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RUSH: This Doral business, can I tell you what happened with this Doral business? I know Donald Trump. And I know the things that Donald Trump likes to do, and I know the things that make him proud. He announces the G7 is going to be at his place in Miami, the Doral resort. Immediately people in Washington who do not understand the concept of personal achievement, they have no clue who Donald Trump is because they’ve lived in this world of hatred for so long, they simply hate him because he’s there.

They hate him because he ran. They hate him because he won. It would be like somebody trying to buy an NFL team that the establishment didn’t want in the NFL and somehow pulled it off. It would be exactly like that. It’s exactly what it is. Now, among the businesses that Donald Trump is in is hospitality. And hospitality, it’s an interesting business. It’s showing people a good time, especially people paying for it, finding a way to make sure people enjoy themselves when you are hosting.

And Trump loves to host people. He loves showing off his properties. He loves people having a good time. I will guarantee you, as far as I can, that the last thing Donald Trump was thinking about was personal profit. Now, it’s never out of his mind. He’s a businessman. But the primary reason for suggesting and having the G7 at Doral was not personal profit. It was, “Come see my place. Look what I’ve built here, have a good time here. Let’s get something done here.”

But people in Washington and all of his Democrat critics will never understand it. If you could have a half hour with ’em to explain it, they wouldn’t understand it because they don’t have the same kind of humility. They’re not interested in people having a good time in things they host. Their mind does not work this way. But Trump’s does. They will never understand it.

I’m also guessing here, but I think he was probably deeply disappointed to have to withdraw this. And not because he’s pulling himself out of trouble or any of that. He was really looking forward to having the thing. I know some of you cynics out there, “Rush, come on, even if he gave it away,” meaning the event, “even if he didn’t make a profit, he was going to make a lot of profit because the place will have been used for G7. That’s gonna cause bigger crowds to come to it the rest of the year,” blah, blah.

Maybe so. I’m just telling you that’s not the primary reason. It may be pretty high, but that’s not the primary reason. The things that make Donald Trump a human being are the things that they do not understand, don’t want to understand, can’t possibly understand. They don’t have the humility. They don’t have the common experiences that Donald Trump does.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been to several Trump facilities and properties with him. He’s so proud of ’em he can’t see straight. It’s to the point that, you know, you end up laughing, everywhere you go with him if you’re at one of his places, it’s the best ever, the best forks, the best knives, the best napkins, the best folded napkins, the best floor, the best interior decoration, the best greens, the best water hazards, the best sand traps.

Everything’s the best. It’s just who he is. The idea that he’s trying to sneak some gigantic profit off of a convention, if you will, at Doral. If you look at an aerial photo of the place, you’ll see that it is huge. Every delegation would have had its own building that’s got anywhere from 50 to 90 rooms in it. It would be the utmost in security and privacy, and everything is right there.

You think these G7s and G8s and G20s haven’t been held at opulent — one of them was held in Puerto Rico at a joint owned by Nelson Rockefeller’s brother back in the sixties and seventies. Nobody cared about that. You know what Trump ought to do? I think he ought to pick some slum, some low rent resort in Baltimore or Washington or New York or wherever. I don’t want to offend any cities here beyond that by naming them.

But I mean you get my drift. “Okay, if you don’t want to go to Doral, I’ll find a substitute place and then find a place that makes working difficult to do, the accommodations not the best they can be, “But hey, if you didn’t like the kind of money we were going to be spending at Doral, okay, I’ll do it on budget. I’ll do this, I’ll do that.” He won’t do that because his desire to be the best at hospitality will not permit him. But I would love for him to do that.

It’s just they just don’t understand, and they don’t want to. Folks, they’ve got the hatred so dialed in and the opposition so dialed in, the fact that he’s gotta go so dialed in that it is now humanly impossible for them to even regard Donald Trump in human terms. Simply not possible. And it’s they that have the problem. It isn’t Trump.


RUSH: This is Vito in Cincinnati. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you very much for taking my call. On the topic of Trump and Doral, I think Trump operates from a position of pride. He’s very proud of himself. He’s very proud of his accomplishments. He’s very proud of the United States of America. He’s very proud of us as people who accomplish things in this country. And I think that’s what drives his voters, that thrives with the people that love him. He’s a very proud person, and he’s proud of all of us and what we do.

RUSH: You are very shrewd and very perceptive. That’s it, in a nutshell. He’s especially proud of the things that he has either built or purchased and renovated. You might even go so far as to say, folks, that he likes showing off, but I don’t mean that in an off-putting way. He loves people at his places having the best time of their lives. He loves people experiencing things at his properties that they don’t find at home or anywhere else.

Have you ever known anybody like this? Somebody has a party at their house, somebody hosts a party at someplace, they invite you, you show up, they just want you to have a good time. It’s how they get their jollies. You having a good time, guests having a good time is more important than them having a good tine. They work very hard at making sure people have a good time. Every detail accounted for.

