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RUSH: Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, is doing a press conference right now. He announced that Trump is gonna host the next G7 at — dadelut, dadelut, dadelut — Trump’s Doral resort in Miami. And the media is beside itself! “Oh, my God! He’s gonna make money off the G7 summit! Oh, my God! This is not right! This is not fair,” and Mulvaney is very calmly explaining to them how the president is not gonna be making any money off of it, that the president doesn’t need any brand enhancement.

Mulvaney said (summarized), “I think everybody knows the Trump brand. Trump doesn’t need to promote his brand. He hasn’t made any money working here at the White House. He’s not going to be making any money.” He said, “Look, the last one of these things we did was at Camp David and you people in the media all hated it, and so did the participants. It was too small at Camp David for that many people, and you people in the media were complaining that it took a one-hour bus ride just to get there.

“So we thought we would do it at a place that makes much more sense in a resort setting, and it’s gonna cost a lot less money since the president owns it!” But the media can’t deal. Folks, they’re screaming, “Emoluments! Emoluments! Emoluments clause! Emoluments clause! The president is profiting from his position as president,” and Mulvaney said, “No, you don’t understand this. We knew your reaction is gonna be this. Why do you think I’m out here telling you this? We wanted you to go bonkers.”

He didn’t say that, but that’s one of the obvious things that’s going on here.


RUSH: Let me have it. The media wants an investigation by the Judiciary Committee on Trump’s decision to hold the G7 at Doral. I’m not making it up.


RUSH: Mulvaney was funny. He’s still doing a little presser out there to announce the G7 meeting. It’s next June, early June, at the Doral resort, the Trump Doral result. The media is beside itself. They just can’t believe Trump would do this. “Emoluments clause! Emoluments clause! He can’t do this! He’s profiting! He’s profiting!” Mulvaney was asked, “Will the Judiciary Committee investigate this?” Mulvaney said, “Well, that is a great question. You know, I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t know if they’re gonna have time.

“They’re impeaching the president right now. Are they gonna have time to look into the G7 at Doral? I don’t know. Maybe they would. I wouldn’t put anything past them, but they gotta do something about impeachment first.” He’s talking to them about Ukraine now. We’re rolling audio on this, and we will have it for you in due course.


RUSH: So Mick Mulvaney during the press conference announcing the G7 at the Trump Doral golf resort next June was asked if the White House was concerned at the choice of Doral as a location would send a bad message about self-dealing to the rest of the world. Mulvaney said, “No.” He didn’t go on and elaborate. (summarized) “No. It won’t send a bad message at all. Screw you!” He did not take one question from CNN, and they are ticked.

I want to share with you some of these sound bites of Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a brilliant guy. He is from South Carolina. He’s a former member of Congress. He was at the Office of Management and Budget first, now the acting chief of staff, a Trump loyalist. Funny, funny, smart the guy. He’s a good golfer, hits the ball a mile. He’s a very wiry, thin guy, very flexible, can really wind up.

He’s got explosive swing speed. He’s constantly in control of things so he does a presser today to announce that the next G7 in early June will be at the Trump Doral resort in Miami. Sound bite 23, 24, 25. First question is from CNBC White House correspondent Eamon… I’m sorry. It’s Eamon Javers or Javers or Javers or Javers or Javier, whatever, asking about the decision.

JAVERS: How is this not just an enormous conflict of interest for the president to host the G-7 at his own resort, and how will the president continue to criticize the Biden family for self-dealing at the same time he’s doing this?

MULVANEY: Uh, first off, you’re not making any profit. I think we’ve already established that.

JAVERS: (crosstalk) — marketing and branding opportunity.

MULVANEY: It’s a huge…? I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that before. You know, I guess I’ve been the chief now for about nine or 10 months, and I always hear, whenever we go to Mar-a-Lago, “It’s a huge branding opportunity.” Whenever he plays golf at Trump Bedminster, when he goes to play golf at Trump up in Sterling, and everybody asks the questions, “Is it not a huge marketing opportunity?” I would simply ask you all to consider the possibility that Donald Trump’s brand is probably strong enough as it is, and he doesn’t need any more help on that.

REPORTERS: (interrupting)

MULVANEY: It’s the most recognizable name in the English language and probably around the world right now. So, no, that has nothing to do with it.

RUSH: Nothing to do with it. Note the question: “How can he criticize the Biden family when he’s hosting the G7 at the Doral?” These people are such children in addition to being uneducated, blissfully ignorant. So up next is Kristen Welker. And she is… Let’s see. She’s the NBC White House correspondent. What happened to Hallie Jackson? I thought she was the White House correspondent.

