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RUSH: Here’s Peter in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. You spent much of the show on Wednesday talking about the left’s focus on climate change, and I’ve got a few comments with statistics for you.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: Just by way of background, I have a PhD in two scientific disciplines. I really have five quick points. First, the planet is four billion years old. Anybody who’s taken a geology course can tell you that the climate has been changing for four billion years and it will continue to change for four billion years. The earth has evolved as the climate has continuously changed, and it’s preposterous to think that man in the last hundred years has changed the rate of climate change. Second, some stats on the atmosphere. Nitrogen and oxygen make up 98%. Carbon dioxide makes up .04%.

RUSH: I’m so glad you said that. I am so glad you mentioned that. That’s such a bogus thing that they’re trying to convince people —

CALLER: It is. It is including the fact that, third, the Ice Age has occurred when CO2 levels were 10 times what they are today.

RUSH: How is that possible? There weren’t any emission-producing cars or smokestacks.

CALLER: Correct. Fourth, rising temperatures since the end of the last mini-Ice Age in 1800, precede rising CO2 levels. And then lastly, there’s only one parameter that correlates with warming periods, and that’s solar activity. Sunspots.

RUSH: Yeah, but they don’t even permit that as part of the equation when you talk to ’em. “Oh, you can’t talk about the sun!” You’re absolutely right, Peter, about every bit of this. Every bit of it. Yet it would meet with a thunk if you told your average college student climate change activist because to them, it’s not even about any of this. It’s just purely left-wing political politics and so forth. Peter, thanks for the call. That was so… (chuckling) The climate has been changing for four billion years. It’s changing today. It’s changing tomorrow. It’s been changing long before we even occupied the planet. How can that be?


RUSH: By the way, climate change will not be on the G7 agenda next June at the Doral Trump resort.

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