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RUSH: You know, it’s Columbus Day. Columbus Day’s today. This is one of those holidays where half of us are at work — the ones that matter. The ones who count are at work today and other people have the day off.

Tech bloggers are off today, for example. Not too many of them are working today. I’ve been checking. But you know what? The tech bloggers are depressed because a scientist that they all respect (we had the story last week) came out and said that the likelihood of escaping earth and living on Mars or the Moon is impossible.

It is never gonna happen.

I am not making this up. They were crushed!

These 30-year-old Millennial guys are the equivalent of 5- and 6-year-old people playing with Clutch Cargo dolls and space rockets to the Moon and literally thinking the earth cannot support them and the only hope they’ve got is to go to Mars with Elon Musk. And when this scientist came out, it took the air out of their balloon.

You could hear the air hiss out of the balloon on the blog post Web page. Psssssssss. So half of them are in recovery today unable to get to work. But half of us, the ones that matter, we are here. Banks are closed today. Did you know that? The malls are open. The post office is closed. FedEx and UPS are making deliveries. We’re here — I’m here — and that’s really all that matters.

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