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RUSH: Here’s another little news story that… You know, if you dig deep — if you dig deep — eventually the left, the Democrats, will betray their fears. They will always tell you what they’re afraid of. They will always tell you who they are afraid of. Thomas B. Edsall in the New York Times: “Trump Is Winning the Online War — The technical superiority and sophistication of the president’s digital campaign is a hidden advantage of incumbency.” Ohhhh, it’s a “hidden advantage of incumbency.” It doesn’t have anything to do with Trump’s people!

“For all his negative poll numbers and impeachment-related liabilities, President Trump has a decisive advantage on one key election battleground: the digital campaign. Under the management of Brad Parscale, the Trump re-election machine has devoted millions more than any individual Democrat to increasingly sophisticated microtargeting techniques.” Now, we interviewed Brad Parscale for an issue of The Limbaugh Letter in recent months, and he spelled all this out for us.

They’re not even making it a secret. He told us how they wre gonna do it. He spelled it out exactly: “Microtargeting,” meaning they’re in precinct after precinct after precinct identifying people and they’re gonna get ’em to the polls. Parscale was saying none of what you’re reading in polling data right now matters a hill of beans. It never does this far out, but especially as it relates to us because they’re not even gonna see us coming even when we tell them from where we are coming.

Now, stop and think of this for a second. Who do the Democrats have on their side? They’ve got Google, they’ve got Facebook, and they’ve got Twitter! And here’s New York Times with a story, all depressed and down in the dumps that Trump is running rings around all of them in “the online war.” They have a “chart, compiled by the Wesleyan Media Project, [that] describes the partisan gulf in political spending, through September 19, on Facebook and Google by leading presidential candidates:

“Trump’s $15.9 million is more than the $15.5 million spent by the top three Democratic candidates combined,” and you know what the story does not say? (muttering) Nothing in here about Russian money. Whoa, whoa! How can do a story on how Trump running rings around everybody online and not bring the Russians into it, huh? They musta just forgotten. I’m sure Thomas B. Edsall will go back and add an editor’s note, that these numbers do not include future Russian meddling on behalf of Trump.

You can’t do a story like this and not mention the Russians! The online leftist trolls will wipe you out. “Candidates’ advertising on Facebook and Google in 2019. President Trump eclipsed the combined totals of the three top-spending Democrats. But these figures substantially understate how far Democrats are behind. Trump’s operatives have been working since 2016 to develop and test techniques to identify voters, determine message effectiveness and develop tools of electronic communication.”

Again, go back and read The Limbaugh Letter interview with Parscale. He was giddy! He was excited telling us about this! He was also very flattered because he knew I had the intelligence to understand what he was saying. Now, we edited this in a way to make it easily understandable. He was really… At some point, I asked, “Are you not concerned that you’re giving away the game here?” “No, no. There’s no way they can keep up with us.” “How come there’s no way they can keep up?”

“They just can’t. They don’t even think this way. They’re still stuck in getting union money, SEIU money. They still don’t know how to connect to voters, Rush. They connect to donors. They don’t know how to connect to voters. We’re gonna connect to voters like you can’t believe. We haven’t seen anything like it.” Remember, Dawn? You were transcribing the interview. (interruption) She’s there nodding her head.

“Daniel Kreiss, a professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s School of [Communist] Journalism and Mass [Spread of Communism], wrote me that in the arena of digital politics, Trump is the beneficiary of a major advantage: ‘The fact that Trump is an incumbent, without a significant primary challenger, means that his team and the Republican National Committee have had three years to build tools, collect data, test models and messaging, and mobilize supporters.'”

There’s nothing stopping the Democrats from doing this. “Oh, yes, there is! They don’t have a nominee.” That doesn’t stop the DNC from getting ready. This is the difference. Mr. Edsall, I have to tell you, it’s not the reason Democrats are lagging behind. The reason Democrats are lagging behind is they still haven’t accepted that Trump won. They still look at Trump and see somebody illegitimate! They see Trump and they see somebody who didn’t deserve to win that cheated.

They think their reelection in 2020 is in the bag! They think impeachment’s in the bag. They thought Russian collusion was in the bag. They thought the golden showers story was in the bag. They thought the Mueller report was in the bag. They think Adam Schiff is in the bag. They all are in the bag, but what are they breathing in that bag? These people are being crippled by their own arrogance. You can see it in this dark and dank debate last night.

Oh, my God. Folks, I look I don’t want to keep repeating myself, but it was just strange. That the whole night, there was no energy. You contrast that night last night with a Republican debate with Trump in it. It’s a difference in going to a disco at night and a funeral! There was no energy, despite Elizabeth Warren’s bobbleheaded mannerisms. And that was about… Well, Amy Klobuchar has her own version of those.

The overall theme of the Democrat debate was the belief that everyone in this country is helpless that is a victim, clinging to every word uttered by some government savior who’s gonna solve every problem! And that’s literally the kind of voter that they have created. They have created a bunch of people waiting. They have created a bunch of people hanging on, waiting, hoping that somebody from government’s gonna come along and make things affordable.

But what they really hope — and this is the key. They really hope that Republicans and the rich are gonna get hurt by policy. That’s what the Democrats have fostered. So you have an audience caught up in all these dystopian themes that America is unfair, illegitimate, and unjust, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic. America is only for a select few, and everybody else is left out, doesn’t have a prayer unless the Democrats get even with people.

And that’s what Democrat voters are waiting for. Their happiness — their quest, their hope for happiness — is defined by Republicans and the rich being harmed, and it was a window into how these people see each and every day. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is upbeat, optimistic, energetic; you can’t stop him. His rallies are filled with happy, upbeat, excited people who can’t wait to vote again, who are very much into what Donald Trump is doing as president.

And they simply don’t have a way to compete with it. Now here comes Thomas B. Edsall, “Trump Is Winning the Online War.” Let me tell you, it’s even worse than that.

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