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RUSH: Since before President Trump took office, the Democrats have been plotting and scheming to take him out. The three-year, phony, fake-news Russia collusion hoax. Now the fake impeachment hoax over the Ukraine phone-call hoax.

Since Inauguration Day, the Democrats, governors, senators, congressman, and billionaires have been drooling at the mouth, believing they could easily beat President Trump in 2020. Then came the debates and the country got a chance to see the Democrat presidential candidates in action. Apparently, a lot of people don’t like what they’ve seen.

The New York Times reports that big Democrat establishment donors are in a panic. They’re literally asking if there’s anybody else, anybody, who could enter the race at this late date, to credibly challenge Trump.

They worry that Biden can’t beat Trump; that he can’t even raise enough money to get out of the primaries. They worry that Fauxcahontas isn’t viable. Mayor Pete doesn’t appeal to minorities. Donors are looking for an ace in the hole. They say maybe John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, should run again. Or Sherrod Brown, or maybe Michael Bloomberg. Eric Holder. Deval Patrick. Even Hillary. And of course, Michelle Obama. Anybody but the current crop!

Every week some Drive-By Media poll forecasts that Trump’s defeat is inevitable. But Democrat donors with skin in the game know how to spot winners, and they can’t find one on their side.

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