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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, a special announcement from EIB staff announcer Johnny Donovan…

DONOVAN: Want to stop Donald Trump and be a hero to everyone in the Never-Trump and progressive movement? Then why not become a whistleblower by telling Congress everything you think you heard or sort of knew about Donald Trump? Until recently, a government whistleblower was required to have direct, firsthand knowledge of any alleged misdeed. But since we couldn’t get the goods on Donald Trump in three years, we have to expand the universe of available dirt. Now, any rumor about Trump you’ve heard at work, in line at the liquor store, on Twitter, the internet — even from a friend of a friend who knows a guy — it’s fair game! Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

PELOSI (impression): America, it is your civil duty to help us win the White House from Trump and the Russians in 2020 by becoming a whistleblower. Heaven knows we can’t get there any other way. That Joe. Such a lunch-bucket head.

DONOVAN: Be the envy of all your friends and fellow travelers. Become a whistleblower today! Caution: Mainstream media sources of information may be a little too out there to be considered credible.

RUSH: EIB staff announcer Johnny Donovan. If you’re standing in line at a liquor store and you hear something about Trump, tell somebody.


RUSH: They were just talking, a bunch of people on TV, just talking about something that I made a point of yesterday, a question. Everybody’s talking about whistleblower, but the whistleblower didn’t have firsthand knowledge. The whistleblower was informed by people in the Oval Office, people that were in the Situation Room. There are people with firsthand knowledge who reported the whistleblower. The whistleblower goes, gets his anonymity, goes out and tells his story. It turns out that what the whistleblower had was quickly learned and then much more was learned beyond what the whistleblower knew.

But who are the people, who are the people that told the whistleblower? You know, Trump’s out there saying, “I want to know who the whistleblower is. I want to confront my accuser.” “You can’t do that.” “Why not? I’m being accused, why can’t I confront them?” “Well, because whistleblowers are granted anonymity, privacy and security, you know that Mr. President.” Well, who are the two people that actually leaked this to the whistleblower?

Now, we’ve been told by New York Times, if you believe it or not, that the whistleblower’s a CIA agent. Another thing about this. Do not think that the New York Times is outing anybody by claiming the whistleblower’s a CIA agent. The New York Times is attempting to give the whistleblower max credibility. In the New York Times world, in the Washington establishment world, you can’t have any more credibility than somebody from the intelligence community!

How screwed up is that? The intelligence community now is the Supreme Court of the executive branch, the final authority, the final word, whatever they say, you can’t question it, whatever they say, you have to believe it, whatever they say you have to accept it and act on it. Since when?

There aren’t any rules of truthfulness and honesty in CIA agents and clandestine intelligence operatives by design! They are spies! But they have become the ultimate authority, haven’t they? In this whole sordid tale, it has been sources inside the American intelligence community, former intelligence community officers, former American officials in the intelligence, whatever, it’s anonymous sources, however they’re categorized. They’re all intel people.

Well, so who are these people? I think the question kind of answers itself. I think those are the people that don’t want to be ID’d. They are the plants. They are the people that Brennan has in there. And they’re close. And I think the roof would blow if we found out who the people who informed the whistleblower are.

So everybody on that side is content for all the attention to be focused on the identity of the whistleblower when to me that’s chump change. Who passed the information on to the whistleblower? Who are they? How did they get these positions in the White House where they are practically at the president’s side in such secure enclaves as the Situation Room and all that.

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