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Oct 4, 2019


BBC: Man sues Apple claiming iPhone turned him gay
Hollywood Reporter: FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Largely Upheld by Appeals Court
Washington Post: Conservatives Attacked Ocasio-Cortez Over a Bizarre Town Hall Speaker. Now a Pro-Trump Fringe Group Says it Planned the Stunt
Washington Examiner: AOC Already Bored With Impeachment: ‘I’m Over It’
FOXNews: Trump to Send Pelosi a Letter ‘Daring’ Her to Hold Impeachment Inquiry Vote
CNSNews: 158,269,000: Record Number of Employed in September; 3.5% Unemployment Rate Best Since 1969
MarketWatch: U.S. Adds 136,000 Jobs in September, Unemployment Rate Hits 50-Year Low
Daily Caller: Michael Avenatti Sues Stormy Daniels For $2 Million In Backpay
National Review: Trump Whistleblower Is Registered Democrat: Report
Daily Wire: Washington Post Fact Checker Gives Adam Schiff Four Pinnochios For Misleading About Contact With Trump Whistleblower
Townhall: The Truth About Impeachment
Washington Examiner: Biden Jokes About Son Hunter Earning $1B in China: ‘I Wonder Where the Hell that Money is, Man’
The Blaze: Turns Out the ‘Eat the Babies’ Heckler at AOC’s Rally Was a Plant by Conspiracy-Peddling, Pro-Trump LaRouche PAC
PJ Media: Is Joe Biden Turning His Quid Pro Quo into an Obama Scandal?
Washington Examiner: Top Democrat’s Wife May Have Gained ‘Illegal Private Benefit’ from His Committee Activities
AP: Democratic Demands Test Trump Impeachment Strategy
Federalist: Testimony From Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker Directly Contradicts Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative
The Hill: Analyst: Biden’s Comments on China ‘Inexplicable, Absolutely Incorrect’
Daily Signal: EPA Lowers Boom on San Francisco for Violations of Clean Water Act
UK Telegraph: Russian Man Sues Apple for ‘Making Him Gay’
Breitbart: Appeals Court Backs ‘Net Neutrality’ Rollback, with Caveats
The Hill: Romney: Trump Requesting Biden Investigation from China, Ukraine ‘Wrong and Appalling’
The Hill: Kasich Calls for Investigation into Trump and China: ‘Let the Chips Fall Where They May’


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