’s the police superintendent. When he came out and announced the Jussie Smollett case — and remember what he was saying. He couldn’t understand why this young, successful African-American would want to make up a story like this, why he would want to embarrass Chicago, why he would want to embarrass himself. What was the point?

And then when the case got dumped, Eddie Johnson was livid. I also assumed that Eddie Johnson might have been a closet conservative, certainly not a card-carrying leftist. Then he comes out and says (summarized), “If Donald Trump’s comin’ to Chicago, I’m not goin’ to where Trump’s gonna be. Donald Trump’s values and mine are totally different! I don’t want to be anywhere near where Trump is.”

This doesn’t sound like the Eddie Johnson I got to know. It sounds like Eddie Johnson said what he thought he had to say to maintain good standing with his bosses, and there may be something to that. The New York Daily News… This was a week and a half ago, and I missed this. I don’t read the New York Daily News. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t. It’s the one newspaper I don’t read ’cause their website’s impossible, simply impossible. So I don’t even try to find a way to make it workable. But here was the headline:

“Chicago’s Top Cop Eddie Johnson Calls for Internal Investigation on Himself After He Fell Asleep in Car, But Says Failure to Take His Medication the Issue.” Chicago Tribune headline: “Why Was Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Found Asleep at the Wheel? The City Deserves an Answer.” So this guy’s in the crosshairs. Eddie Johnson’s in big trouble. He fell asleep in his car doing something, and the city of Chicago wants to know why. So he’s got to do something to save himself. So Trump coming to town, he thought, was the golden nugget.

Bash Trump.

Show his “good” side.

Save the job.


If you’re on hold on the phones, I beg your patience. Here we start with Trump in Chicago at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Exposition.

THE PRESIDENT: We killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

CROWD: (whoops, whistles, applause, cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: They’ve been looking for him for a long time. They’ve been looking for him for many years. He was a sick and depraved man, and now he’s dead.

CROWD: (laughter and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: He’s dead. He’s dead as a doornail.

CROWD: (laughter and applause)

RUSH: Oh, see? Unmentionables!

THE PRESIDENT: He didn’t die bravely, I will tell you that.

CROWD: (laughter)

THE PRESIDENT: He should have been killed years ago. Another president should have gotten him.

RUSH: (impression) “He’s so bad. You’re not supposed to say that. You’re supposed to criticize Obama! Nobody can criticize Obama. You’re not supposed to get away with it; you won’t get away with it. You don’t do it. We’re not gonna let you! You cannot criticize Obama.” You hear? “He’s dead as a doornail. He’s dead. He’s dead as a doornail. He didn’t die bravely, either. He died a whimpering coward.”

By the way, Trump did something strategic in that speech yesterday. Did you hear him mention the dogs three or four times? The canines? He didn’t call ’em “canines.” He called ’em “dogs.” I’ll explain why that’s relevant in a moment. Here is what makes Trump, Trump: He goes to Chicago, rips into the police superintendent Eddie Johnson — yet another unmentionable.

THE PRESIDENT: There is one person that’s not here today. We’re in Chicago.

CROWD: (laughter)

THE PRESIDENT: I said, “Where is he? I want to talk to him.” In fact, more than anyone else, this person should be here because maybe he could learn something —

CROWD: (cheers, whistles, applause)

RUSH: This is Eddie Johnson’s town!

THE PRESIDENT: — and that’s the superintendent of Chicago police, Eddie Johnson. A few days ago, Johnson said, quote, “The values of the people of Chicago are more important than anything Trump would have to say.” I don’t think so. Because that’s a very insulting statement after all I’ve done for the police, and I’ve done more than any other president’s ever done for the police.

CROWD: (cheers, whistling, applause)

RUSH: He’s talking about criminal justice reform among other things here. You just… I mean, this doesn’t happen. Republicans/conservatives don’t go in and do this. They cower, they beg forgiveness, they wouldn’t even mention Eddie Johnson. Now, Obama and the left can go in and rip any Republican they want to hoots and howls. Oh, Trump wasn’t done, by the way. There’s one more on this…

THE PRESIDENT: Here’s a man that could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs — the most respected people in the country — in his hometown, and with the president of the United States. And you know why? It’s because he’s not doing his job. Last year, 565 people were murdered in Chicago. Since Eddie Johnson has been police chief, more than 1,500 people have been murdered in Chicago, and 13,067 people have been shot.

