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RUSH: Last week, the California State Board of Pharmacy discovered that 100 questions from their state licensing exam had been leaked online. So they declared that everyone who took the exam since July is gonna have to re-take it. Their test results are invalid. About 1,400 people are out of luck and in some cases, out of jobs.

A bunch of them had job offers held open until their exam results were posted. Now those offers are gone. And they are outraged.

They are furious that the bureaucrats who run the state pharmacy board are throwing them under the bus. Even though they finished school, with massive student loan debt, followed the rules, took the exam, answered the questions! They’re being treated as if they are all cheaters, with no proof any of them cheated.

They’re calling their representatives, they’re signing petitions, they’re organizing protests, and planning lawsuits. But the Board of Pharmacy officials, they don’t care. They say it’s “regrettable” that so many lives are affected, but too bad. Everybody will be treated as if they cheated. End of story.

So. Innocent, hard-working citizens are punished as if they’re all guilty, with zero evidence they’ve done anything wrong. Meanwhile, non-citizens who are known to be guilty of breaking the law escape any punishment and are given sanctuary.

That’s the way government works in today’s California. Learn it, love it, live it.

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