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RUSH: Then we go to California, the news out of California. Californians have voted for Democrats for two or three decades now, and these Democrats have passed laws and have ignored basic forest management to appease rabid, insane, lunatic environmentalist wackos, and now they’re facing the prospect of their power being cut off before fires start because it’s almost a sure thing the fires are gonna happen.

And guess who’s responsible for this? Why, none other than Donald J. Trump is to blame for this. Trump is to blame for everything liberals are unhappy about. But there isn’t a Republican fingerprint on any legislation in California in 20 years. You know what the price of gasoline’s creeping up to in Los Angeles now? Try six bucks! An environmentalist wacko paradise.

Now, you people have doubted me when I have told you that I’ve found things among my little tech blog buddies that I take some idle time to read. And I have mentioned to you that these people really do think that if we don’t get to colonize Mars or the Moon, that we’re done, we are doomed, we’re finished. It is the height of ignorance and stupidity. But they have been conditioned, they’ve been told life on earth is hopelessly over and even before life on earth ends it’s gonna be not worth living because of climate change.

Well, yesterday there was a meltdown in tech media. You want to know why? Sorry, I can’t help laughing. A Nobel Prize winner proclaimed that mankind is doomed to remain on earth forever, that colonizing the Moon or Mars is never gonna happen. It isn’t possible. So somebody throws a cold shower of reality at these young kids, and they melted down.

Michael Mayor, a Nobel Prize winning scientist in the field of physics, in a recent interview with the French News Agency says: “he doesn’t see any way that humans will ever colonize Earth-like exoplanets, and that we should be spending our considerable resources keeping Earth healthy rather than dreaming of leaving it.”

This is a serious piece! This guy thinks he’s informing his readers. If you were planning on going to Mars with Elon Musk, forget it. It ain’t happening. (laughing) When you step back and look at this stuff and you realize how much stupidity we have bred, we’ve taught, we have inculcated, it is shocking.

Did you see where some Tesla driver the other day found out what a replacement battery for his car is gonna cost him? Thirty-three thousand dollars, $33,000 for a new battery in his Tesla. Well, what do you expect? The battery is essentially the engine, so what the hell do you think it’s gonna be? And how long do these things last?

You know, in two years your iPhone battery is gonna drop 20, 25% of it’s effectiveness. It happens with lithium ion batteries. They don’t last forever. You’ve got to replace them. And then when you replace, you just can’t drop it down in skid row or some toxic dump. You gotta be very careful ’cause that battery could do more damage ecologically, pollution-wise than all the plastic straws in Beijing.

Thirty-three thousand dollars. I don’t care what your combustible engine repairs would be, it’s never gonna be 33 grand. In fact, if you drive a traditional car, burns gasoline and internal combustion engine, your engine breaks, get a new car. Screw it. Nobody goes out and gets a brand-new engine. You ever heard of that? Doesn’t happen. But in one of these electric vehicles, you gotta go out and get a new battery. Every battery’s only got so many charge cycles in them before they start deteriorating. They never tell you that.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yep, time, time to take another break. I just got one more series of thoughts I want to share with you. And, yes, the Rudy-Ukraine story, we’re gonna get into that. Whatever this Rudy-Ukraine story is about, it’s not about Rudy and Ukraine investigating Biden. It has nothing to do with it. The media’s trying to make you think it’s all about that. They’re trying to discredit this whole Biden, Hunter Biden Ukraine thing with this story, but the two have nothing to do with each other

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