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RUSH: Here’s Joanne in Fort Worth, Texas. Hi, Joanne. I’m really glad you waited. I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: (garbled cell connection) Hi. How are you doing today?

RUSH: I am doing well. It has been a long week. I’m looking forward to the weekend, getting out on the golf course, getting outside, but I’m doing well. Thank you. How about you? How are you doing?

CALLER: Well, I’m doing awesome. You know, I’m really excited ’cause I went to the rally. But the reason I was calling — the caller said get right to the point — is I have the iPhone X, I think. I got it last year, just last year, but the new one just came out and I wondered if you thought it was a good thing to upgrade because I mostly use my phone for like to take pictures. We just got back from Ireland and we go to a lot of places, like we just went to the rally. And I love using my phone instead of taking a camera and I was wondering if you think that was a good idea to upgrade.

RUSH: Wow. Let me first… The short answer is yes, I believe you should upgrade every year. I think the improvements in iPhones are significant every year, and I wouldn’t believe… If I were any of you — and it’s your decision. But I wouldn’t pay any attention to these bloggers and reviewers who try to tell you, “There’s not enough new here. Go the cheap version, go the cheap version. Hold on to your phone.”

There’s always reason to upgrade. The upgrades, particularly on iPhones… Maybe not so much Macs or iPads, but on iPhones, the significance of upgrades every year is significant. I mean, it’s profound. They may not look different; they may not change the industrial design, the outside, you know, the shape of the phone and all that. But the stuff inside, it changes immensely. What exact kind of phone do you have?

CALLER: I had this X, I guess. There’s fingerprint on… I don’t know. My husband gets one for me every year but this one —

RUSH: Wait. Hold on. Hold it a second. This is really frustrating, folks, ’cause I try to talk to them and they can’t hear me. Does it have a fingerprint ID or not?

CALLER: I can’t quite understand you. I don’t know… On your side, can you hear me clearly? Because you’re jumbled on the other side.

RUSH: Yeah, I think we’ve got a bad cell phone connection. So let me just… Look, thanks for the call. I will just tell you: Yes, I think it’s always worth upgrading. Like let’s assume that she’s got an iPhone X. If she has an iPhone X, it’s two-years old. The upgrades from two years ago are stunning and profound. The iPhone… Actually, the iPhone X is now two… three phones ago. The iPhone X when it was released was the first phone with facial ID.

They got rid of the fingerprint ID. It was the first phone with what they call an OLED display, which means it’s much better contrast, color, brightness, and all that. It was one size, 5.8 inches, and it was the first phone that was almost all screen except for the notch at the top. That phone cost $1000. Now, this year’s iPhone 11, which is two phones later… This year’s iPhone 11 is a better phone than the iPhone X that cost $1000, minimum. That was the starting price.

Today’s iPhone 11 is $650, and it’s much better phone than the iPhone X. It’s got a much better processor. It has much better cameras. It’s got software and processing in the camera app. The computer processing, the things they are able to do with photographs now… The iPhone X was state-of-the-art when it was released at a thousand bucks, but people buying it at a thousand bucks — the earlier adopters — created enough profit for Apple to continue to improve the phone and now sell a better phone, the iPhone 11.

Last year’s version was the iPhone XR. It had one camera, it had cheap LTE, meaning antennas. It was not the fastest LTE. The iPhone 11 has the same LTE ability as the iPhone XS last year, meaning the fastest. It’s Gigabit LTE. It’s got two cameras. It’s $300 cheaper. There is no reason not to upgrade, other than if you’ve got other financial priorities. But if you’re gonna get a phone this year, don’t believe these people that tell you not to upgrade. Then if you get to the 11 Pro models, the Pro Max? Five hours additional battery life and three cameras!

I mean, if you wanted to you could upgrade every year and massively improve the phone that you have.

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