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RUSH: I’ve been keeping the story around of the suicide rate — the threat of suicide is at an all-time high among young people. I wonder why. How many years are they told there isn’t gonna be a planet when they’re 50? You think that doesn’t matter? It does matter!

They have been inculcating! They have been driving with force into young people’s minds from the moment they’re able to watch television that America is destroying the climate, and therefore the planet! They believed it! They believe there isn’t going to be a habitable planet. You ought to read the palpable disappointment Millennials write when somebody says it’s not possible to go to Mars. They’re genuinely disappointed. They are really thinking that’s the only hope they’ve got. And they love anybody trying to get there, like Elon Musk or you name it.

One fraud after another, one giant scam after another, and it’s leading to increased instances of suicide. The left destroys things! They ruin everything they touch, including people! They destroy ambition; they destroy dreams; they destroy anything to do with positive outlooks. They’re incapable of not doing that because of the nature of socialism, communism, liberalism, whatever you want to call it.

There was a story over the weekend, some U.K. newspaper reporting on some study by some outfit that looks at the human brain. And the point of the story was that they were all amazed, all these researchers were amazed that they found somewhere in the human brain something that wipes out all thoughts of personal death.

Let me see if I can explain this to you in the profundity that it was reported. Now, I don’t want to be accused of being negative here, but there is one reality that we all face. What is it? We’re going to die. We don’t know when and we don’t know how. But we are all going to die. Now, many on the left are actually trying to counter that. You can stall it, you can delay it, you maybe can prevent it if — and then do these crazy, wacko things.

But this story pointed out that the human brain is a marvel of brilliance in itself because while we all know we’re gonna die, we think it’s not gonna happen to us for most of our lives. It’s something that happens to other people. But it’s not gonna happen to us. And, you know, if it weren’t that way, we would all be quivering masses of jelly from the moment we are old enough to realize we’re gonna die.

That’s a very powerful reality to face. “Oh, my God. I’m gonna die.” What if it dominated every day? What if it consumed you? What if that’s all you could think about? What if it turned you suicidal? What if it turned you negative? But it doesn’t because somehow the brain has this structure that wipes all thoughts of personal death. I read that, and I stopped to think about it, and I said, “You know, they might be on to something.”

They went on to say that the brain, the average human brain performs in a way that all living people think death is something that happens to other people. Now, this is not to say that people were stupid or that we’re robots. It’s actually much more, I think, poignant and brilliant than that. It’s a reality we can’t deny. We all know it, but what if that’s all we thought about all the time? But we don’t. In fact, we put it aside. It doesn’t dominate the normal psychologically developed brain or person.

Well, my point in bringing this up is the left has found a way to turn that off in people! The left has actually succeeded in forcing a bunch of young people to think constantly about the fact they’re gonna die! We’re seeing the impact. We’re seeing what happens when a human brain gets reprogrammed with the idea that death is imminent every day. What does it do to people? It turns ’em into immediate victims. It turns them into big-time supporters of gigantic, Big Government looking for ways to save us, stop climate change, stop this, stop that, we’re gonna die. It’s classic, I think.

It was an eye-opening thing for me when I came across this story. The left has found a way to counteract the normal function of the human brain, which is to wipe all thoughts of personal death. And they have found a way to overwrite that in such a way that their adherents think of nothing but their own death and who’s going to be responsible for it.

Now, if you knew you were gonna die — let’s say you’re 10 years old — no, no, no. Let’s make you an adult. You’re 21, somebody came along and said, “You’re gonna die when you are 82, guaranteed.” You live your life a much different way than if somebody came along and told you you’re gonna die when you’re 30.

And this is what the left is doing. The left is convincing more and more young people that they’re dead. They’re dead. Unless, unless we get rid of fossil fuels, unless we find a way to colonize Mars. I think the left is expanding the number of cases of teenage and young adult depression and other psychological diseases by finding ways of overcoming the natural protective mechanism in the brain that makes most people not confront the fact they’re gonna die day in and day out. It’s something that happens to other people, a shame when, oh, isn’t that so bad, go to funerals, do everything about it.

It’s another one of these things, by the way, that makes me believe in God. I don’t want to get too deep here, but it’s another one of those things that — and there are countless little things like this that add to my instinctive belief in God.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program the plight of young people in America facing ever increasing tendencies toward suicide. The suicide rate among the young is skyrocketing. People claiming they consider it is rising. I maintain there’s a reason for it. There’s an explainable reason for it. Young people from the time they’ve been able to pay attention to media have been told that there will not be a way to live by the time they’re 50 or 60. And in some cases, it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that just a couple months ago said we only have 12 years.

Well, these people have believed it. They’ve literally believed it. That’s why they so desperately hope that we’re gonna find a way to colonize the Moon or Mars. I want to read to you a headline in one of my tech blogs just to show you how pervasive this is. “NASA Needs New Strategies to Protect the Solar System From Earthly Contamination.” The premise of the story is that climate change and fossil fuel generated pollution on earth is soiling and polluting and fouling the entire solar system.

The story even tries to claim that new storms on Jupiter could be related to microbes that have found their way into American space travel and vehicles that somehow have escaped, and these microbes are now polluting the entire solar system. That’s how evil the fossil fuel industry is. That is how evil American capitalism and corporations are. Not only are we destroying earth, we are destroying Jupiter, we’re destroying the solar system.

Do you know how big the solar system is? Do you know how far away Mars and Jupiter are? Do you understand at the very basic level of even the most simplistic IQ, the utter impossibility of this premise? And yet right here it is. “NASA has worked hard to prevent microbes from hitching rides on our spacecraft and spreading around the solar system.” Oh, yeah. All those Voyager probes. All of those probes that Star Trek followed and so forth, all those little satellites out there, do you realize the filth, the abject filth America is putting into the entire solar system now?

Meaning, if this doesn’t stop, there won’t be anywhere in the solar system to go because not only are we destroying the climate on earth, we’re infecting the entire solar system. (interruption) What do you mean radiation would kill those microbes? Do you know what this is the equivalent of? This is the equivalent of claiming that a hurricane — no. I take it back. This is the equivalent of saying that your average thunderstorm in the Atlantic could desalinate the entire world’s oceans. Simply not possible. You could have a gazillion microbes out there.

Some days this stuff amuses me, folks, and then other days when I take it too seriously, it really infuriates me when I stop to think how literally damaging and poisonous to everybody the left is as they stop at nothing to spread their sick political ideology throughout the known worlds of humanity.

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