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RUSH: When is that stupid Democrat debate? Is that tonight or tomorrow night? CNN says Democrat presidential debate, but no time frame. One story says it’s tonight. One says it’s tomorrow night. Isn’t it interesting that we don’t even know for sure when the next Democrat debate is, and I know everything worth knowing about this stuff, and Snerdley can’t even find when the – (interruption) okay, tomorrow 7:30, CNN Democratic presidential town hall event. A-ha! They’re not even calling it — so is there a debate?

DNC 12 candidates single night lineup fourth presidential debate Wednesday! Okay. So there is a debate tonight and then a CNN town hall Thursday night. Two great nights coming up for Donald Trump! Is what that means. Now, let’s see. Here are the people in the debate tonight. The Democrat National Committee announced the lineup on Wednesday for the fourth presidential primary debate which will — folks, I still don’t know when it is.

Oh, the debate set to be 8 p.m. October 15th. Oh, so it’s next week. It’s October 15th. I’m sorry. So I guess CNN’s doing a town hall tomorrow, then the debate’s next week. I still think it’s fascinating that we can’t nail this down. I’m still not sure when this stuff is happening. All I know – (interruption) The debate is the 15th. Okay. So the pregame warmup, then, is tomorrow night on CNN. Yeah. That’s what the news story is, the DNC has announced who is gonna be in the debate. It’s just very confusing as to when the debate is.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great night for Trump. So tomorrow night’s gonna be a great night for Trump with their town hall on CNN and next Wednesday on October 15th payday for some will be another great night for Trump. Here are the 12 — and there’s some interesting twists here. I think they’re all gonna be on one time now, no two nights to get all 23 of ’em on there. Tulsi Gabbard made it back in, which means that Kamala Harris is gonna get creamed at some point. Tom Steyer is in the — Tom Steyer! Tom Steyer? Tom Steyer is a multibillionaire energy exec who’s gonna profit big time from whatever the Democrats can do on climate change.

And remember Debbie Dingell, Democrat congresswoman, Michigan, tweeted that Tom Steyer and somebody else had been pressuring her to vote for the impeachment of Trump in the House. And she said it’s been very uncomfortable. The pressure has to be intense in there. So Tom Steyer. He doesn’t have a prayer of being the Democrat nominee, so somebody wants him on this stage to make sure that climate change is mentioned by somebody they trust to say it right.

But the real question here is who did he pay and how much to get on this stage? Tom Steyer? You know, this would be like, I don’t know, putting the mayor of Oshkosh on a debate stage with Trump. Nothing against Oshkosh. Don’t misunderstand. I just like the sound of Oshkosh. It’s a great name for a city.

Cory Booker will be on there. You have to go through him to get to Plugs, is what he says. If you want to nominate Plugs, you gotta get me out of the way first. Booker’s already gone, just doesn’t know it. Kamala Harris. Looks like she’s running for student body president more and more. Talk about feminism and having a dastardly, dastardly effect. I mean, this woman thought spending time with Willie Brown would pave the way. It’s kind of clogged it up.

Bernie Sanders, there will be emergency workers and an ambulance that works on standby, I’m told. No problematic ambulance like the cart in Pittsburgh last Sunday that they had to manually push off the field. Did you see that? Steelers quarterback knocked out with a helmet-to-helmet hit and they made the poor guy walk off the field ’cause the cart wasn’t working. The medical staff is pushing the cart off the field with some 400 pound person sitting at the driver’s wheel. That had to be a hell of a job.

Joe Biden. That will be interesting. Will they gang up and try to take him out once and for all and will we hear about his son? We will. And it’ll be with great regret. Oh, we’re so sorry to have to bring this up, but we can’t have things like this. If we’re going after Donald Trump for getting rich while in office, we can’t allow Plugs and his son to do it. They’ll probably have Fauxcahontas do that. Will she walk out with papoose? She’s stilled mired in this controversy. She’s claiming she got fired because she was pregnant with papoose, but nobody is backing that up. She’s making it up.

Mayor Pete. Boy, you talk about a disappearing act. The guy ought to go into magic shows. Andrew Yang. He’s got a cult following based on the fact that he wants to give everybody a thousand dollars. That Beto O’Rourke is still even in this race says it all. He was asked, you know, Beto was on PMSNBC last night, and he was asked, “Do you have ties to the whistleblower?” Why would they ask him that if they didn’t think that there might be something to it?

Who else in there? Amy Klobuchar still sad, still a bit crabby. And Julian Castro. Julian Castro. Would it be unfair to say he’s on that stage as a token, or would that be inaccurate? Probably not true, probably not true. He’s there as legitimate, I mean, they’re all legitimate in the fact that they don’t have a prayer.


RUSH: So Plugs, Plugs is back. He’s been off the campaign trail for four days, probably getting some injections. And they’ve got him rejuvenated and revived. He’s now out there again calling for Trump’s impeachment. He’s in New Hampshire. Trump is so funny. Trump has tweeted in response to Plugs calling for Trump to be impeached.

He said: “So pathetic to see Sleepy Joe Biden, who with his son, Hunter, and to the detriment of the American Taxpayer, has ripped off at least two countries for millions of dollars, calling for my impeachment – and I did nothing wrong. Joe’s Failing Campaign gave him no other choice!”

You know, when I saw the tweet, my first thing, I can just see these Never Trumpers on our side. They sit out there and they just start fuming and they start cringing and they start telling each other how unpresidential Trump is. “It’s embarrassing,” they say to each other. “Oh, my God. What has happened to our culture, what’s happened to our manners, what’s happened to our model deportment. For all of us in Washington, this is just unseemly, it’s just embarrassing.” Yeah, yeah.

So the Democrat nominee for president, or maybe, can go out and call for Trump’s impeachment, can say whatever he wants about Trump, and Trump’s supposed to sit there and not respond. That’s the presidential thing to see, don’t you know. Yes, presidents do not respond to this kind of thing. It’s punching down. It’s not done. It’s unseemly. And this has been one of the Never Trumpers’ big complaints about Trump is that he acts like a real guy.

They loved it when George W. Bush just sat there for eight years and took all those insults. They thought that was presidential. They thought that’s what was called for. They thought that was model behavior. Meanwhile, people who voted for George W. Bush are going nuts as he’s being lied about and defamed and slandered and they don’t do anything about it. The Democrats get away with destroying the economy, practically losing the war in Iraq. But everybody’s applauding the manners.

And Trump says to hell with it. You mean some failure like Biden’s gonna sit there and tell everybody I need to be impeached? Well, and then he fired back. I just love it. Trump’s a once in a lifetime kind of creation. We’re not gonna see this. I guarantee you.

Well, no, I can’t guarantee you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if way down the road whenever it is, the next Republican president ends up being convinced that you’ve got to be the exact opposite of Trump and we get what we’ve always had, basically a punching bag. And they will think this is the way to recapture the admiration of the American people.

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