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RUSH: This is Denise in Chicago. Hi, Denise. Great to hear from you. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks so much for taking my call. I have a quick question, but I just wanted to make a quick comment. Your previous caller, I was raised in a very conservative household growing up, but I was very liberal in my youth. I’m 61 now.

RUSH: You don’t sound 61.

CALLER: Oh, thanks. You’re sweet. I don’t have a voice for radio but, you know, what can I say?

RUSH: Yes, you do.

CALLER: My dad and I had many political discussions when I was young. He said, “When you got out in the working world, kid, you’ll figure it out,” and he was right. And he kind of turned me into a political junkie. I started listening to you about 20 years ago in Sacramento, and I just want to say thank you so much because the majority of the people aren’t political junkies out there, and you do a brilliant job laying it out, what’s really happening in this country, and I just want to say thank you for that.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that. Now, hang on, hang on because the real thing you wanted to ask about, and I appreciate that, don’t misunderstand, we’ll get to here in a minute.


RUSH: Back now to Denise in Chicago. I appreciate your complimentary take very much. But you had a question about this deep state stuff, right?

CALLER: I do. You know, I understand Brennan and Clapper and the likes are lawyering up now, but what about Rod Rosenstein?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: He signed one of these FISA applications. He is kind of the fox in the henhouse. What do you think is gonna happen —

RUSH: Well, he appointed Mueller. He’s the guy that orchestrated the appointment of a special counsel here. Look, there’s no question that Rosenstein’s a swamp dweller and he is part of the cabal that was and still is attempting to overturn the election results. But when you get down to individuals like that, I don’t have enough information. All I could do is guess. And look, I’m on thin ice even making these guesses. I really don’t know what Barr and Durham have learned.

To me all of this is so obvious that it doesn’t even need an investigation. It’s already been investigated, it’s been learned, but they’ve gotta be able to prove it in court if they want to go there. They’ve got to get testimony. When they impanel this grand jury, folks, I’m telling you, that’s when people start flipping, that’s when people start asking themselves, “Do I want to go to jail for John Brennan? Do I want to go to jail for Obama? Do I want to spend some time in jail for Clapper or Comey?”

This is when these questions start getting asked of people. You know, their loyalty will be tested. And we don’t know how that’s gonna go. But all it’s gonna take is one person to flip. And even if that person eventuates, surfaces, if there is a successful effort to make one of them flip, I can’t predict. I just think everybody is involved in this, even some people in the Trump White House are involved in it. It just depends on how far they want to dig up and go and how far they think they need to go to prove what this was.

Rosenstein claimed that the story about him volunteering to wear a wire was not true. I don’t believe that. I think these people were at their wits’ end to get rid of Trump. I hear the story that they wanted to wear a wire to try to get Trump on tape exhibiting behavior unseemly and unfit for the office, I believe anything. And I believe it because I know people like this. I know people that think they’re special. I know people that think they’re unique and elite.

I know how important that is to them. I know how important acceptance to them is by other elites. I know how important membership in the club like this is. These people have their entire lives tied up in it, the future of their kids, the contacts that are made, guaranteed college admissions, guaranteed jobs afterwards, guaranteed money. Somebody like Trump coming in threatening to blow it all up, they take it seriously. They take it seriously.

They’re not gonna sit here and think this guy’s a bumbling fool that will never get it done. They’re gonna do everything they can to stop it and the first objective is gonna be to get rid of him. But they know, for example, that they can’t go to the American people and say, “Folks, you made a mistake. This guy is simply unqualified. This guy poses the greatest threat to our country.” They can’t do that. Sixty-three million people elected him with full knowledge of what they did.

So they have to mount this effort to make it look like that he stole it, to make it look like that he’s a traitor, to make it look like that he cheated, to make it look like he acted with the Russians, to make it look like he’s a saboteur.

Trump, on the other hand, is what? Trump doesn’t have to be anybody but himself. He doesn’t have to put on airs. I think one of the unstated reasons why there is such glue between Trump supporters and Trump is that he doesn’t phony it up, he doesn’t put on airs. If he thinks somebody is scum, he will tell you. All these people in the establishment, all these people in this club have to act a certain way. They have to be very guarded in what they say and to whom. And, in fact, much of political Washington’s that way.


