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RUSH: Another day, another lawsuit. In a class-action suit, six couples, 12 people, are suing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services over deportations thanks to the ACLU. Here’s why.

In order to get a green card and stay in America legally, couples have to be interviewed to determine if their marriages are on the level. It’s nothing new; the process has worked like this for ages.

But for some couples, the situation gets complicated when one of the spouses is found to be in the country illegally. Even though they passed the marriage interview, illegal immigrants with deportation orders are now being detained.

And that is the reason for the lawsuit. The ACLU claims that agents doing their jobs detaining illegal immigrants have twisted the rules. The couples complain they feel tricked, as if they’ve been lured into a cruel trap, just by showing up for their marriage interviews.

That’s because during the Obama regime, illegal immigrants got a pass. They could show up at government offices, despite having broken the law, and would walk out free and clear.

Not anymore. Under the Trump Administration, the law is being enforced. People who break the law are finding out they are not entitled to get a pass, and learning that they aren’t immune from the consequences. And that is something liberals just can’t tolerate. They’re used to no consequences to everything, including sex, which is called abortion. Thought I’d sneak that in.

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