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RUSH: Jim Jordan was on with Stephanopoulos and he was on fire too. Let me find the bites here. I got ’em coming up in just a second here. That’s right. Audio sound bites 14 and 15. We’ll probably throw 16 in here too. So Jim Jordan from Ohio is on with George Stephanopoulos — from the Clinton war room!

George Stephanopoulos was one of the participants in the Clinton anti-impeachment war room, for crying out loud. There he is now a chief anchor, chief managing editor, whatever the hell these fallacious titles are for news people. So Jordan demolishes Stephanopoulos here on Trump and Biden and China. Stephanopoulos’ question: “So, do you think it’s appropriate for President Trump to ask China and Ukraine to investigate Biden.”


JORDAN: George, do you really think he was serious about thinking that China’s gonna investigate the Biden family?

STEPHANOPOULOS: He said it right there in public.

JORDAN: I think he’s getting the press all spun up about this. Remember, this is the president who’s been tougher on China than any other president. He wants to make sure China quits stealing America’s intellectual property. He wants to make sure they start abiding by international trade norms. And tougher than anyone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He said directly —

JORDAN: He put tariffs on China. And you really think he says, the same guy who’s been tough on China now thinks, oh, China is gonna investigate the Bidens? He was just making a statement to just underscore how wrong it is what took place here with Hunter Biden getting these deals that he got. That’s all he’s doing.

RUSH: Now, the left is trying to take Jordan’s answer here and make big fun of it and characterizing it as a very, very feeble attempt to exonerate Trump. But you know what it’s like? It has a precedent when Trump was down in Miami and asked the Russians to try to find Hillary’s emails since nobody else could. The media and everybody’s going nuts, where are Hillary’s missing emails? They wanted ’em to be able to hide them. The media wanted to be able to protect them. And nobody could find ’em.

She had 60,000 emails on the server, she only submitted 30,000 and then told everybody the other 30,000 were just about yoga class and her daughter’s wedding and registry, 30,000 emails on that stuff, and that somehow it just vanished. So people are expressing frustration and Trump said, “Hey, Russia, maybe you can find ‘em.” What’d the Democrats do? “He’s colluding. Did you hear that? He’s actually asking, he’s asking the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server.”

What he was doing was tweaking them. And what he’s doing, “Hey, China, why don’t you investigate Biden?” He’s calling China out for being part of it! He’s calling the Bidens out! He’s calling the entire Washington establishment out with this stuff. What he’s doing is getting Biden’s corruption in mainstream media reporting. That’s the real trick here. The media wouldn’t be reporting this outside that original ABC story back in May.

They’re now trying to cover up for Biden, trying to act like what Biden and his kid did, no big deal, nothing to see here. Trump is trying to get that action that Biden took for his kid in mainstream media so people can hear it. So he makes the allegation, the press goes nuts over it, and they have to report it. So Stephanopoulos says: “He said a very direct statement.” I don’t believe you. “He wasn’t smiling there, he wasn’t laughing, it wasn’t a joke.”

JORDAN: You don’t think this president’s been the toughest president on China? He put tariffs on China. You don’t think this president wants to make sure China starts abiding by international trade norms, starts dealing with the theft of intellectual property? You don’t think — I mean, okay, you can — you can think that, but I just don’t think that’s what the —

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m asking if you think it’s appropriate for the president to ask China to investigate.

JORDAN: I think he’s saying what’s on the minds of so many Americans.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s not what I’m asking.

JORDAN: I think he’s saying what’s on the minds of so many Americans. It’s how does the vice president’s son get a billion dollars from a bank, a subsidiary of the Bank of China, how does he get that deal just a couple weeks after he flies on Air Force 2 to China? I think he’s just pointing out the facts.

RUSH: Exactly right. But you notice Stephanopoulos, “Do you think it’s appropriate? Do you think the president should be doing that?” All of this is about creating an illusion that Trump is so corrupt and inept at the same time.

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