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RUSH: I’ll bet many of you are saying, “Rush, please don’t waste any time talking about Pelosi’s stunt today. We can get that anywhere. We don’t need the ABCs. We don’t need the back-to-front, front-to-back explanation of this. We know what’s going on.” I know, and I agree with you. But, nevertheless, folks, there’s some things that need to be said about it. It has become the total media narrative. The whole thing was planned and the whole thing was strategized.

It’s part of ongoing effort by Pelosi to create this massive illusion of incompetence and criminal behavior so that she can get Trump impeached without having to call a vote for it. That’s what this is. She doesn’t want to have to put this to a vote. She doesn’t want to go anywhere formal. She wants to try to get this driven by public opinion. They’re desperate to create the Nixon situation out there where the Republicans are forced to abandon the president because the president has lost his own base support.

That’s the attempt here. They have been attempting to drive a wedge between Trump voters and Trump since Election Day 2016. It really is what this is about. I mean, the details are the details, but the objective is she doesn’t want to do a formal vote. She doesn’t want to have to go to a trial in the Senate because that’s gonna lead to an acquittal, and that just blows everything out of the water. She wants and is using the Drive-By… Well, she’s not using it.

The Drive-By Media is actively cooperating in this attempt to create this image that your president is corrupt, that he’s sick, that he’s dangerously out of touch, that he’s incompetent. That’s what this is, and I’m gonna give you the opposite picture today. I’m gonna tell you how it’s the Democrats on the run. I’m gonna tell you how it’s the Democrats who are panicking after that horrible debate that they had on Tuesday night, and that that’s one of the reasons that Pelosi pulled her stunt yesterday!

That debate was pathetic. It was horrible. The people who did the best in that debate are people that don’t have a chance of getting the nomination. Fauxcahontas, who many now think is the frontrunner, was disastrous! She will not explain to anybody how in the world she’s going to pay for her proposals. She will not go there. The answer is tax increases, but she’s not gonna commit the mistake that Mondull made in 1984.

To refresh your memories — because I realize many of you were not alive in ’84 or not old enough to be paying attention. Or you were and you just didn’t care, because this program wasn’t on the air in 1984, at least not here. And, as such, you had not yet gotten interested in this stuff. Ronaldus Magnus, running for reelection, was en route to what everybody knew was gonna be a landslide. The Democrats nominated Mondull because he had been a loyal war horse.

They knew they were gonna get shellacked. So let Mondull be the nominee. Let Mondull go down in flames. Don’t waste a viable candidate of the future and pay Mondull off. Let him get his fundraising. Let him have his acclaim. Let him get the perks that go along with it. And at the Democrat convention in San Francisco where I was (it was my first time there, by the way), Walter Mondull actually promised to people that he would raise their taxes.

He was very proudly, very proudly saying, “I promise you I’m gonna raise your taxes! I just told you. Reagan’s gonna raise your taxes, too, but you won’t tell you.” That was Mondale’s big statement. That was in the acceptance speech. Well, we know what happened. Bye-bye Mondull. He went down to a 49-state landslide defeat. So Fauxcahontas is not gonna make that mistake. That’s the answer to the question that they were all badgering her on: “How are you gonna pay for all this health care? How are you gonna pay for all this whatever it is?”

She kept say, “We’re gonna tax the rich! We’re gonna get the people over $50 million! We’re gonna make ’em 2ȼ cents for $1 they earn over $50 million — and we’re gonna soak ’em and then we’re gonna make them pay for it.” Nobody was buying it. In the meantime, Crazy Bernie out there is assuring the middle class that their taxes are gonna go up. Crazy Bernie’s theory is that people will be happy to pay for utopia. Well, that’s disastrous too. You just don’t tell people you’re gonna raise their taxes!

Particularly when part of your agenda is to offer “free” health care for illegals who now number, officially, 22 million (as we’ve always known) not 11 million. So Pelosi had to do something. I’m telling you, this debate was a disaster. It was dull. It was a dryball three hours. There was no excitement. There was no pizzazz. There was no charisma. There was no connection with the audience. This was a bunch of candidates talking to their friends who were called moderators. I’m telling, folks, it was… (sigh) The Democrats know this, and their consultants know this and are telling them this.

