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RUSH: President Trump today met the press in his now famous, brilliant way. You know, the official White House press briefing is canceled. There aren’t any anymore. You know why? The president said, why should I allow these people a forum to make themselves famous at my expense? Nothing gets accomplished in these things anyway. It’s a tradition that doesn’t serve my purposes. It’s a waste of time.

But rather than not talk to the press, he talks to the press more than ever. He’s talking to ’em, not the press secretary. He sees them as he leaves the White House on the way to the helicopter when he’s gonna make a trip. They’re lined up, but you never see them. The camera is on him. They sound like a bunch of kids screaming and shouting, so many at the same time, you cannot understand what they’re saying.

He’s pointing out at them and waving at them. He appears to be orchestrating like a conductor. And he owns them, chooses whatever question he wants to answer, does not run away from them, gives them more time than any president ever has. We have three sound bites of today’s press gaggle on his way to South Carolina to get that award for criminal justice reform.

A reporter shouted, “Your top diplomat in Ukraine said that you held up military funds because you wanted Ukraine to investigate the 2016 election and Burisma, the company in which Hunter Biden sat. Are you calling him a liar, sir?”

THE PRESIDENT: Here’s the problem. He’s a Never Trumper and his lawyer’s a Never Trumper. And the other problem is you — hey, everybody makes mistakes. Mike Pompeo, everybody makes mistakes. He’s a Never Trumper. His lawyer’s the head of the Never Trumpers. They’re a dying breed, but they’re still there. And here’s the other problem. You’re with CNN and you’re fake news.

RUSH: And America cheers when they hear this. They’re not tired of hearing it. They’re not worn out. They don’t say, “I wish the president would stop it. “ CNN says, “I wish the president would stop it.” The deep state actors, “I wish he would stop. This is embarrassing us.” They simply cannot, no matter their own self-assessment, they can’t get the best of this guy. And yet they condescend to him every day. Next reporter: “The opposing of the investigation that your attorney general William Barr is doing, is this because the House committees are investigating you?”

THE PRESIDENT: It looks like it’s becoming very serious from what I’m hearing, investigate the investigators. Whether it’s Strzok and Page, whether it’s Clapper and whether it’s Comey and all of these people, because terrible things went on for our country and we have a great Attorney General, highly prestigious man, a very honorable man, and they’ve been looking at it for a long time.

I can’t tell you what’s happening. I will tell you this. I think you’re going to see a lot of really bad things. I leave it all up to the Attorney General, and I leave it all up to the people that are working with the Attorney General, who I don’t know. But I will say this. I think you’ll see things that nobody would have believed. This was the worst hoax in the history of our country.

RUSH: See, he knows. It happened to him. He knows exactly who did what. It happened to him. He knows exactly what’s gonna be unearthed. He doesn’t have to be told. He knows what happened to him, and he’s giving them fair warning. “You’re gonna see things that you don’t believe.” He’s not talking to the media there, by the way. He’s talking to the American public. “I think you’ll see things nobody would have believed. This was the worst hoax in the history of our country.” He knows what happened to him. He knows what they did. In part because he cooperated, he cooperated with that Mueller fiasco.

I’m gonna tell you something, and I don’t want you to doubt me. The Mueller investigation was never an investigation. There wasn’t anything to investigate. “But Rush, what about the Russian meddling?” It was made up. Folks, the Russians meddle in everything. The ChiComs meddle in everything. They’re constantly trying, as we do, as Obama meddled in the Israeli elections, as Obama just endorsed in the Canadian elections.

There’s nothing to see here! There was no collusion! And furthermore, there was never any evidence of it! Do you realize that to this day the only, quote, unquote, evidence that there was any collusion was the fake, manufactured, made-up Steele dossier? Do you realize that not a single assertion in the Steele dossier to this day has ever been corroborated or verified? Do you realize the Steele dossier was the creation of Fusion GPS after they were hired by Hillary Clinton to dig up dirt on Donald Trump?

It is political opposition research that was called a dossier. They lied. They told us it was the result of intelligence gathering. It wasn’t! It was used to secure warrants to spy on Trump. Not a single word in the dossier is true. There was never anything to investigate. When Mueller shows up for the first day on the job and says give me the file, I need to get up to speed, where are we? The file is empty. They had to make up everything.

Trump did not collude. There wasn’t any evidence. Therefore there was not an investigation. There was an attempt, there was the illusion of an investigation. Mueller knew 18 months before he released his report that there was no collusion. Why did he wait? Nothing about this has been what you were told it was. Nothing. And everybody perpetrating this knows that and has been scared to death that somebody is gonna blow it up and expose it.

That day has come with the announcement of a criminal investigation into all of this. As I say, Lee Smith, a book is gonna be released next week, one of the great columnists about all of this the past two and a half years. And he’s gonna have some shocking news about the Steele dossier. I know what it is, but it’s embargoed. I can’t say yet. But it’s gonna fall right in line with all the rest of this being gibberish. It’s going to prove what gibberish all of this has been.

But the problem is it continues what was the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, the Mueller investigation, Brett Kavanaugh, it continues with Adam Schiff in the basement of the Capitol. It’s an ongoing attempt to reverse the 2016 election results.

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