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RUSH: For those of you expecting to hear about the Russian lawsuit from a guy who said Apple made him turn gay, that’s for later.Last year, President Trump issued new orders to reform federal unions, which have a lot of power over how government is run. He limited the grievances unions could file, streamlined collective bargaining negotiations, and reduced the hours union members could spend doing union work instead of their real jobs.

So unions were furious. They claimed Trump’s executive orders wiped out their collective bargaining rights. They got a sympathetic federal judge to issue an injunction.

From there, the case went to a three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled in favor of President Trump. The unions asked for a rehearing by the full court, which they got. Last Wednesday, the full D.C. Court of Appeals sided with President Trump.

This is the first time ever that government unions have had their power curtailed. The effect was immediate in real life. The day after the unions lost in court, the American Federation of Government Employees settled their contract dispute with the Social Security Administration. They saw the writing on the wall. That contract was the best they were gonna get before Trump’s reforms kick in.

This won’t generate headlines in the Drive-By Media, but it’s a big deal inside the Beltway. So big, I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats added it to their phony impeachment claims against President Trump.

And yeah, a Russian guy has sued Apple for turning him gay. I’m not kidding about that!

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