The only people excited by that debate are the people the Democrats already have, and they don’t have to work to keep them. They don’t have to do anything. They are people who already hate Trump or are loyal to Democrats for whatever foolhardy reasons. But that debate didn’t reach out and grab anybody, didn’t excite anybody. So Pelosi knows it. So next up is a trip to the White House. So let me get this straight, see if I understand this.

Yesterday at a meeting between Democrat leaders and the president in the Cabinet Room at the White House — a room, by the way, I have been in often (just saying) — Pelosi pitches a hissy fit and storms out because Trump has a “meltdown.” Trump had a meltdown. Trump’s going crazy! Trump can’t deal with all the criticism he’s getting over pulling troops out of Syria. Steny Hoyer and Chuck You Schumer (accompanying Pelosi) ran right out of the White House — and magically, there were the microphones already there waiting for them even though they were leaving the meeting early.

So really what it boils down to is Pelosi is upset that Trumps pulls 28 troops out of Syria. When you boil all this down, isn’t that what happened? I mean, she can say that she left there because Trump had a meltdown because Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing because Trump’s dangerous because Trump’s sick, “We need to pray for Trump,” blah, blah, blah. But in essence, what was she playing off? She’s playing off Trump with the troop draw-down in Syria.

Strip way all the spin, that’s what’s going on. Think about the irony of this for a second. Think about all of the issues that Trump is taking away from these people when you get right down to it. Whatever Trump comes out in favor of, they reflexively have to be opposed to. Where is, for example, Code Pink? Do you know what Code Pink is? Code Pink is a loony tune bunch of left-wing anti-war supporters who show up — somehow magically get invitations to appear at congressional hearings, Senate hearings, you name it — and they are known to be anti-war.

Where are they?

Where are they praising Trump? Where are they criticizing the Democrats? Code Pink has gone silent. They’ve got nothing to say here. They’re making a feeble attempt at attacking Trump, which proves that Code Pink is not even honest about what they are. They’re nothing more than pro-Democrat activists just using anti-war as a platform. This is the move the Democrats have been advocating for who knows how long. The Democrats want us out of everywhere. They’ve always wanted us out of everywhere.

The Democrats tried to engineer a defeat in the Iraq war. The Democrats tried to engineer a defeat in the overall War on Terror. The Democrats have been saying, “We gotta get out of Afghanistan!” They told Obama, “You gotta get us out!” Obama said, “I’ll get you out! I promise, I’ll get you out.” He didn’t. He expanded the number of troops in Afghanistan. Now all of a sudden, the Democrats are in favor of war? Ha! Democrats in favor of war in Syria? The Democrats are now in favor of deploying troops?

How do you think this is gonna play with Democrat voters? This is not what the Democrats traditionally stand for, and their voters know it. I will guarantee you’re not gonna see news about it, but Democrat voters are scratching their heads. The overriding thing that Pelosi has on her side is Trump hatred. She thinks that her Democrat loyal voters will support her and the party in anything if it’s oriented toward getting rid of Trump, even if it’s one hypocrisy after another.

She is confident that Democrat voters will all of a sudden miraculously support more troops to Syria (chuckles) if it means getting rid of Donald Trump — and she may be right. But I think overall, she’s playing with fire. So now Donald Trump has turned these people into hawks, into military hawks. Here is a woman who has voted against… This is Pelosi. Pelosi has voted against every use of military force since she has been in Congress. It was close on the war on terror.

She kind of had to go with the flow on that in the original foray into Afghanistan. But, man, when the pictures of Abu Ghraib showed up, she was the first to lead the turnaround on support for the U.S. military in Afghanistan following 9/11. This is a woman who almost alone opposed the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t doubt me. You may not remember it, but she’s been the leader of this bunchon this stuff.

She’s been the Speaker of the House or the majority leader in the House when they’re in the minority for as long as we’ve been doing this. Nancy Pelosi is the woman who tried to defund soldiers in Afghanistan and in Iraq in order to force Bush to bring ’em home. Nancy Pelosi is the woman who cheered when Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq, which opened the door to ISIS. Now she is apoplectic because Trump has pulled a handful of troops out of Syria. So, do we have this right?

You may think Trump bumbled here. I’m not talking about that. What I’m countering here is this very, very cleverly constructed Democrat-media narrative today that Donald Trump has lost his mind, that Trump’s off his rocker, that Trump melted down. This is all part of the ongoing effort Pelosi and the Democrats are running to create massive public support to get rid of Trump, force him to resign under threat of impeachment, just like happened with Nixon.