RUSH: Eddie Johnson could have just shut up. If he would have just not said anything, Trump would not have called him out. He wouldn’t have even had to go to this thing. Just don’t say anything. But they found Eddie Johnson asleep at the wheel. Eddie Johnson’s obviously in a career crisis, and what do you do in a liberal town when you’re in a career crisis? You show whose side you’re on by bashing the president and by saying something along the lines:

“I can’t believe… I can’t believe that there’s anything more important that Trump would have to say than the values of Chicago. I’m not going.” That’s supposed to curry favor with his bosses in Chicago — and it probably did. It probably did, and here’s Trump calling him out. These are devastating stats: 565 people murdered last year, 1,500 people murdered in Chicago while he’s been police superintendent, and 13,000 people have been shot.


RUSH: So after Trump says Eddie Johnson — the police superintendent of Chicago — refused to show up, he says, “Eddie Johnson said, ‘The values of the people of Chicago are more important than anything President Trump would have to say.'” So Trump calls him out. Exactly what you would expect. Trump said, “I don’t think so. That’s very insulting after all I’ve done for the police.” By the way, you know what? I was cracking up… (Pardon this brief departure. The brain synapses fire frequently.)

I was cracking up during the Sunday morning press conference or the announcement of the death of al-Baghdadi. Tr… (laughing) Trump’s talking about his books. (summarized) “I’ve written 12 books — all very successful. Very, very successful books. In fact, I wrote a book that came out right before 9/11 — right before 9/11 — and I told everybody in that book to keep a sharp eye out for this guy named Bin Laden. Nobody was talking about Bin Laden but me. Nobody was listening. Nobody was paying any attention. But I warned everybody about Bin Laden.

“This is before 9/11. It was a very successful book. I’ve written 12 books — all very successful.” This is in the press conference to announce the death of Baghdadi. I’m just… I’m cracking up. That press conference, by the way… Not a press conference. The announcement. That’s another reason why you voted for Trump, and so is this that happened in Chicago today. Now, I never saw a crowd shot, so all I have to go on is the audio of audience reaction.

I don’t know how many people were in that room. But based on the audio reaction, a significant number of them applauded and war whooped it up and really cheered much of what Trump had to say. Particularly when he stood up for the cops as being able to solve what’s gone wrong in Chicago if they would just be turned loose to do it. So after he savages Eddie Johnson for daring to criticize him (summarized), “Here’s a man,” he says, “that could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs, the most respected people in the country in his hometown.

“And the president of the United States is here, and he still couldn’t show up — and you know why? It’s because he’s not doing his job.” And then came the statistics. “Last year, 565 people were murdered in Chicago.” You can’t find this story anywhere in the media, and you know when it gets mentioned? Whenever there’s a mass shooting. Whenever there’s a mass shooting and the media acts like it never happens — and it’s always Republicans, always white nationalists. “Oh, my God. The country’s going down!”

Everybody’s saying, “Wait a minute. What about Chicago? Do you know how many people were killed in Chicago this weekend? Nearly as many as were killed in this mass shooting!” But they never talk about Chicago. You’re not supposed to talk about Chicago. You’re not allowed to. It’s Obama’s town. It’s a Democrat-run town, and you’re also not supposed to talk about it, because the vast majority of the victims of this gun violence in Chicago are black in a city run by Democrats who supposedly are looking out for them.

Oh, yeah. The Democrat Party is gonna protect African-Americans against those evil white supremacist Republicans, all of those evil white nationalist Republicans. So you’re not supposed to talk about what happens in Chicago. You’re never supposed to contrast it. Even when gun control comes up, you’re never supposed to talk about Chicago, because it is rampant Democrat failure. So you’re not supposed to talk about it. Trump goes in and rams it down their throats: 565 people murdered in Chicago last year.