RUSH: There’s one key point about the announced criminal investigation of the investigation. There are some people that have not been talked to. I’ve had a number of people write me today, “Rush, I’m glad they did it, but for crying out loud, if they don’t even have a grand jury yet, you know how long this is gonna take? This is gonna take so long, my God. This is never gonna end.”

I don’t think that’s the case, folks. These guys know the time frame. Barr knows what’s up here, and his investigator Durham, they know what’s going on. They know there’s an election next year. They know the impeachment effort is ratcheting up. They know what games are being played. I think they talked to all kinds of people, purposely not talking to others yet. This is about flipping, folks.

They’ve been to Italy. They’ve found out what they needed to know about Mifsud, the guy that vanished from the face of the earth. He’s instrumental in this with Papadopoulos. Mueller reported that he’s a Russian agent to try to indict Trump. He’s not a Russian agent. Mifsud’s an FBI guy. He’s a professor from Malta. That’s his nickname, Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud. He looks like a villain in an old Hitchcock movie, if you want to know.

Have you ever seen the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much?

He looks like a couple characters in that movie. He’s an evil looking guy. He looks like a professor. He looks like a guy up to no good. You got him, you got Halper, but there’s all kinds of small fry. You know, Strzok Smirk had people around him. Comey had people around him. McCabe, James Baker, Ohr, they all had underlings in there.

The principals haven’t been spoken to, and yet the criminal investigation has been announced. Who do you think is sweating bullets? Barr has not talked to Brennan yet. Barr hasn’t talked to Clapper yet. Barr hasn’t interviewed Comey yet. I don’t even think they’ve talked to McCabe. And yet they announce a criminal investigation? What do you think those people are thinking right now?

“Wait a minute. You gotta know a certain amount of stuff to open a criminal investigation. You gotta believe crimes were committed if you’re gonna open a criminal investigation, a grand jury. Yet they haven’t talked to me.” So they’re asking themselves, who’s Barr talked to? Who’s Durham talked to? Who’s talking? Who’s saying what?

It’s no wonder McCabe’s on TV telling the Papadopoulos lie all over again. Brennan’s out there doing what he can do to diffuse this. Clapper’s all (imitating Clapper), “I firmly believe that Trump is scum myself. I thought this ever since Obama and I discussed –” The fact that these guys haven’t been spoken to yet means what? Well, I don’t know, but I mean, I’m thinking that they’ve got a story, they’ve got evidence, they’ve got testimony from people, they’ve got witnesses that have told ’em things.

And at some point they are gonna talk to Comey and Brennan, Clapper, and then they’re gonna measure what those guys say about what they’ve been told. And what do you bet there’s gonna be some variances? Meaning lies. Here’s the bottom line. I think they’re much farther along than it would seem that they are. “Rush, how far along? They haven’t talked to Comey, haven’t talked to Clapper.” Yeah, but they’ve been talking to a lot of people, and this thing has gone international, and it must, if they’re gonna get everybody.

This thing has centers, or primary energy areas in Italy, Ukraine, the United Kingdom. And Barr and Durham have been everywhere, and they’ve collected evidence from these places. So I think it may have gotten farther down the pike than what you would think. ‘Cause they’re not ignorant. They know that Schiff and his merry band are running this impeachment illusion. They know they’re in a race.

They know that they’re in a locomotive and they know that the Democrats are in a locomotive, and they know they gotta get to the station first. They know this. And Trump in his little press gaggle today on his way to the helicopter on his way to South Carolina, he was very confident that we’re going to be shocked. He didn’t know anything. “I don’t know anything, nobody’s told me anything, but I think you’re going to be stunned at what you see. I don’t know anything. I haven’t been told. I don’t see. I haven’t been told. I think you’re gonna be blown away by what you… I don’t know anything. I haven’t seen anything.”

Well, Horowitz knows things. I think Barr and Durham are also moving ’cause they already know what Horowitz has found. Horowitz can’t prosecute anybody. Inspectors general can’t prosecute. All they can do is file their reports of what they found. Other people have to take action on it. Well, guess what took action today? We have a criminal investigation of these schlubs.

And I’m guessing these people, in their daily existence, are so arrogant and have such a superiority air about them that I don’t think they ever thought anybody could ever get this far. After all, they have everthing. They have the media. They own every important apparatus in Washington. Trump’s a buffoon. There’s no way this guy’s gonna outsmart us. Except he does every day.

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