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RUSH: Four members of the violent street gang MS-13 have pleaded guilty in federal court for their involvement in the murder of two people in Maryland.

A couple years ago, the gang of four lured a 21-year-old woman to a county park. They were armed with knives and machetes, they decapitated the woman and buried her. One of the gang members also pled guilty to murdering a 17-year-old. That victim was stabbed over 100 times, and beheaded.

The four guilty gang members have something in common. Aside from being evil, ruthless, bloodthirsty barbarians, they are all in the country illegally.  Now, don’t expect to see tear-jerking documentaries on Netflix about the pain and suffering these gang members caused while living here “undocumented.”

Don’t expect elected Democrats in blue cities and states to be the least bit concerned over the waves of illegal aliens streaming across the border in search of government benefits.  Don’t expect the Democrat illegal immigrant protection racket to tell the truth about the high percentage of illegals in American prisons.

And don’t expect Nancy Pelosi to ever take back her comments late last year defending illegal gang members, who each have a “spark of divinity.” Not to mention “dignity” and “worth.”

The truth is, stories like these MS-13 gang murders are not a big deal to liberals. Donald Trump is. Don’t expect MS-13 will ever matter when compared to Donald Trump.

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