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RUSH: Here’s another thing. We’re getting closer and closer every day to the 2020 election. I think the public is getting pretty fatigued with this already, but eventually the public’s gonna say, “Wait a minute. The election’s coming up in less than a year. Why are you even doing this? Let the election decide this. Let’s just wait. There’s no reason to do this now. You’re gonna have an impeachment right before the election? This doesn’t make any sense.”

Both past recent impeachment efforts took place against reelected presidents. Now, this, I think, is a very key point here. Richard Nixon’s never got to impeachment, but the effort to get rid of him ratcheted up after he won reelection. Ditto Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. These things happened to reelected presidents.

The point of that? Well, there was no argument to let an election decide. But this, an impeachment less than a year before the next election? The natural reaction to this at some point’s gonna be, “Come on. Let the election determine this. This is crazy.” My point. It is much easier to impeach a reelected president than it is to impeach a president on the cusp of reelection.

Impeachments are political. Trump’s approval number is not plummeting. There isn’t public support for getting rid of Donald Trump. I don’t care what Schiff has up his sleeve, Pelosi, don’t care what they’re trying. You can’t do this without public opinion. And this is what really has ’em frosted. After all of these years, with all these allegations, Trump’s approval number is still right there at 42% in the CNN poll, and they can’t believe it, and you can’t impeach somebody at 42%. Barack Obama was at the same number, 42% at this exact point in his first term.

But a reelected president, much easier. To impeach a president right before an election, way, way too political for the public and too worrisome for the opposition primary would be nominee. I mean, can you imagine the Democrat Party primaries and eventual nominee couldn’t get any news coverage if there was an actual impeachment going on. It would cover it. It would overwhelm it. The news media would spend zero time to the Democrat primary, especially now, when we all know that the Drive-By Media is distressed over the current field.

Bottom line. This is gonna drag out, folks. This is gonna keep going because there’s no other alternative for the Democrats. They’re gonna keep it going. They’re gonna drag it out beyond Christmas, the Christmas break. And the longer it goes, the more impetus I think it loses. Now, let’s not forget that we got Barr and Durham and Horowitz out there, at some point they’re gonna present. So that’s my take.


RUSH: “Rush, you think the Clinton impeachment was legit?” It was! There were real crimes in the Clinton impeachment! He had suborned perjury! This was back when people breaking the law, especially with high officials, was a big deal. Bill Clinton lied under oath during a grand jury deposition and asked other people to lie. That’s why he was impeached.

He wasn’t impeached over blue stained dress. He wasn’t impeached over a cigar with Monica. He was impeached over the Paula Jones case! He had lied under oath! And he asked other people to lie. He lost his law license for a year. You know something, John Nolte at Breitbart makes a great point. During Clinton’s impeachment, you know what he did? He launched military strikes.

Do you remember he launched a missile strike at a Tylenol factory in Sudan? Trump is getting us out of Syria and is catching hell for it! “He’s trying to distract people from his impeachment by bringing military troops home,” blah, blah, blah. Not only did Clinton launch a missile strike at a Tylenol factory, Clinton also sent a missile into a building in downtown Baghdad on a Saturday and the only person in there was the janitor, who got killed.

Clinton did all kinds of things to try to distract from his impeachment. Of course, he was sitting there with 60% approval by the American people. It was never gonna happen.


RUSH: Next up Aaron in Aurora, Ohio, glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call. It’s great to speak with you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: I would like your perspective on this impeachment debacle concerning a point you made the last segment.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And I have an idea about it. You made the point earlier it’s easier to impeach a reelected president, right?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: What if the Democrats are purposely using the impeachment to win 2020 right now, and this is what I mean. What if they plan to carry this, quote, unquote, impeachment through next year and into the race in order to purposely portray to the American people that they’re pursuing justice and protect their weak candidates?

If all the media’s covering Trump and this so-called impeachment instead of their candidates, they get to hide that way, and then at the last minute they abort the entire process. They make it look like Trump escaped by the skin of his teeth and he’s done some horrible thing with his wicked power to push through, and he escaped them, and they use that to turn the public against him in one last push. What do you think about that?

RUSH: Well, I think it’s possible. I think it’s pretty risky. I think you nailed it in the first half of what you said. I think this continues even if he wins reelection.


RUSH: I don’t think this is ever going to stop. I think this is a twofer. They’re using this as their single, solitary campaign issue to beat Trump in 2020. Their candidates can’t. I think the New York Times today makes it plain they’ve got no confidence in any of these nominees, these candidates, could beat Trump. So, this is it. If this fails, it’s easier to impeach a reelected president. Nixon, Clinton. It’s easier to do it. I don’t think they’re ever gonna stop with what they’re trying to do now no matter what happens in 2020.

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