Since Eddie Johnson has been the police superintendent, more than 1,500 people have been murdered in Chicago, and 13,067 people have been shot while Eddie Johnson is the police superintendent. And Eddie Johnson could have been anonymous. He could have avoided being mentioned at all if he hadn’t opened his mouth. All he had to do was not say anything. He could have even boycotted. Just not say anything. But Trump still wasn’t finished. Trump continued to hammer poor Eddie Johnson.

THE PRESIDENT: You could fix this up so fast. Good leadership would be pretty easy to find. You have a lot of people right now in the department. I know some of them. I met some of ’em. But remember, 565 people were murdered last year — and it’s a shame, and I want Eddie Johnson to change his values and change ’em fast.

CROWD: (pause) (applause)

RUSH: Oh! Oh! Oh! You know, the audience… I gotta tell you, the audience has a delayed reaction ’cause they don’t know… I mean, here’s Trump. He’s laying it out in unequivocal terms. He is making it plain, and the audience is thinking, “Oh, I don’t know. Should I be seen applauding?” And they finally can’t help themselves and they erupt, because what Trump is doing is so in violation of political correctness. But they love it.

And they figure they’ve got cover to applaud since Trump said it. This is a killer line (summarized): “After counting all the deaths and all the shootings, I want Eddie Johnson to change his values, ’cause Eddie Johnson said that his values are much better than Donald Trump’s and he wouldn’t waste his time going to hear Donald Trump speak rather than put his values into action in Chicago.” We have two more. Here is the president. This is comparing the Smollett hoax to the impeachment hoax.

THE PRESIDENT: Then you have the case of this wise guy, Jussie Smollett —

CROWD: (laughter)

THE PRESIDENT: — who beat up (pause) himself!

CROWD: (laughter)

THE PRESIDENT: And he said, “MAGA country did it.” MAGA country, okay? He said, “MAGA!” That’s a hate crime. That’s a hate crime, and it’s a scam. It’s a real big scam, just like the impeachment of your president is a scam.

CROWD: (wild cheers, whoops, applause)

RUSH: I wonder if the Democrats noticed this. Here’s Trump calling his impeachment a scam in a town run by the Democrats with a bunch of police chiefs and officers in town, cheering Trump’s assertion that he’s being victimized by a scam. I wonder if the Democrats are aware. And finally, Trump blasting Chicago for being the nation’s worst sanctuary city…

THE PRESIDENT: Chicago is, unfortunately, the worst sanctuary city in America. Chicago protects criminals at a level few could even imagine. Last year in Cook County alone, ICE asked local law enforcement people to please… “Pretty please! We beg you. We’ll do anything necessary to stop crime. We want to stop crime! Please detain 1,162 people. Please.” But in each case, the detainer was denied — and Eddie Johnson wants to talk about “values”? No. People like Johnson put criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of Chicago, and those are his values — and, frankly, those values, to me, are a disgrace.

CROWD: (applause and whistles)

THE PRESIDENT: I will never put the needs of illegal criminals before I put the needs of law-abiding citizens. It’s very simple to me.

CROWD: (wild cheering and applause)

RUSH: You hear that? Now, let me ask you a quick question. The media hates it when Trump does this. They hate it when Trump says things that excite — what we’ll call just for the purposes of this discussion — average Americans, the deplorables or whatever. When Trump utters what have always been traditional American values, when Trump talks about making America great, when Trump talks about helping the American people to re-experience American greatness, people stand up and cheer it like it’s odd!

They stand up and cheer it like they don’t hear it very much. And like here when Trump is talking about, “It’s time that we stopped elevating the attention we pay illegal alien criminals and start elevating our attention to people victimized by crimes they commit,” people stand up and cheer. You would think that shouldn’t be something you would applaud. That ought to be something that’s understood by everybody, that law-abiding citizens are treated fairly and according to the law much differently than illegal or criminal behavior is — and yet it always gets humongous applause.