You know, they shuffle these women around at NBC maybe for reasons we’re just now learning that these women over at NBC get shuffled around. I could have sworn that Hallie Jackson was the White House correspondent. Anyway, now it’s somebody named… uhhh … Kristen Welker, and also somebody from Fox News, Kevin Corke, and they’re asking about using Doral same time.

WELKER: This is a business of optics. How is the president gonna stand on a debate stage, if in fact Vice President Biden wins —


WELKER: — the nomination and try to make an argument that he profited off his vice presidency, when he’s (crosstalk)?

MULVANEY: He’s going to do that extraordinarily well.

CORKE: You’re trying to put it in a place that you think is the best, maybe save the taxpayers some money — which is important for all of us. But sometimes because of the appearance of impropriety, you don’t make that call.

MULVANEY: We know the environment we live in. You all know the environment that we live in. And he’s simply saying, “Okay. That’s fine. I’m willing to take that.” The same way he takes it when he goes to Trump Mar-a-Lago, the same [way] when he goes to play Trump Bedminster. He got over that a long time ago. We absolutely believe this is the best place to have it. We’re gonna have it there, and there’s gonna be folks who will never get over the fact that it’s a Trump property. We get that. But we’re still gonna go there.

RUSH: Translation: “(Raspberry) you!”


RUSH: I got an email. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: Can you explain this emoluments thing? It sounds like a toothpaste.” This is not a bad question. The left and the media constantly, “He’s violating the emoluments clause!” Let me explain this to you very simply.

The way to look at the emoluments clause is to ask a question. Is Trump being given a present by hosting the G7 at his Doral resort in Miami? A present. Think of a gift as a substitute word for emolument, an office or a title from any king or prince or foreign state. No. He’s not being given a present. He’s not getting any kind of a gift by hosting the G7 at his golf club. Nobody’s trying to bribe him by coming to Doral or any of his other properties. That’s not what’s going here.

“But but but but he’s profiting, he’s personally profiting, it’s his own place.” No. He’s announced that everything is going to be at cost. The government will pay only what it costs to put the event on. There will not be any evil profit. Now, as is always the case, go back to the original intent. Go back to the framers, go back to the early days of the country and ask why was this clause even put in there? Why was the emoluments clause even included?

And if you go back to the founding of the country, it makes perfect sense. Let’s say that the king of England had offered George Washington a dukedom, you know, make him duke of the new world, give him a bunch of land, a bunch of real estate, do with it what he wants, and he and his family would have been wealthy forever. It would have been a bribe.

Instead of doing the revolution, instead of going to war against the king, the king says, “I’ll buy you off here. I’ll give you the dukedom. We’ll call you the duke of Washington.” The framers wanted to prevent that kind of thing. And it has no application. The media and the Democrats are running with it to include anything that might be configurable in people’s minds as Trump engineering profit based on his presidency.

So they’re trying to say, “Well, that place would never be used. There would never be a G7 there if Trump wasn’t president. Therefore, he’s guilty.” It may in fact be true, but Trump is offering it. You know, Trump is a great entertainer. And Trump is proud of what he’s achieved. It’s no different than if you built a new house and you want your family to come see it. Like say you build a new house and you invite the whole family in for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You’re proud of it, you have an achievement, you want to show it off, you know that some family members will be jealous as hell, and that’s part of the fun of it too.

But Trump loves entertaining people. It’s one of the things that he excels at, does well. He loves people having a good time. It’s a venue that he can totally control. He can totally control the quality of it. He can totally control the employment and the people that are coming in and out. They’re gonna try to make it look like he’s profiting and they’re gonna say, “You can’t criticize the Bidens now, Mr. President, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.” And Mulvaney said, no, it’s not gonna stop us. We got this handled. Don’t sweat it.

Now, about the ceasefire. The first thing that needs to be pointed out, no American got hurt since Trump announced the withdrawal of 50 troops from Syria. But you know what did happen here, folks? A whole lot of leftists, a whole lot of Democrats, a whole lot of media people showed their true colors.

And ABC News proudly put on display their best fake news capability. Yep. Running video from the Knob Creek Gun Range claiming that it was a war-torn area of Syria. And, by the way, the video from Knob Creek, Kentucky, a couple years old. And right there was Donald Trump calling ABC out.

