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RUSH: This is Ed in Pittsburgh. It’s great to have you, Ed. Hi. Glad you called.

CALLER: Dittos from Pittsburgh, Rush. Hey, Rush, like most Americans, to get my news, I would turn on my national and local news stories and the programs the last several years, and I would just really find myself leaving these newscasts, I’d be angry because of the bent and the bias that was reporting.

So I finally said to myself a few weeks ago, I said, “You know, I’ve had enough.” I’m not watching these programs anymore, all of them, Rush, all of them, the local and the national news. I’m gonna get my news from Rush. I’ve been listening to you for 20 years and I said to myself I’m gonna start listening to Rush more and more and paying close attention between 12 and three, and you know what, Rush? It’s really helped my whole demeanor. I feel much better ’cause I know from you I’m not only getting the news, but I’m getting the truth.

RUSH: You know, I appreciate that, but that is an important point, and I hate to use this word here because it has some connotations I don’t intend. But you can have your psychology fouled up if all you do is watch what we call mainstream media. It is so anti-everything we believe in. It’s so untrue, it’s so exaggerated.

We’re watching the Democrat Party on TV is what the news has become. But that’s not what they say they are. They’re still lying about being objective. This is the news of the day, but really all it is is the advancement of the Democrat agenda. And you watch that, and there’s never any equal time, there’s never any contravailing opinion. You’re just smothered with it.

And you almost can’t help being negatively affected by it, and that’s what you’ve found. You’re fed up feeling the way you do watching these people and then you find there’s an alternative where things aren’t as they say, and you feel revived.


RUSH: Don in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. My question is this. If the left really wanted to win the White House — and we know that they do — why do they continue to implement the same strategies out of their playbook that caused them a loss in 2016?

RUSH: To prove to themselves that they can do it. I think… This is a great question. What you’re asking is… None of this has worked. The objective is to get Trump out of office. The objective is to reverse the election results. Nothing has worked. So far, Trump is guilty of no crime. Yet they persist, and you’re asking a great question. “Why?” You know, this is the definition of insanity: You keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

CALLER: I was wondering. If I were them… If I were them, Rush —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — I mean, I would… Certainly to take back the White House, I could say, “Let’s reach across the aisle a little bit. Let’s show a little bit of moderacy. (sic) Let’s get in there. Once we’re in and we seal the deal, we’ll lean left and tighten the screws as far as we want once we take control.” But they still have not figured out how the to play the game.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you what I think’s driving this, and I really appreciate the question. Really, it’s hard to narrow down to one thing driving it. I think the accumulation of events… See, I think they thought they would beat Trump in 2016. That was the first shock. They never got over losing in 2016, so they immediately charted course to reverse the results — and, in fact, that effort had been underway even before.

That was an insurance policy in case Trump did win. They had a plan ready to be implemented to get him thrown out. That was Russian collusion. They normally succeed. If they target a Republican to get rid of him — whether it’s Newt Gingrich or Richard Nixon — they generally do it. They failed with Reagan ’cause Reagan won two — 49-state, 45-state — landslides. But they generally can do it. They, in the media, have been able to ruin any Republican they want to ruin. But they failed twice.

They failed with Trump, they failed with Kavanaugh, and this has just made them double down on the effort because they’re engaged in something now just to prove to themselves that they still have the power to do it. But there’s one thing that all of this has hinged on that they have failed remarkably at that they keep trying to do — and until they succeed at this, nothing is going to work — and that is convincing Trump voters to abandon him.

They have been desperate to blow up Trump’s base. They have been trying to drive a wedge between Trump’s base and Trump from the beginning. They will always fail at this, folks, because they still don’t know why you support Trump. They have not really endeavored to find out really why you support Trump. They live on their assumptions, which are born of condescension and arrogance. They think you’re just dumb, stupid, and have been fooled — or that you’re white supremacists or whatever they think you are.

But it is your incompetence and stupidity that makes them unable to reach you. It’s not their fault they can’t convince you. It’s your fault because you’re too stupid or you’re too bigoted or you’re too racist. But it’s been the focus of everything they’ve been trying to do. Until they do that, none of this is gonna work. So far, Trump has held his base, and the Republican Party’s support for Trump. His approval’s in the 89 to 92% range. They have bombed miserably at this.

They’re not gonna be able to throw anybody out of office that has that degree of approval and popularity in his own party. It isn’t gonna happen. Then you add the other things here. Like, they’ve bought into their own delusion. They have bought into their own illusion-making. They have convinced themselves that Trump did steal the election; he did cheat. (chuckles) Even though there’s no evidence! They’re so into this that it is their psychology that is totally obliterated, which is the result of being poisoned by sheer, raw, undiluted hatred.

This is what it does to a person, and it’s doing it to an entire political party and movement here. So they continue down this road because they are hell-bent on convincing Trump supporters that they screwed up, that you made a mistake, that you’re idiots — and they’re gonna damn well show you. They’re gonna expose Trump for what he is, then they’re gonna expose you for falling for it, and they’re gonna make sure you never make this mistake again by never, ever supporting anybody like Trump again.

