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RUSH: “Joker” is already the most successful October movie release of all time. How many Joker movies are we going to have to have here? Anyway, not everybody is happy about the success of Joker.

Film critic Rebecca Ritzel says she has no intention of seeing it. She says the movie “has crushed the souls of many women who write about film.”

Almost all female film critics have panned the movie. Ms. Ritzel says female critics are upset that so many Americans are going to see Joker. One calls it the most depressing film she’s ever seen. She says it’s humorless; it lacks empathy. Another says the film is marketed to “the sort of misunderstood adolescents who could potentially become mass shooters.”

Yet the movie is getting great reviews, overall. That’s because male movie critics, who outnumber female film critics by a two-to-one ratio, like it for the most part. These guy critics don’t think the movie is sympathetic to the bad guy, and they don’t believe it promotes violence or anything of the sort. To them, “Joker” is a comic book villain. Their souls are not crushed after seeing the movie and they’re not upset that so many Americans are going to see it.

The moral of the story is that in many ways, men and women are different. They might even be born that way! And how many of you are fed up with comic books being turned into movies, for crying out loud? Can we grow up!

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