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RUSH: I saw a screenshot. I’ve reached that point in the show where all of my carefully organized and arranged stacks are now out of order, and I don’t know where what is.

It only took about an hour for that to happen. So I’m gonna have to construct this from memory. But I’ve got a screenshot that I saw on the Fox Business Channel, and it is a poll of Democrats where Michelle Obama is in the lead. Here it is. Franklin Pierce University poll. If Michelle Obama was in the race — and the poll is October 9 through 13. So, these people… What does this tell you, by the way? The Franklin Pierce University poll is out there polling people that are not in the Democrat race yet.

They’re not candidates. I’m telling you, there’s dissatisfaction with this group throughout the Democrat Party. You want to know the truth? The truth is that in the deep, dark, dank private quarters of the DNC, they don’t think any of these people can beat Trump, and that’s why they’re making such tracks on impeachment. They think that’s gonna be the only way. If they don’t impeach him and somehow force him to resign, they don’t think they can beat him.

They don’t think Fauxcahontas can do it. They don’t think Crazy Bernie can do it. They know Biden can’t. They know Joe Biden can’t beat Trump. There isn’t anybody. So when they start taking polls of people not currently running, that’s your first sign. Michelle Obama, 26%. Elizabeth Warren and Biden are tied at 20%, with Crazy Bernie at 15. So this ran…

This was this morning around 11 o’clock, 10:30. Fox Business Network is where I saw is. I took a screenshot of the TV screen rather than take the time to write it down. Makes it easier to find in the Stack too. Now, there’s no corresponding poll with Hillary in, but Hillary wants it so bad, she can taste it. She can taste it like she hasn’t tasted certain things in life in a long time. She wants it so bad. You heard that quote of hers the other day. “Yeah, I can beat him again.”

She’s living in a delusional world where she won in 2016 but the Russians stole the election along with Trump. The conventional wisdom is that Michelle Obama will not get in. She likes the life of luxury, paid the price, doesn’t want any part of it, no desire, doesn’t have to do it. Probably true.

Hillary is a different story. Hillary would do it in a minute. And whether she will at the last minute — here’s the thing about this, though. While the Democrats are united in their hatred for and despising of Donald Trump, if, for example, Hillary, after all of these people in the race have been out there working themselves to the bone and raising money and showing up at all the rubber chicken dinners and all the county fairs eating all the rotten corn dogs, having appeared at all of these debates, and then at the last minute here comes Hillary Clinton as a savior?

They’re not just gonna circle the wagons and lift her up and support her. There’s gonna be a lot of people very resentful of the fact that she’s trying to come in at the end of all of this not having put any work into it, not having to raise or spend any money, and she’s not gonna get the universal love and support that everybody would think. She thinks that she would.

I think the realization has set in that these people have an impossible mountain to climb. But they’re still living the delusion that they should have won in 2016. And so 2020 is gonna be automatic. I think they’re just a mess, if you want to know the truth. I know a lot of you think that they’re well organized and they’re oiled and they’re united and they’re coordinated and they’re ready to go.

I think all of that is a media illusion. I think the media being Democrats makes it look like that they have this impenetrable plan, this unstoppable agenda to win the White House. I don’t think they’re anywhere near that unified or that organized. I don’t think their voters are nearly happy enough to be genuinely excited. I don’t think any of the ingredients are there.

And I know this is contradictory for the conventional wisdom that’s out there. And I’m not suggesting that anybody end up being overconfident. There’s none of them that scare me, none of them that alarm me, in terms of it’s Warren versus Trump, nah. Fauxcahontas versus Trump. Nah. Mayor Pete versus Trump. Nah.

But I was the first to warn you and call your attention to Mayor Pete. There are some conservatives who hate Trump who are getting ready to glom onto Mayor Pete, by the way, just an FYI.

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