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RUSH: We have a news story from the United Kingdom. It’s an example of what the left is trying to do everywhere.

Dr. David Mackereth was training to become a “disability assessor” with the Department for Work and Pensions. When he was ordered to refer to patients by whatever gender label they identified as, he objected. Strike one.

Strike two was his reason. He said gender is defined by biology and genetics. The doctor also cited his religious belief. He said that as a Christian he believed God made humans male and female. Strike three, dude.

He was found “unfit” to work as a disability assessor and he was promptly fired. The doctor filed a discrimination complaint. Last week the tribunal in Birmingham announced its decision.

The ruling addressed three issues. The judge said the doctor’s belief that God made two sexes, his lack of belief in transgenderism, and his conscientious objection to transgenderism, were “incompatible with human dignity.” So in the eyes of this court, traditional morality and Christian belief – as taught for thousands of years in churches around the world – is somehow “incompatible with human dignity.”

Listen, if you think this anti-religious ruling is “incompatible” with what liberals want to do here in the United States, guess again, bro. It’s only a matter of time. And not much time, at that. The next time somebody asks you how many genders there are, just say 100 to be safe.

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