That’s the model here, folks, because she doesn’t want to go to full vote. She doesn’t really want to have a trial in the Senate. That’s why when you hear McConnell saying, “I want this trial before the end of the year. I want this trial startin’ here by November,” he’s goading her. Nobody… (chuckling) Trial in November? They haven’t written the articles of impeachment! Well, they haven’t presented. I’m sure Schiff has them in a little safe-deposit box somewhere.

Now, on top of all this, Nancy Pelosi is being hailed for her principled stance and her courage for throwing a fit and storming out of a meeting! Trump is passing around a letter which proves that the Democrat-media narrative on this isn’t true! It’s a letter between him and Erdogan of Turkey, and Pelosi refused to even read the letter. She turned it face down. That’s when she stood up, pointed her finger at Trump, and then ran out of there with Chuck You Schumer and Steny Hoyer trailing close behind.

Do you all remember (you may when I remind you) during the ongoing battle between the state of Arizona and the federal government over immigration law enforcement, the governor of Arizona at the time the Jan Brewer, and Obama went down to Arizona to try to quell the latest controversy. Remember Arizona passed their own version of immigration law because Obama was not enforcing federal immigration law. So they passed their own law, which mirrored the federal law. So they were giving them the right to enforce it.

Obama sued them saying that you have no control over immigration. That’s a federal mandate, it’s a federal jurisdiction, and states can’t make up their own immigration law. To which the answer was, “What about San Francisco? What about all these California sanctuary cities? What do you mean, states can’t do their own immigration law?” Anyway, Obama went there and it’s at the airport. He gets off the plane, they have a meeting, and she is seen pointing her finger at him in the middle of a conversation — and the media had a meltdown!

“You don’t disrespect Obama that way! Look at this white woman pointing her finger at the first African-American president.” That was the news narrative. She was castigated. She was ripped to shreds. She was being disrespectful — double disrespectful because of the racial component. Never mind the fact that he towered over her. She probably comes up to (sigh) — I don’t know — Obama’s neck at the most. She looking at him and pointing, just the kind of pointing you do for emphasis.

But the media said, “Look at her! Look at her! She’s calling him out. She pointing! That’s disrespectful.” Now, is there anything about Pelosi disrespecting Trump, standing up in the Cabinet Room pointing her finger? Noooo. Not at all. I’m just saying, folks, make no mistake: This whole thing was preplanned, including Hoyer and Chuck You Schumer backing Pelosi up. It was all staged. Pelosi was just relishing the opportunity here to confront Trump and then claim that he had the meltdown.

So that she can then go back to the House and then tell everybody (impression), “We should pray for the president’s mental health,” and thus imply once again that he should be removed because he’s unbalanced. They’ve done this act before. They pulled this. You realize this is the second time that she’s asked people to pray for Trump’s mental health? This is the second time, minimum, that she has suggested that Trump is unbalanced. The most recent time The Three Amigos pulled this stunt was back on May 22nd.

May 22nd: “A White House meeting that was supposed to be about infrastructure spending broke down after Pelosi accused Trump of covering up his collusion with Russia,” and she did that again yesterday too! In this meeting, pointed her finger, she says, “All roads lead to Putin!” Putin! What’s Putin got to do with any of this? Typical headline from the May 22nd episode from Vice News. Quote, “Nancy Pelosi Said ‘Cover-Up’ and Trump Had a Complete Meltdown.” May 22nd. They’ve done this before. It’s all an act! Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: We’ll go to Houston. This is Patrick. You’re up first today, Patrick. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey. Thanks, Rush. Yeah, you know, with Congress’ approval polling perennially around 15 or 20%, yeah, I gotta say that Trump calling Pelosi a third-rate politician is quite the compliment to her, isn’t it?

RUSH: So you mentioned the 20%. You don’t think this is any big deal? You don’t think Pelosi is gonna have any impact on changing public opinion about Trump among Republicans?

CALLER: No. It’s like Groundhog Day all over again. I mean, this just happened about two months ago when Schumer and Pelosi go into a meeting with Trump, and five minutes later they come out and they’re all indignant, and it doesn’t move the needle at all.