You know why that is? It is because it isn’t assumed anymore. It isn’t assumed to be the norm anymore. Donald Trump comes out and is engaging in plain talk. People react to it exuberantly, they applaud it, they stand up, they give standing ovations. You have to wonder, well, why? This is just standard operating procedure. Bad guys bad, good guys good. No ho-ho-ho it’s not. Not in liberal America. The good guys are the bad guys.

The bad guys are deserving of sympathy, compassion, understanding. And it doesn’t matter when Trump talks about American greatness in trade deals, when he talks about American greatness in military operations, talk about American greatness around the world, why is it that official Washington gets mad?

Anybody speaking up, pro-America, for America, for American greatness, why does Washington, why do the elites snicker at that? It must be something they consider to be inferior. It must be something they consider old-fashioned and taboo and no longer relevant. And that’s exactly right.

It irritates them to no end, Donald Trump making America great again, talking about America being great again, recounting the evidence of America reassuming greatness with his economic policies, the tax cuts, all of the policies that brought about positive change for people. It’s snickered at. And he’s considered to be a Luddite, considered to be a neophyte, considered to be embarrassing talking this way. That’s not the way the world works.

American greatness is not a factor in the world. That that’s old-fashioned. No, no, no. We don’t think this way anymore. Well, most Americans do. And they’d love to hear more of it, and they’d love to have more policies generated. They would love to see more government action taken in the realm and with the aim of making America great.

It doesn’t mean anybody else has to lose! It doesn’t mean anybody else is not great. Americans are tired of their country being apologized for, having excuses made. They’re tired of people assuming that America’s unjust and immoral. And when a guy comes along as president and talks about American values and greatness, he routinely gets standing ovations.

And we can apply this to the al-Baghdadi death too. The American left led by the American media is beside itself over the success of this operation because it undercuts every narrative they have established about Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s not supposed to be able to pull something like this off. Donald Trump is not supposed to even have enough brains to understand how to do something like this. He’s not even supposed to be smart enough to listen to brilliant generals describe the plan and to give the okay. Donald Trump is not capable of operational secrecy and security. Donald Trump is not capable of pulling this off without us finding out about it, the media says.

But he roped ’em in. They fell hook, line, and sinker for Trump’s supposed withdrawal of troops from Syria. They fell for it, and so did the Never Trumpers, and they’ve got, once again, embarrassing egg all over their face. Not that they will ever admit it. They’ll try to pretend and hope nobody noticed when they made fools of themselves.


RUSH: We start Valparaiso, Indiana. This is Kim. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.


CALLER: Calling with a few comments on Eddie Johnson. You mentioned that you think he didn’t show up because it’s a crisis regarding his career. I think it’s a personal one as well. And I’ll explain why. I believe that any other citizen that would have been pulled over, passed out at the wheel, would have been taken to an emergency room.

They would have been assessed to make sure they didn’t have a stroke, heart attack. They would have had a blood alcohol level done. They would have had a urine drug screen done. And this man was assessed by fellow officers and they allow him to drive home. Knowing he has commented on this and just bringing it up for your thoughts and especially for your law enforcement listeners to weigh in on it.

RUSH: Well, you started by saying you don’t think Eddie Johnson dissed the president for —

CALLER: I didn’t, no. He’s dissing the president. It’s disrespectful not being there. And I agree he has an issue with his career. You know, this is a long-standing problem in that city, and it was there before Eddie Johnson, and it continues to be a problem. But I think it’s a personal problem. It’s an embarrassment for him to show up. I think the man probably —

RUSH: So wait a minute. Wait. You think he didn’t show up because of this incident where he was found asleep slumped over the wheel in his person vehicle? By the way, was it his personal car or was it a department car?

CALLER: I have no idea. I have no idea. I know that they found him —

RUSH: See, nobody knows more than I do, no matter what I try, I can’t —

CALLER: — imagine it was his personal vehicle, but, you know, he didn’t have a driver so he was the driver, but any other citizen —

RUSH: Well, I know, but let me tell you something. Okay, you are a Chicago cop and you see a car off the side of the road with a driver in there slumped over the wheel or maybe not, just unresponsive, sleeping. You pull over, you shine the flashlight in there, you find, “Oh, my God. It’s the chief. Oh, gee, it’s the chief.” So what do you do? You think nine out of 10 cops are gonna try to help the chief.