Jonathan Karl asking these presumptuous, arrogant, and condescending questions. (paraphrasing) “How can you do this, Mr. President, how can you?” And Trump, “How can you do it? You’re showing video from Kentucky two years ago and telling everybody it’s in Syria?” And of course Karl has no retort for that. He didn’t make the decision to play the video, but it’s his network, and he reported it.

So here’s the deal. Turkey has agreed to work with the United States as an ally to fight against ISIS together. (gasping) Oh, no! This is a gigantic 180. This is a big turnaround. See, the Democrats thought they had Trump impeached over this. Yes siree. In fact, it was I, El Rushbo, who told you yesterday that they might try to go after Trump on an impeachment on the basis this guy’s not even fit for office. This guy is not qualified. Look what he’s done to our allies. We can’t have this.

And they just ran head first right smack-dab into a glass wall, and they have cut their faces, they’ve cut themselves, they’re bleeding terminally here. It is amazing. Trump has literally made them take positions that are the exact opposite of what they have claimed as their positions for all these years, just to oppose him.

So here’s the deal. Turkey will allow 120 hours for withdrawal of Kurdish forces from a 20 mile safe zone area. Once the safe zone is complete, the ceasefire will be permanent. So Turkey is gonna stand aside for 120 hours for the withdrawal of Turkish forces from a 20-mile safe zone area. Bringing our troops home and using means and methods that don’t involve boots on the ground to secure peace should be called The Trump Doctrine.

Look at what’s happened here. We pull out 50 troops, Democrats go absolutely bonkers, media go absolutely bonkers, Democrats go bonkers in their debate showing their true colors, and all of a sudden we’ve got a ceasefire, and in the press conference that Pence and Pompeo had, Pence gave all the credit to Trump and his leadership on this.

You know, it really is a Road Runner coyote scenario. The Democrats, even after almost three years now have not learned to even wait a day. Trump does something, and the instant it happens they reflexively go bonkers, claim Trump’s incompetent, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Then a day goes by after they have stepped in the proverbial bag of manure, a day goes by, the situation gets concluded to the United States favor, to the United States military favor, the Democrats now have nothing to say other than to continue to try to convince people that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.


RUSH: Now, back to the Mulvaney sound bites, to wrap this up. He had a press conference today to announce the G7 meeting at Doral. We’re up to sound bites 25 and 26. So we have here, this is an unidentified reporter, this is the reporter that asked if the Judiciary Committee in the House would investigate the president using his own resort for the G7 meeting.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: There almost will certainly be a House Judiciary Committee hearing about this site selection.

MULVANEY: You think so?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Jerry Nadler has already talked about that. Will…

MULVANEY: Do you now, do you really think so? (crosstalk) Do you think they have time to do that?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Yeah. Will the administration participate, cooperate with that?

MULVANEY: You know that’s a, by the way that’s a fascinating question. I had not thought that, that this would prompt a Judiciary Committee investigation. On one hand, I’m thinking to myself, they don’t have time to do it because they’re too busy doing impeachment, right?

And then I think to myself, no this is entirely consistent with how they spent the first eighteen months in office, right, or twelve months, however long they’ve been here, I guess it’s been a year, right? Yeah, they’d rather do that than talk about tax policy, than talk about drug policy, then talk about opioids, talk about healthcare.

RUSH: You hear how good Mulvaney is here? He’s wiry but he’s explosive. And he’s snarking back at ’em and they don’t even know it. He’s mocking them, I think. He would deny that, by the way. So here you have this earnest reporter, and he thinks he’s really on to something. (doing impression) “So, so there will almost certainly be a Judiciary Committee hearing about the sight selection.”

“You think so?”

“Oh, yeah, Jerry Nadler, he’s already talked about it. Will the administration participate, that’s what I want to know, will you cooperate in this investigation into more illegal behavior by you?”

“You know, that’s a fascinating question.” These guys are just — I don’t think they have the slightest ability to understand how they are seen as they do their jobs. I don’t think they have the slightest. In fact, when they find out, when they learn that people are laughing at ’em, oh ho, folks, you don’t want to be around. They take that so seriously. ‘Cause they are the single group of people saving humanity, American journalists. And if you laugh at ’em, if they catch you mocking them or laughing at them or criticizing them, oh, they can’t handle. And here’s Mulvaney right to this guy’s face, and he doesn’t even get it.

So another unidentified reporter. “Well, if there was no quid pro quo on the call — this is the president’s call with the president of Ukraine “– if there was no quid pro quo on the call, if it was routine, if he didn’t even want to do it, it’s all on the up and up, then why did it have to go into this more restricted server? Why did you put the details of the call on this restricted server so that nobody could leak it? Why was it moved from one server to the other?”