RUSH: Well, you’re right. In fact, let me go through this again. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it. It was May the 22nd, and it was an exact replica of today. It would be better stated that yesterday was an exact replica of what happened on May 22nd. The most recent time that these same three people — Pelosi, Chuck You Schumer, and Steny Hoyer — had a White House meeting (supposed to be about infrastructure spending), it broke down soon after it began after Pelosi accused Trump of covering up his collusion with Russia.

May 22nd. I mean, that’s just, what, five months ago? Four? So in the meeting about infrastructure spending, Pelosi accuses Trump of covering up his collusion with Russia. A headline from that episode from Vice News: “Nancy Pelosi Said ‘Cover-Up’ and Trump Had a Complete Meltdown.” Why, isn’t that the same word that Pelosi used yesterday? (impression) “The president had a meltdown. I gotta go pray for the president’s mental health!”

This is the second time. It is a repeat. It’s a replay. Now, some of you might think, “What the hell does Trump invite ’em up there for? He knows what’s gonna happen. He should just refused to meet with ’em,” ’cause after that meeting, after May 22nd, by the way, Trump vowed that he would refuse to work with the Democrats as long as they’re investigating him. He should have stuck to his vow. He shouldn’t give them these opportunities to grandstand, ’cause he knows they’re gonna do it.

But see, what Trump is doing is demonstrating that he can be above all this. There’s the work of the nation to get done, the serious issue out there: Syria, our withdrawal. Gotta do something about it. Gotta bring congressional leaders up to talk about it. Trump is trying to conduct the business of government. He’s included all of the leaders from the various committees that are involved, that are relevant. So he’s rolling the dice here that he will be seen as continuing to do his job.

He’s working while the rest of these people are playing partisan patty-cake. Of course, he’s up against the media creating this false narrative. But I’m going to tell you what’s going on, folks. There’s more impeachment polling data out today. Trump has, in one of the polls… I forget which it is off the top of my head. One of the polls the Democrats are using to suggest that public opinion is moving in favor of impeaching Trump, actually support for impeaching Trump on this stupid poll among Republicans dropped a point. It’s not going in their direction.

What they’re trying to do is bust up the Trump coalition. That’s the point. Just to repeat this again: All of this is an effort to get Trump to resign by forcing his voters to abandon him and thus forcing Republican support in Congress to abandon him. They’re literally trying to recreate the Richard Nixon scenario. Now, that was 1974. So let me remind those of you who don’t know about that what actually happened. We had the Watergate hearings. We had a bunch of bombshell hearings about tapes, 18 minutes of missing tapes.

We had John Dean. We had news of the Plumbers. It all went south on Nixon, and they were in the process of preparing formal impeachment hearings. But back then, Nixon didn’t have me. Nixon didn’t have an alternative media, and so Nixon lost support among the Republicans, after he had been reelected in a landslide in 1972. He had been reelected. So Howard Baker was sent as the emissary from Republicans on Capitol Hill to the White House to tell Nixon that he had lost all support.

That if it came to impeachment, he would be convicted and tossed out — and so Nixon resigned. This is what they’re attempting to do now. They want that same scenario, and for that to happen, the 90% of Republicans that support Trump are gonna have to abandon him. Not all, but a significant number. Pelosi is trying to make that happen with nothing but media. She said just earlier this week that she’s not gonna do a formal impeachment vote. “We’re not there yet.” She doesn’t want to have to do this.

She doesn’t want to have to go to a trial in the Senate where Trump would be acquitted. So she’s working with every other Democrat in the media to create this illusion — this image — that Trump is unfit, unsound, mentally deteriorating, “we need to pray for him,” and this is the second time she’s tried the stunt. It’s almost word-for-word from what it was back on May 22. That’s what this is. And pretty soon, you know, we’re gonna get to the equivalent of Carl Bernstein and Woodward coming back, which we probably get every day on CNN anyway.

So, you know, Syrian troop situation, pulling Americans out? “That’s the last straw! Okay!” By the way, by the way, another little headline heads-up. There’s a story in the Stack, Schiff and company are moving away from the phone call now. Well, there was never gonna be any impeachment over the phone call. That was also part of this massive effort to create an illusion that Trump is unfit, that he’s incompetent, that he’s corrupt.

