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RUSH: We haven’t even talked about Mark Zuckerberg. Did you ever think, that in a congressional hearing with Mark Zuckerberg, did you ever think he would be the adult in the room? But he was yesterday. They brought in Mark Zuck. Let me just give you a little teaser. Mark Zuckerberg is the head honcho, the founder of Facebook. So they brought him up there ostensibly to have hearings over this new cryptocurrency that he wants to start, but they never even got to it.

Every question from the Democrats that Zuckerberg got, “How do you not ban Republican ads? How do you not fact check and ban Trump ads? Don’t you realize, why are you having dinner with conservatives? What do you think you’re doing? Why aren’t you fact-checking all these Republican?” They want him to censor anything conservative anywhere on Facebook.

They want him to police it. They want him to look at it and declare that it’s invalid because it’s all lies. They’re representatives of the government, they’re telling a private industry how to police itself. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was especially brilliant, ahem, in this. And Zuckerberg was the adult, saying, “You know, that’s not what Facebook is. That’s not how I do it. It’s up to the politicians to be truthful! It’s up to people to figure out what’s true what’s not. It’s not up to me. Screw you!” He didn’t say “screw you.” I did.

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