They’re not gonna treat him like an average citizen. He’s their boss. He’s the police chief. Who knows. You really think that he should have been not given any special consideration or attention because he was the chief, should have been treated like anybody else that would have been found in that circumstance?

CALLER: I’m saying that if it were anyone else, that’s what they would have done. But because it was Eddie Johnson, their superintendent, they didn’t. And no one seems to be pointing this out. And I think it’s an issue. He’s supposed to be — he really is the role model and to be driving intoxicated, which most likely he was.

RUSH: Well, no, no. We can’t go there. We can’t say most likely he was. We don’t know if he was driving drunk.

CALLER: Sure we don’t.

RUSH: We don’t know if he just fell asleep, we don’t know anything.


RUSH: We don’t know why. That’s your point, we need to know why. Why was the chief in his car either asleep or slumped over the wheel. But we can’t assume that he was sloshed out there.

CALLER: We can’t and we weren’t given the opportunity because they didn’t do what they should have done. Any other citizen — I mean, it’s a medical emergency. So they don’t have the medical training to assess him —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — to determine —

RUSH: I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage here, Kim, ’cause I only found out about this 45 minutes ago. This obviously has not been covered widely ’cause I just found out about it. In fact, it was the editrix of The Limbaugh Letter who sent me a couple of headlines from the New York Daily News, which I stopped reading a long time ago because it’s literally a pain in the butt to try to navigate that website. I mean, every click, the next click will cost you $10.99 unless you do this. Screw this! So I just deleted the tab.

But I’ve not seen it anywhere else, so I don’t know any more than what the headline said. And apparently you don’t, either. You’re just assuming the guy was sloshed, junk drunk or whatever, and that the cops gave him a pass. Until I find out more about what the exact circumstances were — the fact that we don’t, I mean, I could even understand them trying to cover. But your point is he didn’t go because of that. That’s your point.


RUSH: “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Defends Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s Tenure as He Faces Investigation.” We finally found out what happened with Eddie Johnson. It looks like the poor guy had consumed too many adult beverages and pulled over on his own to sleep it off.

Which, you might say, would be a responsible thing to do rather than to continue to drive. The chief pulled over and slept it off. Members of his force came across him, and it was discovered. The mayor “defended Eddie Johnson’s tenure as the top cop…” Why wouldn’t she? These are a bunch of libs. They preside over incompetence and foolishness and foolhardiness. Why wouldn’t she defend him? Especially now since… Of course, this story… By the way, this story is from the 24th, so it’s four days old. So this is before Trump unloaded on Eddie Johnson.

“Mayor Lori [Lightweight] defended police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s tenure … on Wednesday, saying ‘he has sacrificed a tremendous amount for the city’ even as a watchdog probes the mysterious incident where police last week found him asleep in his car. [Lightweight]’s defense of Johnson came on the same day the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police posted on its Facebook page that its board of directors had issued a vote of no confidence in the superintendent. … The city’s police inspector general is handling an investigation into last week’s incident in which Johnson was found asleep in his car.

“The superintendent admitted to Lightfoot that he had ‘a couple of drinks’ before he fell asleep in his car after pulling over when he felt ill… On Monday, Johnson said he isn’t thinking about resigning despite the investigation. … Johnson previously told [intrepid] reporters he had been tired after a long day at work” as police superintendent. But even after a long day of being tired as a police superintendent, he “went out to dinner with friends that night.

“He said he felt ill as he drove home from the dinner,” after the very tiring, long day at work as chief superintendent. “He also said his cardiologist had adjusted his medication last week, but that he had not yet obtained the new prescription.” Well, he was given a new ‘scrip and didn’t get it filled. So there’s a built-in medical excuse! It looks like the guy just had too many adult beverages and pulled over to sleep it off and some intrepid cops said, “Hey, that’s our chief there asleep at the wheel! What’s going on?” Instead of just keep driving on by, they stopped.

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