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RUSH: Some might call this pandering. Others might call it very slick marketing.

Last week, to celebrate “Spirit Day” for LGBT awareness, Kellogg’s announced a $50,000 donation (chump change, actually) to GLAAD, the big LGBT advocacy and protest group. But here’s the marketing angle. Kellogg’s also announced the launch of an LGBT-themed cereal promotion called “All Together.”

This special-edition gay-themed cereal was first reported by Pink News. They praised the new “All Together” cereal, claiming that it will allow LGBT consumers to start their day with “maximum gay.”

Now, Kellogg’s didn’t actually create a new cereal. It’s just a packaging concept. They just put mini-boxes of stuff they already make, like Corn-Flakes, Frosties, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, and Froot Loops — Froot Loops? Really? Hmm — in one big box, and they called it “All Together.” The idea is that consumers can mix and match the different cereals together any way they want. Sort of like mixing and matching genders, I guess, from the combo you have already, to something else.

Here’s the best part. This may actually border on genius. In order to get this special-edition gay-themed cereal, you will have to fork over 20 dollars. Twenty bucks for six mini-boxes of cereal!

I guess for people that really want “All Together,” and want it bad, there are harder things to swallow. And may even cost more.

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