MULVANEY: I’m not gonna answer your question the way you want me to, but I do want to address it, and here’s why. There’s only one reason people care about that, right? That’s because they think there’s a cover-up. Some of them hope that there’s a cover-up, that, oh, my goodness, gracious, there must have been something really, really duplicitous, something really underhanded about how to handle this document because there must be a cover-up because there’s always a good cover-up when we’ve got an impeachment, right?

Let me ask you this. If we wanted to cover this up, would we have called the Department of Justice almost immediately and have them look at the transcript of the tape? Which we did, by the way. If we wanted to cover this up, would we have released it to the public? And, by the way, I’m glad that now all this concern about how the document has been edited and what do these ellipses stand for because I heard Adam Schiff go on television yesterday, the day before, and say, you know, we don’t need hear from the whistleblower anymore ’cause now we have the transcript, the memorandum of communication, memorandum of document, okay? Everyone wants to believe there’s a cover-up. You don’t give stuff to the public and say, “Here it is,” if you’re trying to cover something up.

RUSH: I guarantee you this reporter didn’t understand that, didn’t make a dent, didn’t change his mind about anything. But the one nugget in here, “I heard Adam Schiff on television yesterday, the day before say, you know, we don’t need to hear from the whistleblower anymore ’cause we have the transcript.” You want to talk about cover-up, this is Schiff trying to cover himself and making sure the manure doesn’t stick to him.

Because the truth of the matter is he was instrumental in orchestrating this whistleblower and setting the whole thing up. And it was all based on one risk. It was all based on one chance. Schiff was convinced they would not release the transcript of the call to protect executive privilege, presidential privacy, separation of powers. So old Pencil Neck was convinced that the whistleblower version would be the only version of the phone call. Even though the whistleblower’s version was secondhand, the whistleblower did not hear the call, he heard about the call from other conspirators and Never Trumpers.

So Schiff is sitting there thinking that he can say this transcript says anything. And he did. He, as committee chairman, during a hearing, said that the president asked or told the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, make it up if you have to, and don’t get back to me until you do. And then Schiff said he said this eight or nine times.

Well, Trump releases the transcript and blows Pencil Neck away, and the whistleblower, because now the actual transcript is released, making whatever the whistleblower or any number of whistleblowers say irrelevant. By his own admission the whistleblower was secondhand. He didn’t even hear the phone call.

Schiff got totally played on this. He was convinced that he would be allowed to say whatever he wanted to say about the transcript, that Trump would never release it. So he’s out there: Trump digging up dirt, making it up, do whatever you have to do, get back to me when you find enough dirt for me to get Biden. Totally lied about it. Called on it, said he was just engaging in parody.

And then he comes out, you know what? Schiff says we don’t even need to hear the whistleblower now that we have the transcript. That is such a weak attempt at saving face. We never needed the whistleblower from the moment the transcript was released. The whistleblower was a fraud like Blasey Ford is a fraud. Like the Steele dossier is a fraud. And they got caught!

They wanted to say Trump was covering up. They wanted to say Trump was obstructing. You want to talk about being impeached for incompetency? Adam Schiff flat-out does not know what he’s — well, he knows what he’s trying to do. He’s just hopelessly inept.


RUSH: This is Nancy in Port Orange, Florida. I’m glad you waited and welcome to the program. Hi.


RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Yeah. The only thing I wanted to say — and you did play a couple of those Mulvaney things from the briefing — I was so disgusted, I kept hearing it, I said, “How many different ways can you ask the same question?”

RUSH: Oh, yeah. This emoluments business. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw that, too.

CALLER: I mean, it was attack, attack, and it wasn’t informative at all. I mean, the journalists from other countries ask better questions.

RUSH: Not much. Not much. They’re all corrupt, if you ask me. But I get your point. These people, they just kept pounding. Look. It’s no different. I remember a press conference, George W. Bush, and I don’t even remember what the occasion was, but it was a primetime press conference. And throughout the day the media kept telling us that the real issue was whether or not Bush would admit to his mistakes during the press conference. Every question for an hour, every question.

“Well, Mr. President, are you prepared to concede that you’ve made some mistakes along the way here?” It wasn’t about his presidency in general, although it was about some specific event, I’m not sure what it was. But every question for an hour, in addition to whatever else they asked, every damn reporter. “But certainly you can acknowledge some mistakes?” They wanted him to do it so is that would be the lead the next three days. “President admits mistakes. Unclear as to what his role is as president.” Garbage like that.

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