But impeaching him over this phone call was never gonna get anywhere and it hasn’t. So now they’re focusing on trying to make it look like all of Trump’s supporters and employees and people that work for him are now caving and stabbing hum in the back and showing up to testify. It’s all a game. Folks, it’s all an illusion! I keep saying this in the desperate attempt to persuade as many people within the sound of my known voice what’s going on.

Back to the phones we go. Rhonda in South Bend, Indiana. Great to have you. Hi. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Two things about these nonstop attacks on President Trump. As a Trump voter, I am taking that very personally, because it seems to me that they think I am too stupid to make a wise choice, and so it feels to me —

RUSH: It’s worse than that.


RUSH: You’re right but it’s worse than that.


RUSH: It’s not that you’re too stupid to make a wise choice. It’s that your choice doesn’t matter. Your choice doesn’t matter. Your choice can be overturned. Your choice can be erased. Your choice can be reversed. Not just because you don’t matter but because you did the wrong thing. You’re too stupid to know what you did. Your vote doesn’t count, is what this is saying.

CALLER: Right, and that is such arrogance — and arrogance, I have learned, always blinds us, causes us to overestimate our own abilities, and we underestimate our opponents, or we underestimate those around us. And there will come a point in time when it will be our downfall. Now, it may not come as soon as we would like, but it does blind the person who is arrogant. So they’re underestimating us. I’m living my quiet life in my quiet home, and if I am feeling all these things — that this personal attack on Trump is now on me, too — then I have to believe that there are many other people across the country just like me.

RUSH: Oh, there are. CNN found them. The town hall that was the Democrat debate that was in Ohio. They went out, they talked to people — Democrats — in Ohio and Michigan. They find out so many of them are for Trump, and they’re shocked and stunned by it. And it’s because of this arrogance you describe that prevents them from… Look, they’re just trying to will what they want, what they think, what they feel to happen. They’re not trying to persuade you.

They’re trying to depress you. They’re trying to make you think you have no chance. They’re trying to make you think Trump has no chance. They’re trying to drive you away from the political system. They want you fed up with it. They want you throwing up your hands in frustration and saying, “The hell with this!” They want you leaving. You don’t matter anyway. You’re a Trump voter; you don’t matter.

You pose an existential threat! Anything that can be done to make whatever you vote, whatever you think, mean nothing they will do. And you’re right to be upset about it, to be mad about it, because all of these attacks on Trump really are about you. All of this anger at Trump is real, but it doesn’t stop with Trump. The anger is at you who voted for him, all of you. That’s who they’re really seething at. But they think if they can get rid of Trump that they have negated your influence because they can keep this from happening a second time.

Anyway, I appreciate the call, Rhonda.


RUSH: The truth of the matter is, folks, Schiff, Pencil Neck, the Democrats, they have lost the whistleblower narrative for impeaching Trump. That’s gone! Do you know the whistleblower is not even gonna testify now? Sheila Jackson Lee said, “I want to hear from the whistleblower. I want to hear what he says.” Schiff said, “No, no! We don’t need the whistleblower to testify.” Why?

Because the whistleblower doesn’t know anything! The transcript of the call has been released. The whole whistleblower narrative is broken. They have to move to something else. So what they’ve done is they’ve gone back to trying to tie impeachment to the Russiagate theory! Here’s Pelosi yesterday in this meeting saying, “All roads lead to Putin”? Haven’t we already had an investigation on this? They’re just recycling it. They’re creating this illusion.

No matter the Mueller report, no matter the facts, they’re trying to overcome the facts with a series of never-ending, smothering lies that are repeated daily by the Drive-By Media. Even in her press conference today, Pelosi twice repeated the new talking point, “All roads lead to Putin.” No, they don’t. I’m gonna tell you where all roads lead. All roads lead to Obama. All roads lead to Obama. So now Pelosi and her gang are alleging that Trump pulled out of Syria to help Russia! They don’t have anything!

Folks, they have nothing! All they can do is recycle everything that’s failed. It’s what I’ve been saying. They run the same play. They’ll run it in a different formation. They’ll run it to a different side, the weak side, the strong side, but they’re running the same play. “All roads lead to Putin. Trump pulled out of Syria to help Russia.” And they’re claiming that Trump tried to withhold military aid to Ukraine to help Putin, but he didn’t withhold any aid. That’s another lie. The aid was flowing already! It started a month before the president had the phone call with the president of Ukraine.

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