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RUSH: Fox News just moments ago — like an hour and a half ago — revealed that “a newly unearthed document,” a newly unearthed document “shows that Ukrainian officials had already opened a new probe into Hunter Biden and his [screwball] firm months before Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine.” It was John Solomon that ferreted this out.

John Solomon is now a Fox News contributor, or maybe he has been for a while. I know he writes at TheHill.com. Guy’s everywhere. You know, he, Sara Carter, there’s so many people out there that are just working so hard. They’re working their butts off, and nobody picks up on their stuff. They are just totally ignored, and they produce irrefutable fact. Yeah, they’ve got their own anonymous sources, but they’re not primary.

These people are turning over every stone. They’re uncovering things that the rest of the media is actually trying to cover up. They have an outlet. I mean, they’re on Fox, and the Fox website publishes their stuff. Then of course we amplify it all by citing it here. And we’re lucky that they keep at it, because they are totally ignored. Solomon. Sara Carter. There’s a bunch of them. The guy from Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton. These people are doing such hard, incredibly good work, and they keep at it no matter how much they are ignored.

Nobody takes shots at them. You’ll never hear anybody in the Drive-By Media say Solomon or Carter don’t know what they’re talking about. They just ignore them. And you never hear anybody say, “Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” They just ignore him. It’s like when Senator Ron Johnson was on with F. Chuck Todd on Meet the Depressed on Sunday. Ron Johnson is going through an entirely different narrative than what Chuck Todd has exposed himself to.

“What, you don’t trust the CIA? What, you don’t trust the FBI? What, you don’t trust the government?” He wasn’t even interested in Johnson’s point of view. All he wanted to do was try to mock and make fun of and discredit Johnson, and that’s what they do to everybody else digging up the actual truth to all of this, from Mueller to his team to the phonies in the FBI. We found out, by the way, speaking of that… Do you know, Lisa Page lied to FBI officials that she was having an affair with Strzok Smirk?

She lied when she was first asked about it. They thought that they had a credibility problem, and they thought that Strzok Smirk was so enraptured of Page that it was interrupting his work product. It was keeping him from getting his work done. They were afraid that she had this massive, paralyzing effect on the guy, that all he could think about was her undressed. So they went… They found out about it, they go to her, and she denied it at first. She should have been fired twice.

You know, it was Mueller that removed her from his investigative team. Anyway, all of the liars and all the people making things up and all the people reporting that garbage are all on one side here. And any alternative to this fake, phony, completely strategized, made-up narrative is ignored — or, in some cases, they are attacked. But you’ll never see anybody going after Sara Carter or John Solomon. They just ignore them, and Solomon’s story here… This is blockbuster-type stuff.

“Solomon said … that the U.S. government knew Ukraine was planning to look again into activities at Burisma Holdings…” That’s the energy company that employed Biden’s kid as a member of its board of directors. “The report is noteworthy because President Trump has been accused by Democrats of threatening in July to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless its new president [began] an investigation” of Biden.

What we’ve now learned is that Ukraine had been investigating Biden and Burisma months before Trump even made the phone call! Now, the Democrats will say, “Well, that doesn’t change the president’s intent!” Well, you’re lying about the president’s intent. Your whistleblowers have lied to everybody about what was on that phone call, and the transcript of the phone call proves your whistleblowers are wrong.

Your whistleblower’s ought to be so embarrassed that they should have sunk back into a hole in some sewer where they never have to show up and say anything again. They should have been totally humiliated, and so should Schiff and anybody else that’s been peddling this drivel. The transcript of the phone call demonstrates the whistleblowers are making it up!

And they’ve got biased lawyers that are Democrat activists, and I’m telling you: They’re gonna get theirs, folks. This is gonna boomerang back on these people. They are not going to get away with this. This is going blow them to smithereens at some point, and all the players in this are gonna have their reputations — at the very minimum — blown to smithereens.

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