Now, they’ve not all lost it. There are some in there that still have a cogency and a coherence that allows them to strategize. But they have not been able to produce a single shred of evidence for any allegation they have made, which means that the substance of their efforts does not exist. There’s no foundation for what they’re doing. It is nothing more than pure, raw political assassination, with no justification other than the guy beat them. Now, you take a look: Why have they not been able to dent?

Why isn’t Trump’s approval number now in the thirties? You look at the onslaught. We’re now approaching three years of intensity like I have never seen in the media of lies and distortions and phony allegations: Colluding with Russia, stealing the election, tampering with voting machines, being a traitor. That goes nowhere, and then they come up with Stormy Daniels and Mike Avenatti and Michael Cohen. That goes nowhere.

Now they tried Kavanaugh. That went nowhere! He’s still on the court and he’s still rendering decisions — and then they come now with whistleblowers? What happened to the Russia stuff! Now we want to get rid of this president for one phone call that he made with the Ukrainian president? What about all the other stuff? What happened to it? It doesn’t exist. There’s a whole country of people that have been paying attention to the media for now three years, and none of what they have heard has happened. None of it has been borne out by fact.

Trump is still president. There’s no evidence he colluded after three years, and there hasn’t been an apology. There hasn’t been a mea culpa. There hasn’t been a, “Gee, we thought we had it right. Stick with this. We’re gonna stay…” None of that. They just keep executing a political strategy disguised as news coverage, and you’d have to say — no matter how all of it makes you feel — it isn’t working! Take a look at the economy. Take a look at policies Trump promised to change and how they have changed — and for the better.

Take a look at how the Democrats have totally abandoned their supposed interest in the American people and the downtrodden and the small fry and the little guy. It’s the Democrats looking out for you, right? They’re making sure the drug companies don’t screw you? They’re making sure that health care and doctors don’t screw you? They’re making sure that illegal immigrants get free health care that you’re paying for, right?

They’ve totally abandoned you! They couldn’t care less about your health care or about the cost of your drugs or whether or not you’ve got a gun or not or whether or not you’re gonna get shot with one! They don’t care right now, and don’t think people aren’t noticing that. They’re spending every tax dollar they can get their hands on, on their own personal political preference, which happens to be getting rid of this guy they can’t beat!

It’s gotten so bad that Pelosi goes up to Seattle to try to do damage control and try to point out they’re working on drug prices — prescription drug prices and health care — and she can’t get one question about it. The only question she gets is, “When are you gonna get rid of Trump? Are you gonna have a formal impeachment vote? When can we expect Trump to go?” And she gets frustrated.

“Does anybody have any questions about health care?” No, they don’t, Madam Speaker, because you don’t care about it yourself and they know it. So your question is even more key. “Why are they doing this?” Because they have been rendered temporarily insane at their inability to get rid of somebody who they think doesn’t even deserve to be in the same town they are in.


RUSH: Casey in Sandpoint, Idaho. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush, for taking my call. Let me start out by first saying it’s a pleasure to kiss the ring of the godfather of conservative (crosstalk).

RUSH: Well, well, thank you very much. I appreciate that. (kissing sound)

CALLER: Yeah. I was hoping that you could answer a question of mine, and that is in March of 2017, Democrats were demanding that Devin Nunes recuse himself. Because the night before the Russia hoax broke, he went to the White House and notified President Trump that his campaign had been spied on. Now, why aren’t Republicans demanding that Adam Schiff recuse himself for saying he met with the whistleblower before any of this was public?

RUSH: Well, Trump has, and Devin Nunes has been making some noise about it and so is Jim Jordan. You just don’t hear about it because the media laughs at them, but they have made a big deal about this. A lot of people… You’re exactly right. Schiff had prearranged meetings with the whistleblowers and walked them through entire process — it’s a coordinated strategy — and then lied about it. Then he tried to make it look like he had no idea, that it all happened spontaneously.

Schiff is a bad guy. Schiff is somebody… Anybody who invests and believes in the guy is ultimately going to be shamed and embarrassed, and it’s not just Schiff. The anti-Trump whistleblower attorney worked for… Are you ready for this? James Clapper! The anti-Trump whistleblower attorney worked for James Clapper. They’ve all got ties to John Brennan, who was Obama’s director of the CIA — and I’ll tell you something out there, Casey.

This whole thing is as phony, as orchestrated as the Steele was and as Christine Blasey Ford’s letter on Kavanaugh. It is all the same play. If this were a football game, this is the same play using different personnel. It’s the same attempt. We had a caller earlier ask, “If none of this has worked yet, why do they keep doing it?” Well, we answered the question, and you’ll have to go to RushLimbaugh.com to see the answer ’cause I’m out of time now. Thank you, Casey, for the call.

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