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RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Whenever we talk about Gavin Newsom or California… For example, when we report here about this ongoing homeless problem in LA, downtown LA. On skid row there’s a massive, massive tents. Democrats don’t do anything about it because, A, they don’t want to call attention to it. It’s their problem. They run California and LA, and they also like to point to it and say, “See? See the evils of the unfairness and inequality capitalism?” And then we talk about San Francisco.

And there are maps where there are stacks and stacks — I should say “piles” — of human poop. And maps are made for tourists who set out on walking tours of the city so they can avoid the poop. Now, you and I… Well, I’ll speak for myself. I report this. How in the hell can the governor be popular out there? But this governor, Gavin Newsom, runs around like he’s a king, like nobody opposes him, like everybody’s — and there’s plenty to be dissatisfied with out there. The tax base? People are fleeing. Well, it turns out the guy is underwater — some might say “under poop.”

“California voters appear to have turned against governor Newsom.” This is a guy openly advocating illegal aliens disobeying ICE, for example. He’s one of these governors that actually advises them in advance how to avoid ICE raids. He’s very proud in saying, “We’re not gonna obey federal law. Screw your federal law! We’re gonna set up our own. We don’t have to obey yours,” which…

You know, that’s Lincoln-era stuff, and everybody assumes that everybody in California supports this guy. Well, it turns out, no. The most recent Public Policy Institute of California, Public Policy… They started in North Carolina and they’ve branched out now, and he’s underwater. Forty-four percent disapprove, 43% approve. It’s be careful a wash, but he’s not got massive support.

And this is one of these myths that the Drive-By Media loves to try to create that all liberal governors, all Democrat governors are universally loved. They’re overwhelmingly popular. But this guy’s not. This guy’s a smarmy individual anyway. He mocks Trump all the time and Trump turns fire back on the guy, calls him a do-nothing governor. There’s not a single Republican in the country that would respond to these clowns the way Trump does.

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