Trump owns the place. He can have total control over whatever might come up on a moment’s notice, something that may not be accounted for in advance planning. It’s no more complicated than this. He’s a human being. He’s proud of what he’s built. He’s proud of what he’s done. He wants people to come see his places. He wants people to have a good time when they’re there.

Are they gonna pay? Yes. So what? Until we get Bernie Sanders, that’s gonna be okay. When Bernie Sanders gets elected, he’s gonna have a tax rate higher than billionaires will earn every year. Do you know that? His tax rate is gonna be higher than what they earn.

When Bernie Sanders is elected president, you can forget about anybody innovating anything because nobody’s gonna be able to stay in business to innovative and so we’re gonna have to rely on the Bernie Sanders government to come up with the next iPhone or whatever it is because Bernie Sanders is gonna shut ’em all down with his tax policy alone. That is not Donald Trump.

You know what it boils down to? I’ll tell you something. It boils down to, in a way, being the exact opposite of selfish. I can’t erase the fact that you go to a Trump place you’re gonna pay for it. You’re gonna pay for your room, you’re gonna pay for your round of golf, but since when did that become something that’s a bad characteristic in America? People expect to pay when they go to hotels or restaurants or golf courses or whatever it is. But all of this is lumped in with a never ending list of criticisms of Donald Trump the human being.

And this is where his critics are the most wrong about him. I wish everybody could have the chance of being hosted by Donald Trump at an event. You show up, he’s there to meet you, smiling the whole time. When you’re with him you may as well be a king or a queen. He just loves the hospitality business. You know, it’s not an easy business.

A lot of people complain in the hospitality business. A lot of people send food back, a lot of people complain about accommodation. A lot of whining, because people are paying for it. If they expect that it’s gonna be top of the top, then it better be.

Trump loves people having a good time at his places and his events, and he loves showing them off. And in this case, I’m not talking about it as a negative character or personality trait. But Mitt Romney doesn’t have a place to invite the G7, and nobody else in Washington does, either. And that’s part of this deal.


RUSH: Trump met the press. I’ve got a series of bites here I want to share with you. But I told you why Trump wanted to do the G7 at Doral. I don’t have to repeat it. You can look at RushLimbaugh.com, the website, transcript of that segment. It will explain totally. Here’s Trump explaining it himself, and you’ll see this sound very, very familiar.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m very good at real estate, very, very good. Much better than you even understand. When you see my financials, which I’ll give at the right time, you’ll say, “Man, he was much better than we even thought.” ‘Cause Miami, this facility, everybody would’ve had their own building. It’s a beautiful place, it’s new, it’s been totally rebuilt. Everything’s good. It’s got massive meeting rooms. Unlimited for security, because it is on hundreds of acres. Best location. Right next to the airport. It’s only minutes away. It would have been great. But the Democrats went crazy. Even though I would have done it free, saved the country a lot of money. Then they say, “Oh, but you’ll get promotion.” Who cares? You don’t think I get enough promotion? I get more promotion than any human being that’s ever lived.

RUSH: He loves entertaining, folks. He just wants to show the place. There really isn’t anything at all untoward about this. He’s just an entertainer. He’s Mr. Hospitality. He would love to show the place off, and like he said in his tweet, he thought he was doing a good thing for the country. They will never understand Donald Trump’s humanity because they have concluded he doesn’t have any. And that’s because they have no humility themselves.


RUSH: And here’s Trump on the emoluments clause. This is what I told you I had heard him say just a few minutes ago.

THE PRESIDENT: George Washington was actually considered a very, very rich man at the time. But they ran their businesses. George Washington, they say, had two desks. He had a presidential desk and a business desk. I don’t think you people with this phony emoluments clause – and by the way, I would say it’s cost me anywhere from two to $5 billion to be president, and that’s okay. Between what I lose and what I could have made, I would have made a fortune if I just ran my business. If you’re rich, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing this for the country. I’m doing it for the people.

RUSH: Oh, oh, my God. There he went, the emoluments clause, it doesn’t matter, I’m rich, it doesn’t apply to me, it didn’t apply to George Washington. They’re pulling their hair, going nuts, you’re not supposed to talk about being rich. You’re not supposed to talk about how much things are costing you. Then he has the audacity to say he’s doing everything he’s doing for the country. And of course these people think he needs to be shipped out in a coup.

Folks, I really have concluded something here. I’ve said this a couple times today, and it may sound a little — I don’t know — strange or extreme. I really think the root — and there are many roots to the hatred these people have for Trump. So it’s impossible to nail it down and say “the reason why they hate Trump.” But one of them is their own absence of humanity, and I mean this.

They’re the people running around talking about manners and proper decorum, and they’re the ones that have no humility whatsoever and no humanity about them. These are the people that look down on middle-class people from the Midwest and the South, at the same time claiming they have all the compassion and tolerance. And it’s this lack of humility they have that makes it impossible for them to understand anybody who is like Donald Trump.

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