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RUSH: A lefty group calling themselves “Demand Justice” is putting pressure on the Democrat presidential field. They’re demanding that the Democrat candidates do what Trump did when he was running in 2016: tell voters what Supreme Court justices they would nominate if elected president.

The group is really mad that the candidates aren’t talking much about this. To ramp up the pressure, Demand Justice released their own list of left-wingers they would like to see on the court. They brag that their list includes “a wide range of former public defenders, public interest lawyers, academics, and plaintiff’s lawyers.” Only a quarter of the names have any actual experience as judges.

Since the Senate changed the filibuster rules, 60 votes are no longer required to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. So Demand Justice believes they’ve got a good chance to get their left-wing wackos on the bench under a Democrat president.

I hope the Democrat front-runners take the bait. They should be “transparent,” and release a complete list of exactly who they’d put on the court if elected. Now! This would give voters plenty of time to explore just what kind of rulings they could expect if any of these nutcases every found their way on the court.

Without question, that would seal the deal for President Trump’s victory in 2020. Could we stop making movies about cartoon figures, please? Could we, somebody grow up!

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